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  1. This winner decided to take down old Days episodes including Ridgecrest and pull this stunt for no reason. Another strange duck running a channel. If you're that paranoid either post elsewhere places not named youtube or don't bother posting at all and playing games.
  2. If anyone has 2003 episodes when Sheila kidnapped Ridge in South America could you please upload them.
  3. Dates are as follows: August 21, 1995 December 2, 1994 December 27, 1994 July 14, 1995 July 28, 1995 June 25, 1995 October 12, 1995 October 13, 1995 October 16, 1995 - Matt Clark and Victor confrontation December 28, 1994 - Partial episode September 22, 1995
  4. Where is all B&B 2003 episodes when Sheila kidnapped Ridge in South America?
  5. I have 11 episodes with Matt Clark (Eddie Cibrian) including Matt & Victor confrontation. Does anyone wanna trade episodes? Looking for Matt Clark/Carter Mills episodes from 2000 & 2001. A few specific episodes i'm looking for are: January 22, 2001, January 23, 2001, January 24, 2001 - Matt/Carter drugs Sharon with ecstasy in her margarita. I'm also looking for August 12, 2004 episode when Cameron Kirsten gets arrested in the cornfields.
  6. Back in 2001, Victor instructed Gene that he wanted revenge on Wesley's for wrongfully accusing Phillip of raping Chloe and embarrassing him. What exactly did Victor do to get back at Craig/Nancy? Unless I forgot don't ever remember this playing out on-screen.
  7. I'll bet anything the imposter was that goof who was trying to profit from B&B episodes. Once realized no-one was falling for the scam, he/she decided to get back at us another way. Hasn't been heard from since majority let him know that no-one would be putting $$ into his pocket for his episodes.
  8. Does anyone have Y&R 2010 episodes? Looking for these: July 20, 2010 July 22, 2010 - Victor smashes Daniel's camera
  9. Do you have any of old B&B classic background music cues?
  10. How come B&B has never released soundtrack album with old classic score cues? Most of other soaps did so.
  11. Does anyone have Y&R episode January 24, 2001 - Matt Clark/Carter attempted to rape Sharon with a margarita laced with ecstasy?
  12. First off, you come across as wanting to share episodes but very quickly story changes to you now wanting to be financially compensated. Everyone else takes time to share episodes to the vault and elsewhere but I don't see any of those people asking for $$ or should I say "a donation" for their "hard work recording and uploading" There are other platforms which are free that aren't named youtube which stand a better chance of not getting yanked down. You have 5 posts to your name and people are suppose to trust you when you've already proven can't be trusted changing
  13. Trying to profit from episodes isn't cool at all
  14. No way to access. Screen says "Request access"
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