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  1. I guess the closest Emmerdale comes to a core family now is (*shudders*) the Dingles.....
  2. 70 years ago this masterpiece had its premiere. I guess Marlon Brando is what most people remember, but for me this movie belongs to Vivien Leigh. I think she gives one of the best performances ever caught on the silver screen.....
  3. ^^ I hope you're right, but at the same time it's hard to imagine that Diane would move away from Emmerdale. Her entire family is there: Bernice, Gabby, Victoria and baby Harry. And with Gabby pregnant and everything that's going on in Victoria's life it just seems very unlike Diane to leave... Whatever happens I will miss her though, very much.
  4. ^^ Yes, Victoria is the only Sugden left, unless you count her son of course. I just hope they don't kill off Diane. There's been quite enough deaths in the Sugden family over the years.
  5. Emmerdale: Actress Elizabeth Estensen leaving ITV soap after 22 years
  6. ^^ On B&B Lesley-Anne Down (born 1954) played the mother of Jack Wagner (born 1959) for years. And frankly, he looked older than her....
  7. ^^ Most of these suggestions would be very helpful in improving Emmerdale as well.
  8. Are we supposed to feel sorry for them? Marlon and and Chas face losing the Woolpack Because I don't! I would be thrilled if someone else took over the Woolpack and rescued it from Dingle-hands.
  9. I can't stop listening to this, and it gets better all the time.
  10. Wow, I'm really surprised. I was sure Djokovic would get the Grand Slam now. Maybe the weight of history became too much for him. I wonder if we will ever see anyone achieve the calendar year Grand Slam again?
  11. Or maybe she just felt that Fernandez' achievement was worth mentioning as well, since she's as young and unknown as Raducanu is. When Milos Raonic reached the Wimbledon final he had already played semifinals in both Wimbledon and Australian Open so he wasn't a newcomer like Fernandez is now.
  12. What an amazing journey for Emma. Playing in only her second Major ever, going through the qualifying rounds, reaching the final and winning the title, all without losing a single set! That's 10 matches and 20-0 in sets!
  13. It's in the rules. The umpire has to stop play if a player is bleeding. Anyway, congratulations to Emma Raducanu. First British female player to win a singles title in a major since Virginia Wade won Wimbledon in 1977.
  14. What a lovely compilation! 11 minutes and 18 seconds of pure bliss.....
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