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  1. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Yet Maree looks better than him!
  2. I can't believe they still have live performers during the memorial montage on awards programs.

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    2. DaytimeFan


      @Nothin'ButAttitude Yes, I've just checked and David Canary was included in the primetime Emmy memoriam. The clip they chose was a still from Bonanza. 

    3. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      Jeanne Cooper was also a pretty prolific character actress on westerns and other drama series from the 50s through the 70s.

    4. Jonathan


      Well Agnes did write the primetime mini-series Manions of America, starring Pierce Brosnan.

  3. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    I follow him on Instagram, and like I stated a few weeks ago in a status update - I can NOT believe he is just a few years from 40.
  4. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Much love to Eileen Fulton, and I trust she is doing well! She used to have a regularly updated website with a blog, but that folded not long before ATWT left the air.
  5. AMC Tribute Thread

    I think the work they did with Erica and Mark really stemmed from the fact that Erica needed someone other than Mona in her life to bounce her quirks off of and also a male figure who wasn't a potential love interest, a "guy" for her to be close to without the inevitable paring up. It's usually a pet peeve of mine when they write a long-lost sibling in as if they'd always been around, but it just made sense and worked with Mark. The best thing they could have done for Mark that they didn't do was make Josh his son.
  6. AMC Tribute Thread

    I've been pretty steadily making my way through HamiltonBernique's uploads, all of which are new to me, so my AMC urges are satisfied regularly. I've gone through some pretty big life changes recently, so being able to get back into AMC and discover some of its best years has been an invaluable coping tool. I love, love, love our show, man. I'll be 80 years old, and they'll still be on my mind. I think I established a few years ago that I truly believe Mark to be AMC's most attractive male star, period. He and SuLu were just SO gorgeous together, and yes, they matched each other so well as siblings. I would give my left leg to fully watch their heyday as PV's hot youngsters in the late 70s. Those pics from the disco say it all.
  7. AMC Tribute Thread

    Susan has posted on her Instagram account that Mark La Mura (Mark Dalton) has died. I'm not seeing it anywhere else, but her post is pretty recent (45 minutes ago), so I would assume we'll see more tomorrow. I'm very saddened by this - Mark, to me, embodied a lot of what made AMC such a fun, lively, and successful soap in the late 70s and early 80s, and of course, there were the more dramatic storylines written for the character later on. I'm very thankful Megan McTavish brought the character and actor back several times in her last stint.
  8. According to Susan Lucci's Instagram account, AMC's Mark La Mura has passed away. RIP.

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    2. ReddFoxx


      Whoa, I googled him and a half naked picture of him came up. Maye he rest in peace.

    3. DaytimeFan


      She posted the most glorious photo of them. RIP. 

    4. SFK


      My IG feed is practically all Susan Lucci and Joan Collins, lol, warms my heart to see them daily.

  9. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    I forgot all about this! GOD, so cheesy!
  10. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    DAYS Tom Horton's disembodied ghost head chasing Marlena out of Alice's house
  11. Degrassi: The Next Generation

    I'm rewatching the series from the beginning, and I'm more than halfway through season two, and I really, really, really feel bad for dismissing this season so much over the last 10 or so years. It's such a nice transition between the naivete of season one and the magnificent, pot-boiling melodrama of three, four, and five. There are several key episodes including "Careless Whisper," "Take My Breath Away," and the two-parters "Shout," "When Doves Cry," and "White Wedding." It's like the characters were still young, but the stories grew up a bit, and it's just very enjoyable. I completely forgot that they'd done an episode of Marco questioning his sexuality prior to the "Pride" 2-parter in season 3, and it was pretty well-done. That heartbreaking ending to "Take My Breath Away" with Craig telling Manny that he doesn't like her is one of those classic moments, and so, so delicious when you know how much drama they're going to have with each other later on. Toby had so much to do this season, and it's a shame they gave up on the character later. He could have brought in some good stories that were different from the rest of the show's pace.
  12. Brent Weber (ex-Sean, ATWT) consistently impresses me with his assets on Instagram.

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    2. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      Fu.ck. And you know damn well I remembered what soap he was on, too.

      And WTF I'm reading that he's 37 years old!? Whaaaaattttttttt????

    3. DRW50


      I was about to say Courtney's brother must have aged well.

    4. Vee


      *rushes to google*

  13. Antenna TV Thread

    I wish! MeTV brings Cannon and the Fugitive back every now and then, and they've shown Streets of San Francisco in the past, so I'm not sure why they've never given Barnaby a go. I really do think they're daytime lineup works best as a mix of the westerns, medical, and crime/mystery series, but it's time for a bit of a shake-up, at least for the westerns. Even if they were simply moving a weekend western to weekdays (which they will be doing next week with Wagon Train). I LOVE Gunsmoke. I could literally watch it all day. The fact that, through all of TVLand's attempts to be hip, it remains an integral part of the lineup, not only airing daily but airing MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY - it blows my mind. I appreciate the fact that MeTV has gone to airing the black and white episodes during the week, but I think they'd do well to cut it down to one airing a day, paired with a Rifleman. Free up the hour before that for another crime/action/mystery in the morning, and then add in a block of family dramas or even primetime soaps to take you through the late afternoon. Something like this: 8:00AM: BEN CASEY 9:00AM: MARCUS WELBY, M. D. 10:00AM: BARNABY JONES 11:00AM: HAWAII FIVE-O 12:00PM: GUNSMOKE 12:30PM: THE RIFLEMAN 1:00PM: WAGON TRAIN 2:00PM: RAWHIDE 3:00PM: DYNASTY 4:00PM: T. J. HOOKER 5:00PM: ST. ELSEWHERE Then I'd make everything after that through midnight sitcoms.
  14. The Taylor Swift Thread

    Thank you for being the light in this "Dark." ass tunnel! I was finished at "I don't like you."
  15. Antenna TV Thread

    I'm watching TJ Hooker on Me-TV right now, and it looks like it's uncut? The commercial breaks are very short.