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  1. ^^^Whose the author of the books you are talking about? I need some books to read for the summer.
  2. I hope that drag queen Meeka is gone for good. I don't even know why she thought anyone was loyal to her, they known her for about 3 seconds. Ain't none of them trying to cross Tami, they all too scared.
  3. I love Kalysee and Arya too. Out of the guys I love Tyrion. I just finished watching the entire season, and Kalysee owned in that last scene. I can't believe I have to wait til spring 2012 to watch season 2. The actor that plays king Jeoffrey(sp.) seriously is a good actor, I love to hate him.
  4. I just started watching also, I finished episode 2 yesterday. I like it, still trying to figure out who is who but I'm getting there.
  5. ^^^Why the heck is Evelyn making 15 thousand per epi and the other girls are making 7 thousand? Evelyn is the fakest of them all and the most boring to me at least after Jen. I love Tami and Royce. An if Evelyn thinks Chad ain't going to cheat, she must be smoking.
  6. I've been watching amc since 1994, I was 13 when I started wacthing. I'm now 29 man I can't believe I've watched amc for more than half of my life time. I'm going to miss all my children it was something to look forward to after school and work.
  7. RIP Elizabeth Taylor, one of the best actresses in hollywood.

  8. I totally saw him on selling new york and I thought it was him. I think the LA show will be a success.
  9. I have to say after sunday's reunion show I love phaedra also. I loved how she stood up to Nene. Nene knows she knows phaedra, maybe just in passing but she knows of her. I'm over Nene, I really hope she leaves after next season.
  10. Camille is laughing all the way to the bank. I hope this new wife fool realizes that he is eventually going to dump her as well probably just as heartless as he dumped Camille.
  11. Team Kim all the way. That bitch taylor needs to stop acting like she didn't instigate the camille/kyle drama. Every time they ask her about it she deflects to kim who had nothing to do with it. I really can't stand Taylor's attitude towards Kim at all, interesting that she has confidence when she's around kim where is this confidence around her husband?
  12. Nene was just awful last night, I really couldn't stand to even watch her scenes. Loved Lawrence on watch with andy last night, glad sheree made a surprise visit to see Lawrence they really are a dynamic duo.
  13. Okay, first off Kyle thinks that kim is drunk, why would she argue with kim when she is clearly drunk. Taylor is the one that started all the drama anyway. If it was me I would of dragged kim's butt outta that party and took her to rehab. That whole scene just bothered me, they all kind of seem like they know kim is a drunk but they stand their and argue with her minus lisa/adrienne. Thank god for Adrienne. I totally think Taylor's husband is gay, he has no interest in her whatsoever.
  14. ^^^Wow when does BH reunion come on that looked good. Who the heck was Lisa's husband talking about? Daytimefan what episode was the highest rated episode, are you talking about the kim/Nene fight episode? An I have to disagree with the person that said that kandi career is going no where, she has made several number 1 hits and won a grammy for no scrubs as a songwriter. I agree that having a solo career isn't taking her anywhere, but she's making money off of being a songwriter. Actually I think Kandi is a little jealous of Kim, for barely putting any effort towards her music career but having that mainstream audience that kandi won't get.
  15. I forget to add earlier that on that same show watch with andy(???) a caller asked Nene if she was jealous of kim. Nene questioned the caller about why should would be jealous of kim, but the caller hung up before Nene could get an answer, so the question was left unanswered.
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