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Soap Opera Cast Lists and Character Guides- Cancelled and Current

slick jones

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Thanks for that Saynoyoursoap, I'll go in and adjust it!

Fixed...Boy, Bobby Mackey sure has given me some grief! I

I've never liked Richard Cox's characters in anything I've seen him in....I guess there's a reason.

Please let me know of anything else any of you ind, I'm glad to fix it so it's more accurate.

BTW Saynotuorsoap, many of your videos over the years have been a help as well, so Thanks!

Did you see Richard in William Friedkin's Cruising? Yikes. I have met him, and he is the nicest fellow in real life. Bobby was a piece of work, though. He had befriended Bill in North Carolina when Bill was dying of leukocytemia. Bobby and Walter went to Rosehill following Bill's death. Bobby used his knowledge of Bill's life to trick Charles and Tess into believing that he and Bill had a psychic link. He even lured Van's foster daughter Stacy with tales of ESP and the occult to convince her that they could make contact with Bill and Stacy's late mother beyond the grave. Bobby actually wanted to get his hands on the rock opera Bill wrote before he died, and persuaded Tess to give him Bill's life insurance money for its production. Bobby was murdered that summer, shot to death, and Tess stood trial for the murder. All of this lead to her departure.

Paul Ailey, played by Stephen Elliot, was Tess's defense attorney in the summer of 1973.

Edited by saynotoursoap
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I forgot about Cruising...I did like him there. A lot of his primetime characters as hoods turned me off. I'm sure he's a nice guy, and he's a good actor, but I really couldn't stand Giff Bowman on Loving. Of course, a lot of their hinkier (is that even word?) characters left a bad taste in my mouth so to speak, and the music producer that raised Drew on GL wasn't a favorite either.

I knew Stephen Elliott's character would have been an attorney, most of his roles were. I especially liked him on Dallas, as Scotty Demarest(who should have gotten together with Miss Ellie after Jock died, before she wound up with Clayton Farlow. I also enjoyed him as Douglas Channing on FC, a role they should have used more before killing him off.

Thanks for the story info about Bobby Mackey, I've only read the brief comments in a few books about the story!

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More Love of Life.

Lt. Garfield's first name was Burt. He was a recurring character from 1973 to at least 1976. Among other things, he investigated the murder of Bobby Mackey and was played by Robert Anthony in 1973. In the mid-70s he was involved in an arson investigation when Arlene set fire to the Club Victoria. Larry Prince was a music producer hired by Rick Latimer to advance Kate's career in 1973. Dr. Bryson, played by Earle Hyman, appeared in 1975-76. He was a psychiatrist who treated David after he committed patricide, and also counseled Felicia Fleming for her childhood trauma.

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I'm sure you already have all of this, but if you ever want me to put down some of the casting news that used to be in the back of Daytime TV issues, I could do that with what I have, when I find them again.

I guess there's also the cast lists at the end of The Doctors episodes.

This is more for The Doctors thread, but does anyone know who the woman was in a July 1968 episode, she was in the clinic mostly, a tall, middle-aged woman with a pink suit?

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It's the Wed. July 17 episode. She pops up in the clinic - I'm not sure if she has any dialogue or not. Then she is in the beauty shot/crawl. She has a pink suit and white gloves.

I think I somehow missed the one with Jo Henderson. I'll have to go back and watch it.

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Dr. Jim Abbott...Ron Hale !973 Sft, RH , GH,PC

...Robert Milli...1967-68 AMC, GLAW,SOM, OLTL

Terry Andrews...??botched abortion, 66...possibly seen in FB

Maria Benson...Judy Safran   foster child Mark and Laura   SS  73

Dr. Karl Berger...Karl Light ... 1968-1973 GL,TD

Paul Bradley...Nicholas Pryor 1967 SS,AMC,COLBYS,SIS,TD,EON,Po5,SFT,ATWT,TN,YDM,DYN,TBD,GH,PC,BH90210,FC,DAL,AW

Nikki Cabot...1969...Jody Locker   BALLET DANCER,+ANDY

Angel Allison Chernak...Suzie Kaye Stone ...1969-73

Nicole Chernak...Andrea Grossman1972-73

Dr. Peter Chernak...Paul-Michael Glaser...1969-70 primetime, LOL, TD

...Michael Zaslow 1970 GL, OLTL, SFT FC,RH,KC,SS,LHS

...Vincent Baggetta...1970-73 OLTLGH,MHMH,DOOL,SFT,COLBYS

Amos Crump...Jack Somack...1967-68

Helen ________Elliott Donnelly...Grace Albertson 1967 TCH,ES,OPW

...Gloria Hoye...1968-1973 SOM, AW, ATWT ,SS,TBD.GL

Lily __________Chernak Donnelly...Diana Douglas1970-73 DOOL,3STH,DYN,DAL,CAP,KL

Martha ?Richards? Donnelly...Beverlee McKinsey ..1970-71 AW, GL, GH, LOL,TEX

Ricky Donnelly...Shawn Campbell...1967-73 TD

Lt. Tom Donnelly...Robert Burr...1967-69 LOL, AMCSFT,SOM,RH,EON,GL,TD

...Albert Stratton...1969-73 AMC, TD, FRFP,KL,ATWT

Dr. Will Donnelly...Judson Laire...1968-73 YDM,TN

Laura Donnelly Elliott...Donna Mills...1967-70 GH, KL, SS,GCB,MP,DSM

...Velekka Gray...1970-71 SOM, LOL, Y&R, ATWT,HTSAM

...Barbara Stanger...1972-73 DOOL,EON,ATWT

Mark Elliott...Sam Wade...1968

...David Birney...1969-70 AWA,EON

...Michael Hawkins...1970-71 RH, SFT,ATWT,HTSAM

...Vince Cannon1971-72

...Tom Fuccello.. 1972-73 OLTL. DALCOLBYS,KL,Y&R,FC,BH90210

Mia Elliott...Nancy Hsueh...1967-68

Philip Elliott...Len Wayland 1967 ATTL,FTR,GEN,TD,DAL

Philip Scott Ellliott...Jonathon Cole Wendell 1973

Dr. Robert Ellis...Robert Drew 1971-72           psychiatrist, Laura

Rocco Fiore...Carmine Stipo...1971    ATWT

Billy Garrison...Arthur Benoit...1970-71 (William Alex "Billy")

                     ...T.R. Randall 1973

Chandler Garrison...Martin Wolfson 1968          EON

...William Post, Jr...1968-71 WTHI, EON, YDM etc.

Iris Donnelly Garrison...BROOKE MILLS...67...NEVER AIRED

...Leslie Charleson...1967-70 ATWT, GH,,PC,FITW,GH:NS

...Bibi Besch...1971-73 EoN, SoM, SS,GL,MP,HAMPTONS,DYN,DAL,TD,KL,FC,SoMH

Jean Hurley.Garrison...Jane Manning 1968-73 LOLSS,AW,AMC

Maggie Garrison...Josefa D'Errico 1972-73

Margaret _________Garrison...Flora Campbell 1968-69 FH,TSH,VL,TD,LOL

Nancy_______Garrison...Susan Browning 1968-1969 OLTL,MHMH

Spence Garrison...Michael Hanrahan...1968

...Ed Power...1968-72 AW, OLTL ,MP,PD

...Brett Halsey...1973 Y&R, GH, SFT,DHSJ

...(temp)...Jack Ryland...             AW,ATWT,SS,SFT,LOL,TD, OLTL, GL

Jill Gordon...Maureen Mooney 72? AW,ATWT,GL,TDOLTL


Terry Logan 1968-69 OLTL, LOL SFT,FTW

Kim ____Hale...Beatrice Ballance 1968-69, 1973

Larry Hale...Joseph Stern...1969--71

Peg_____Hale...Augusta Dabney ...1968  LOV,AW,ATWT,YDM,AWA,MR,GL,GH,TD,OLTL

Tommy Hale...Christopher Papes

Sarah Hanley... ROOMMATE JULIE...69-70Martha Greenhouse EON, etc RH,TD.

...Sacha Von Schoerler 1970- 1973 AMCCAP

Marian ______Hiller...Constance Towers 1971-72 CAP GHSUN,PROV,Y&R

Dr. Stanford Hiller...Peter White 1971 AMC, SS,DYN,DAL,ALLY,COLBUS,SIS,FC,KL

...Stephen Joyce...1971-72 GL, OLTL. AW, TX, SFT,WTHI,AMC,FRFP,HF,ATWT

Andy Hurley...Russ Thacker...1969   TD

...Don Scardino...1968 GL, AW, AMC,ATWT,RH

Audrey ____Hurley...Salome Jens...1968 MHMH, Star Trek DS9, FCMP,COLBYS

Steve Hurley...Mark Gordon AMC WTHI,ATWT,EON

                      ...[PaULStevens Y&R, AW, TEX,MR,TN

Rusty Jackson...Greg Brown

Mrs. Johnson...Vicki Vola 1970 SFT, etc.


Dr. Dorothy Knowland...Judith Searle       1967              SOM, SFT

Cathy Loomis...Holly Peters TD                OBGYN resident, dated Peter           70-71

Ann Makalian...Stephanie Braxton     blind woman 1969     EON, RH, AMC, KL, SS, DAL, RIT(PILOT)

Holly McAllister...Joan Mc Gonagle 1973 +Jim

Donna Patrick...Barbara Stanger   EON,ATWT,DOOL                          72

Alex ___Porter...Jan Farrand 1967 -68    EON,

Jock Porter...John Karlen 1967-68 + Iris DS, Cagney and Lacey, HODS,NODS,KC,HF,AW,FTR,TD

Senator Alfred Preston...Don Gantry...1971-72   RAN AGAINST SPENCER

Dr,. Doug Preston........GENE Lindsey1971 DS,LOL,TD

Selma Radnitz...Ellen Barber   ?(groupie?)...           RH, SS, OLTL, SOM, etc...

Julie Richards...Beverlee McKinsey1970-71   AW,TEX,GL,GH,LOL

Josh Robson...Drew Snyder lawyer, Mark AW, RH,LOL,SFT,EPNAS,ALLY,DYN

Police Chief Ryan...Fred J. Scollay AW,SOM,SFT,TD,EON,GL    OLTL

Bob Simmons...Bob Lehman...1973 primetime

Meg Stewart...Gretchen Corbett...??? rRockford Files            72

Dr. Han Suyin...Never Seen Mother Mia

Betsy Chernak Taylor...Andrea Marcovicci........1970-73 primetime, GHBERR

Joe Taylor...Leon Russom...1972-73 AMC,AW,ATWT,GL,PC,LOL

Mrs. Taylor...Betty Miller 1973 AW, OLTL

Morton Townsend...Charles Baxter...1973 AW.LOL,ATWT,FHY,EON,GL

Walter Travis...John Carpenter 1972 CAMPAIGN MANAGER   TD,AWA,AW,RH

Simon Ventnor..David Groh1972-73 GH, EON, Rhoda  DS,MP,SIS

Trish _______Wanamaker...Holland Taylor...1971 EON,AMC, SOM, RH,ALLY,AW,BH

Dr. Charles Warner...Roy Cooper  BH

Judd Washington...Thurman Scott...1971 OLTL

Sam Watson...James Burge   71-72    ATWT,AL

Jim Whitman...Berkeley Harris 1970 -71 AW, TX,OLTL,GL Mr. Beverlee McKinsey

Celia ________Winters...Abigail Kellogg...1972-73 RH,SFT





The dates are from imdb and Waggett's encyclopedia, so if there are any discrepancies, let me know!

Edited by slick jones
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Dr. Karl Berger 1969-73 (recurring)

Nicole Chernak 1972-73

Lily Chernak Donnelly 1970-73

Martha Donnelly/Julie Richards 1970-71

Jim Whitman 1970-71

Laura Elliott as Veleka Gray 9/70-1/72

Mark Elliott as Vince Cannon 11/71-1/72

Dr. Robert Ellis 1969; 1971-72 (Laura's recurring psychiatrist, and boy she needed him)

William Alex "Billy" Garrison

Jean Garrison 1968-73 (recurring)

Maggie Garrison 1972-73

Margaret Garrison 1968-69

Nancy Garrison 1968-69

Dr. John Hale 1968-69

Kim Hale 1968-69; 1973

Aaron Keith 1973

Alex Porter 1967-68

Jock Porter 1967-68

Reverend Bob Simmons (officiated Betsy & Joe's wedding)

Marian Hiller 1971-72

Holly McAllister played by Joan McMonagle

Sarah Hanley played by Sasha von Scherler 1970-73 (recurring)

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Slick, the character of Terry Andrews on LIAMST had gotten pregnant by Jock Porter in 1966. The wealthy Porter family persuaded Dr. Jim Abbott to perform an illegal abortion on her which led to her death before the series started. This story was used to write Jim off when CBS pressured Irna Phillips to drop the Eurasian romance angle. Terry might have appeared in flashback portrayed by a day player, but she was not a regular character.

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It's the Wed. July 17 episode. She pops up in the clinic - I'm not sure if she has any dialogue or not. Then she is in the beauty shot/crawl. She has a pink suit and white gloves.

I think I somehow missed the one with Jo Henderson. I'll have to go back and watch it.

I will watch the July 17th episode again, too. However, the pink lady must not have appeared familiar to me as I do not recall any other identifiable performers from that time period. I do so love The Doctors, but I wish the program had credited its supporting cast with more detail. Larry Linville's appearance and amount of dialogue should have earned him a spot in the credits, but it did not.

Jo Henderson played the disagreeable woman who demanded birth control information from Karen and complained to Matt.

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Here are a few blasts from the way back...


MARCH 12,1951-DECEMBER 28, 1951 NBC


Duke Andrews...

Henry Benson...

Bill Carter...Mark Roberts

Joan Benson Carter...

John Croft...Joseph Foley

Edgar Hayes...

Larry Hayes...

Bruce Landon...Robert Courtleigh

Susan Martin Landon...Susan Peters

Chris Martin...Ralph Robertson

Sam Martin...Don Hammer

Laura Monroe...Helen Ray

Roger Nystrum...Robert McQueeney

Mrs. Peck... Kathryn Gill

Daisy...nurse, companion...Natalie Priest

actors, no roles:

Gerry Locke

Jon Lormer

Betsy Palmer

Will Wright

Susan Peters, the lead actress was in the movies before being injured, becoming a paraplegic.











JULY 5, 1954-DECEMBER 10, 1954 CBS


Grace Adams...Dorothy Lovett

Dr. John Adams...Scott Forbes             medic/criminologist

Lorna _______ Adams...                       John's wife

Dr. Hugh Blair...

Dr. Robinson McKay...Flora Campbell

Orrin Vale...

Aunt Cynthia Adams Ware...

Lawson Ware...

     "Playboy" Boyfriend...Robert Webber

Editor...Les Damon

Neurotic Lady...Judith Braun              afraid of step-parents

Police Lieutenant...Chris Plummer


...Audrey Christie

...Bartlett Robinson  (original cast member)

 Director(TSH)....James Yarborough










JANUARY 31, 1949-FEBRUARY 28, 1949 NBC



Mrs. Berkovitch...Mignon Schreiber

Kay Carter...Eloise Kummer

Jean Henehan...Joan Arlt

John Henehan...George Kluge

Kitty Henehan...Margaret Heneghan

Mrs. Henehan...Alma Platts

Patricia Henehan...Jane Brooksnith

Penny Henehan...Martha McClain

Irna Phillips first daytime drama for television.

Edited by slick jones
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