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  1. I guess she doesn't let her kids watch General Hospital then either. You know, the show that has criminals as lead characters....
  2. In other news: grass is green, and water is wet!
  3. A Freudian slip there perhaps? It's not very nice though (but maybe not altogether unfair) to associate her with a deadly disease.
  4. Somewhere Kellyanne Conway and Kayleigh McEnany are going
  5. I think this reflect the feelings of a lot of people now that the Orange One is out of the White House....
  6. Happy 75th birthday to the one and only Dolly Parton!!   :wub::wub:

    1. ChitHappens


      Happy birthday Queen!!!!!



    2. DRW50


      One of the most talented musicians of modern years, and also such a kind soul that helped make 2020 a lot better than it would have been otherwise. 

  7. Marjorie Taylor-Greene plans to file impeachment articles against Joe Biden
  8. This guy does not hold back on his feelings about the Republican Party
  9. So, I just watched soon-to-be-expresident Trump's statement and.... this is the first thing that came to mind.
  10. If these people can, in any way, be tied to what happened last week then they should be kicked out of Congress immediately and, if at all possible, face criminal charges.
  11. Well, I got the Dingle-part right, but missed which Dingle.... https://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/emmerdale/a35189652/emmerdale-faith-dingle-sally-dexter-return/ "Much-loved character" Yeah, right!
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