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  1. The ESC is not taken seriously anymore, and no established succesful artist would risk their career by entering. It didn't use to be this way, but it's been the case for decades now. With the odd exception (Dana International's "Diva" and Loreen's "Euphoria" for instance) the contest doesn't produce hit songs anymore, and there's been far too many "performances" like Austria 2003, Lithuania 2006, Ukraine 2007 and Russia 2012. So, it's not commercially viable and it's regarded as a joke in many circles. Here in Sweden it's still a major television event, but the entrants are either complete newcomers who disappear as soon as the last song has been performed, or aging performers who enter year after year. Back in the 60s and 70s songs like "Waterloo", "Save your kisses for me", "Eres tu", "Aprés toi" and "Puppet on a string" sold 5-6 million copies and entered the charts all over Europe and elsewhere. That isn't happening anymore.
  2. Well, it is New Year's Eve after all.....
  3. Happy New Year everyone!   :)

    I hope 2020 will be a good year.

    1. DRW50


      The same to you. Happy New Year to you and everyone. May we make it through.

    2. ReddFoxx


      Thank you and Happy New Year to SON.

    3. DramatistDreamer


      Wishing everyone a much better year than the last! 

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  4. Sad, hilarious, and (which is probably even more sad) true!
  5. Composer Jerry Herman ("Mame", "Hello Dolly", "La Cage Aux Folles") has died, aged 88   :(


    1. Khan


      That IS sad news.  He contributed so much to B'way.  May he RIP.

  6. That's true. It is sad that it has come to this.... But at the same time it almost feels like it was inevitable. Trump's behaviour and general attitude was going to land him in trouble sooner or later, and now that it has I will enjoy his misery.
  7. I know it's highly unlikely that Trump will be removed from office, but the fact that he's being impeached is still delightful. And the absolute best part of it is that it is making him so angry. That thought just gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.....
  8. Kelvin Fletcher (ex-Andy Sugden) won this year's Strictly Come Dancing https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-50802309?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment_and_arts&link_location=live-reporting-story
  9. Today it's 80 years since the world premiere of the most classic of all classic films..... "Gone With the Wind"
  10. I remember him as the voice behind the..*ahem* temperamental Chef Louis in "The Little Mermaid"
  11. ^^ Sandie Such a waste that they never brought her back to the show. When Jack died it would have been perfectly natural for Robert to try to find his long-lost older sister, and so Sandie could have been re-introduced when Robert returned to Emmerdale. It's amazing that they just let Sandie disappear like this, and that she's never been in touch with Robert (that we know of at least). After the deaths of Pat and Jackie you'd think she would be keen to stay in contact with her little brother....
  12. They simply have to do something. Unless they do what "The Bold and the Beautiful" has done with Sally Spectra after Darlene Conley's death and have her live on off-screen. But Annie has been too important for that treatment. They re-named the village Emmerdale after the plane crash in honour of Annie and the Sugden's for heaven's sake!
  13. I know it won't happen, but I wish they would take this opportunity to bring some old characters back to bolster the show. First and foremost, my old dream of re-introducing the Skilbecks. Bring Matt and Dolly back for Annie's funeral together with Sam and his family. They can then settle in Emmerdale, while Matt and Dolly can visit occasionally. And bring either Kathy or Sandie back as well (or why not both? ), with families. (And get rid of some Dingles!!)
  14. I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later..... RIP dear sweet Sheila. Annie remains the heart and soul of Emmerdale, even though she's been gone for 25 years (except for a few visits). The show has not been the same since she left. I wonder how they will deal with Sheila's death on the show. With only Victoria left of Annie's family (just writing that makes me feel ill ) will they even bother to acknowledge it?
  15. Marie Fredriksson, the female part of the Swedish pop duo Roxette, died early Monday morning Swedish time. She was only 61 years old. In 2002 she was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and although it was successfully treated, the aggressive treatment she had to endure took its toll on her body and contributed to her death. R.I.P Marie. My favourite Roxette song I was never a huge fan of Roxette, and preferred Marie's solo material in Swedish. Like this, her first hit.
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