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  1. His identify is no secret. Everyone else is following the rules keeping the links private but him. Tons of fake accounts and aliases to gain access along with someone assisting him. Real question everyone asking why he is doing it? He doesn't respond to anyone. Besides the obvious being a troll and having mental issues. Check out his timeline people are leaving comments and he's also doing the same on there. https://www.facebook.com/erik.stone.96155 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwYLUKqcRZfrCG4bxP5UX2A
  2. How exactly do you "keep things locked tight" when someone else is supplying him with the private links? Tell that to every person who has lost their channel/group or else been forced to make it private all thanks to the gem.
  3. Erik Stone strikes again. Why can't this POS take a hint and **** right off. He steals from everyone and gets a real thrill out of pissing everyone off and seeing channels get taken down. Everyone calls him out about what he's doing and isn't man enough to respond. I can't believe someone is actually helping him with the private links.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/DOOL1980s/posts/3531827823594497
  5. Why hasn't Megan ever returned?
  6. Which episode is that? What's the air date?
  7. Where can B&B cues from 2000's be found? I assume they were never released. There was a specific cue when Sheila kidnapped Ridge in South America been trying forever. How was this OLTL cue used on Y&R? yr 02-20 oltl cue.mp4
  8. I know someone within the last few yrs had nearly every Y&R episode posted on youtube but entire thing was taken down.
  9. If you know who it is why not say so and come forward with it. I see others saying they know who it is, but no-one wants to man up and do the right thing. By remaining silent you're part of the problem.
  10. The person who runs that channel is POS. He's stealing content from everyone putting their channels at risk. Days channel has been forced to set all their content to private ruining it for everyone else all thanks to someone who gave this gem the private links, which aren't suppose to be shared. He truly believes doing nothing wrong and doesn't care, either. Everyone reported this channel but youtube does nothing but they have no issue taking other channels down.
  11. Does anyone know what year these 2 scenes are from? Tried searching re-caps but can't find either of them referenced. Stefano throws water in Bart's face Stefano kisses Bart on the lips after he actually did something right
  12. This loser stealing from everyone putting their private channels at risk. Someone who runs Days Of Our Lives channel called him out and was forced to set all their content to private ruining it for everyone else. This arrogant punk acts like he's doing nothing wrong.
  13. Victor instructed Gene that he wanted revenge on Wesley's for wrongfully accusing Phillip of raping Chloe. What exactly was the punishment? Did this ever play out on screen? victor gene - wesleys march 20 2001.mp4
  14. Does anyone have access to these or know the person who runs the channel? Person puts a tweet out saying not to make it public but that's exactly what they did. Why make a post and share the videos when they're private and no way for people to watch them.
  15. This winner decided to take down old Days episodes including Ridgecrest and pull this stunt for no reason. Another strange duck running a channel. If you're that paranoid either post elsewhere places not named youtube or don't bother posting at all and playing games.
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