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  1. I just saw on twitter that Heather Tom directed an episode, that will air In July.
  2. A partial episode from July 17, 1992, posted on the archive page. https://archive.org/details/VCD1310200
  3. Both Hall twins were at the Passions Fan Event two summers ago.
  4. It’s honestly so ridiculous that Adam Billy and Kyle have been recasted so many times...Noah too.
  5. Y&R-C B&B-F DOOL-D
  6. I think John did find out. I know this caused a bit of a debate, even to this day if Billy could be Victor's son. Not that I'd want that to really happen at this point. 1996 was the year Jill was suspected of shooting Victor.
  7. Looks like that yrbbfanatic person opened a new channel and posted this Jill/Victor clip!
  8. I actually enjoyed Neil’s will reading more then Katherine’s, which was also done by Josh...definitely a lot more heartfelt.
  9. I’m a proud male soap viewer! Haha been watching soaps since I was 9...well I guess maybe earlier then that since I use to be in the room whenever my mom watched Y&R/B&B although I wouldn’t be watching those 2 on my own till way later! Lol
  10. I always will enjoy the first 3-4 years of Passions, 1999-2003ish. I can always re-watch those years and still be entertain.....not so much 04-08 Passions.
  11. Thanks! for some reason I thought he started a bit later in the month!
  12. I think Eileen’s first air date was June 11, 1982 and Traci came the week of Jack and Patty’s wedding, so the week of June 21-25 1982
  13. Yay!! Glad to have that info!
  14. I thought so, haha 😁 Thanks!
  15. I would be (very pleasantly) shocked if it was Burton. just don't let him come back to Y&R.
  16. Just finished the episode. it's just amazing to see the Victor/Nikki wedding aftermath. Definitely would never think we would get to see that after all these years! Eve is hysterical, and the luggage scene was hilarious....I loved hearing the men rumble about "how much the lady packed" Love seeing Julia and Douglas, and it was a lot of fun seeing them and Carl welcome home the Newlyweds....I don't really get the need to be totally "formal" though.... "Ms. Reed...sorry Mrs.Newman" I guess I feel like Carl should almost consider Nikki a "family friend" because of Paul, but I suppose she never really interacted with the rest of the Williams.....and I doubt Mary would want her in the house anyways...LOL It's definitely nice to see more of a positive ED Ashley...I do think she and Eric have decent chemistry, contrary to the myth that Eileen is hard to pair people with.....I see less chemistry with her and Marc honestly, so I don't get why she's so drawn to him...and it's not like they lasted anyways.... the Jill/Mamie scenes were great! It sort of reminds me of more of the Jill we saw later under Jess. I know Brenda can play a snooty diva, but I'm not use to seeing these types of scenes with her and Mamie, especially around this time. Mamie almost seems more intimidated then how Veronica Redd usually just rolled her eyes at Jill's remarks. who are the people in the opening?...I see Nikki, Victor, Diane, (or is that Julia?) but who are the man and woman before Liz...(I don't think I've ever seen that shot of her btw)
  17. Whoohoo!!! Can’t wait to watch this! Thanks so much!!😁😁😁
  18. I like Eva Tarmargo, so I wouldn’t have minded her being Mama Rosalie’s even.
  19. Ah, well as said above it’s obvious she had a few demands ( my biggest pet peeve was no one really being allowed to slap Stephanie...other then Brooke occasionally) but she always seemed loved by the cast.
  20. Someone wrote this on the Daytime Confidential site, hilarious!! Here is Mal Young's alternate Emmy speech. Mal: Thank You. Thank You. Thank you so much. I am so pleased and proud to have accept this award on behalf... On behalf of absolutely nobody but myself. It's a great honor to be here tonight. Among so many friends and colleagues and loved ones. Who have contributed so very generously to my undoing. It gives me great pleasure to stand before you this evening and accept all your praise and your flattery. Knowing that every but of it is false. The hypocrisy in this room could choke a snake. I am very pleased however, to stand here tonight in the spotlight where I was born to be. It gives me great satisfaction to stand up here at the podium and look down on the taming meteoricy. Knowing that each and every one of you prayed that I might trip on my way up here. So sorry to disappoint you. I'm going home with the prize. Oh, I certainly don't mean this silly tacky gold thing. This isn't worthy of a garage sale. No, I'm talking about the victory of the truly great over the small and the mean and the petty. The mean and the petty. They use their collective nothingness to push the stars over the edge. They band together in soul crunching globs. They suck the joy out. They BAND together. I have seen it all my life. I have seen it since I was working on the BBC. I was executive producer of Brookside. And they resented me. Just like The Young and the Restless cast, crew and fans resent me. Creative-less writing staff. With resumes the length of an small envelope. And writing abilities of a third grader in special education classes. And they whispered about me to the British press. Just like you are whispering about me on social media now. They couldn't hurt me and you can't hurt me. I'm immune to whispers and tweets. I didn't collapse when they whispered about me. The talent-less Brooksidestaff with their lack of creativity. And I didn't collapse when they took my job away from me, or my dual role as head writer and executive producer roles away from me at Sony. And I will not collapse now. SIT DOWN! SIT DOWN! I AM SPEAKING NOW! AND I WANT EVERYONE TO HEAR WHAT I AM SAYING! I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IT IS I AM TALKING ABOUT! I AM TALKING ABOUT SABOTAGE! SABOTAGE is GOING on here. You all know who you are. And you all know what you have done to me. Everyone in this room has had a turn at me. Everyone. There isn't one person in this room with a simple goodness... Are you enjoying this? Did you enjoy it? Was it worth it? Was it worth it all the spiteful tricks? Oh, who shall I thank first? Hum, hum, hum... Who of my many devoted... Oh Melody... What's the matter? Can't take it? I know it hurts being a third rate actress but have you become accustomed to it yet? That's right go. Go on home you're a weakling. That's why you can't get another Emmy nomination! The industry may think they like hair models. But they only think they do. Isn't that right Eric Braeden? Star of the show fan favorite Eric Braeden. Always tending to the concerns of the fans with his mustache. Always ready to go to the press and curse out the brass about the storylines as long as the storylines are not serving him well. Let's have a hand for the brilliant Angelica McDaniel's. Well Angelica? Where is your partner in backstabbing? You did not come out alone this evening? Ladies and gentleman I give you one half of the backstabbing team. One half of the team that conspired to bring my career down. The one who sharpened their knives on the executive producer of The Young and the Restless. Kent and Angelica always conspiring the demise of my career and the reassertion of your power. Oh where's the little pet. Josh. Josh. You feel down on the job before. You were supposed to save the wayward show from a ratings collapse. Why would you let them run you out and tank this show into a ditch? I should have screamed my head off a long time ago. But no. I was a gentleman. I was dignified. I held my head up high! Oh I gave them stiff upper-lip. WELL NO MORE! NO MORE! They have taken everything from me. Everything... My job... My salary... My good name in the industry... They fired me from thousands of miles away. Isn't that right Angelica!?! Promises. Broken promises. That's what my life is really all about. We love you Mal. We'll never fire you Mal. You're BBC's most prominent producer Mal. Well, the BBC didn't give a damn. And neither do the people at Sony. And neither do any of you. Including the fans. None of you in this room. You're nothing but a bunch of fakes...phoneys. Pretending to like my work. Everyone of you has let me down. ALL OF YOU! ALL OF YOU! EVERYONE!
  21. Shame...he’s probably the strongest EP the show had too....
  22. When Ed Scott was EP, did he make the show look like Y&R?
  23. This damn filming schedule...u can’t even keep track on who’s back or who’s still filming, blah blah blah...
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