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  1. Loved the eric/sookie scene last night, but I still want my shower scene.
  2. ^^^Whose the author of the books you are talking about? I need some books to read for the summer.
  3. I hope that drag queen Meeka is gone for good. I don't even know why she thought anyone was loyal to her, they known her for about 3 seconds. Ain't none of them trying to cross Tami, they all too scared.
  4. Damn bill for ruining sookie/eric getting it on. This is one case where I wish they would of sticked to what was written in the book.
  5. I agree on both counts. I don't even know why Alcide still in Charlaine Harris's books. I'm hoping that don't introduce all of Sookie's suitors from the books thats all I'm gonna say.
  6. I caved and finally subscribed to hbo, but its only $15 so its not exactly breaking my bank. I waiting for the eric/sookie shower scene, it better happen soon.
  7. Of course it will be about the younger kids, the older actor will be lucky to get on season 2 if its picked up. We have seen this with the new Melrose place, one tree hill, 90210, etc. They only want the older actors on the show for the validity.
  8. I love Kalysee and Arya too. Out of the guys I love Tyrion. I just finished watching the entire season, and Kalysee owned in that last scene. I can't believe I have to wait til spring 2012 to watch season 2. The actor that plays king Jeoffrey(sp.) seriously is a good actor, I love to hate him.
  9. I just started watching also, I finished episode 2 yesterday. I like it, still trying to figure out who is who but I'm getting there.
  10. saw the promo and loved it except jesse metcalfe, that will be an epic fail. Sue Ellen looked good, I will scream if sue ellen is back with jr. Larry didn't look so great, is jr suppose to be sick or something?
  11. I never thought holder would be involved. I wonder who he got in the car with? The mother of Rosie or the other Campaign guy? This last episode really was great, but my only complaint is that they dragged their feet way too much I think they need to have a shorter season, seems like alot of the episodes have too much filler except for the first two episodes and the last two episodes.
  12. ^^^Why the heck is Evelyn making 15 thousand per epi and the other girls are making 7 thousand? Evelyn is the fakest of them all and the most boring to me at least after Jen. I love Tami and Royce. An if Evelyn thinks Chad ain't going to cheat, she must be smoking.
  13. The show is finally picking up after this past sunday's episode. I think it was either the guy thats running for office(billy campbell) or the woman he's having an affair with (I had a feeling that she knew that he knew the dead girl).
  14. I will miss oprah, she's be on since I was 4 years old. First Oprah now the only two soaps that are watch are cancelled. What the heck am I going to watch?
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