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  1. Your welcome! I'm glad more of the late 90's early 2000's are surfacing...it's not really my favorite era, but it's always nice to see considering how most of the soaps took a dive by the mid 90's.....Y&R was in good shape and watchable till the mid 2000's.
  2. Very interesting...but the Williams weren’t actually introduced all at once were they? I know we met Paul, but I always thought After Carl came in we didn’t meet rest of the family till Spring.
  3. I thought she and Alden said they officially retired??
  4. With how people view daytime today, and how she clearly wanted to bring back Bill Bell's vision as one of his former protoge's she didn't stand a chance... 😕
  5. I kind of was thinking the show would have been a lot better under Sally if Tony was EP instead of Mal, but who knows??
  6. Sad but true... 😕 I'm very naive when it comes to all of this, but I never felt like there was anything wrong with straight men finding other guys attractive to the point if they are acting , they would be able to pull off love scenes....same goes for women
  7. I do believe there are "straight" actors out there that can make gay scenes look convincing....just not in soaps sadly 😕 why do I feel like Chandler is a closeted gay though???
  8. 10/22/98 just added on the archive site https://archive.org/details/youngandtherestless19981022
  9. I can’t picture Eileen doing an ABC soap for some reason....
  10. That's cool! I wonder if we ever got any scenes of Liz and Jennifer checking in with each other over coffee or something? unless they didn't socialize as much outside of gatherings for their children. Bill Bell could have probably did a "Sheila" type of story with Snapper and Chris if he wanted......but I guess as of 2019 they are still happily married offscreen, LOL
  11. It was a great episode! I always figured the Brooks and Fosters had some interaction with Chris and Snapper being married, but it was just great to see Jill with the 4 Brooks sisters all being like family.....I guess things fell apart when she married Stuart.
  12. I can picture a brief interaction happening like that! Bill Bell seemed to always do that whenever characters who didn't cross paths at all shared a phone conversation. but that's so amazing! I have to point out too (and I apologize if this was mentioned way before) but when Snapper and Chris married in 1974. Jill was a bridesmaid and did share scenes with the entire Brooks family when they were helping Chris get ready.( I watched the episode at the Paley Center) It seemed like Jill and Chris were good friends, but also Leslie seemed to like her too, and Jennifer was very friendly towards her....Lorie obviously was indifferent because I guess she had just gotten back to town a couple months earlier.
  13. I like that.....It always makes it easier for me to know "who's who" which like you said was probably Bill Bell's intent.
  14. Yeah the show will probably already be cancelled once he turns 101!
  15. I get so tired of the same people always asking him....I do believe he would tell us, but I'm smart enough to know he's there until the very end...like Jeanne.
  16. What's so wrong about using RS's real hair??.... didn't LS herself have hair that short for a while?
  17. I could see #EricBraeden, #TGVN etc....trending on twitter right now if it was revealed that last scene was EB's FINAL episode, and he had chosen to retire quietly.....
  18. Oh yes.....I'll never forget when he even bragged about it at the fan event that he "got rid of "the writer" 🙄 I'm not praising Ron by any means, but I just remember hearing circa 2012-14ish how much "better" the show had become, and the mob being side-lined helped alot apparently...but I know Ron did a lot of not so good things too....but one of the "good" he did was making Michael realize he's a Quartermaine.....that should have still carried over today and Michael still hating Sonny too.
  19. I honestly thought this whole illness was going to carry into Eric's 40th anniversary, but I guess not....I'm sure he will get a stand alone like MTS did though.
  20. I hate to say this but I do wonder if even Ron coming back without Frank this time would be better.....If only because he'd at least try to bring down Sonny again......and Steve Burton would most likely leave again (to come back to Y&R...LOL) IDK but It seemed like it was a less Sonny-centric show when Ron was there...
  21. See that's the thing though...I don't want Nick to be in on this....he just irks me...LOL I think they should have waited to do something like this in February for EB's 40th anniversary....but it is what it is....unless we legit will not seeing Victor for the next 4 months...which I doubt.
  22. haha...Y&R is definitely "off-beat" for sure....and this is coming from someone who was a fan of "Passions" but Y&R has always been such a unique animal, in the soap world......with it's production and somewhat "old-fashioness" but yet still up to date on the current culture.....that's what intrigues me about it the most.
  23. Whatever happens I hope Adam drags Phyllis with him.... If this is indeed yet another fake-out I hope it's revealed that Victor is only working with Nate...and Nikki, and not his entire family....
  24. You have such a good memory! I bet you could recite the first 6 years of the show by heart! In a bizarre way 80-82 Y&R does sound " fan-fiction-ness" with the random interactions and such!
  25. I don't even keep up with GH anymore (I rarely did before, but watched for a little while) but I'm beyond fed up of MO holding this show hostage...literally..... But I guess these people don't give a crap about how much the viewers really resent Sonny and his chauvinistic ways....
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