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  1. @BoldRestless (I tried to upload clippings here, but it kept writing Error 200. So I put them otherwhere) 1. This is from an issue of Sorrisi e Canzoni Tv - the most popular Italian tv guide. December 1982. On Canale 5 from 2.40 pm to 5 pm there were Search for tomorrow/Guiding Light/One Life To Live/General Hospital.No daily or weekly summaries in any pages of this issue. 2. This is from an issue of Sorrisi e Canzoni. March 1983. YR started on Italia 1 the month before. No daily or weekly summaries in any pages of this issue. I guess in the beginning soaps had very little space. New tv channels, new tv genre. 3. These are from Radiocorriere tv. 1984 Febbre d'Amore was moved on Rete4, at 5,50 pm 1987 In the summer it aired in prime time every saturday at 8,30 pm Summary about a december 1982 US ep. 4. This is from Sorrisi e Canzoni. December 1988. Guiding Light. At this time there are daily summaries with the official number of the episodes airing all the week. I can't say about other soaps. It was Christmas week, they all were on hiatus except GL. I don't have other issues of that era, so I don't know how many space or not was given to YR in late 80s. I know for sure that in spring 1991, summer 1995 and from september 1998 to spring 2002 Sorrisi e Canzoni had daily summaries. Before that I don't know and after that it had weekly summaries. BB has had daily summaries since the first episode. Telepiù is another tv guide very focused on soaps. 5.This is from Sorrisi e canzoni july 1993. A small recaps of the Nina ordeal after shooting to David. 6.This is from Sorrisi e Canzoni. November 1993. 1991 US episode summary and official ep number. The show aired at 10,30 am https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-aQfugreOEl0/YPn-txMhJTI/AAAAAAAAEKw/nEIfzs8cQpA-1dfJZnKkFjGYsDAHtKS8QCLcBGAsYHQ/s2551/7.jpg 7. This is from Radiocorriere Tv, april 1995. A full tv schedule. A 1992 YR ep summary. 8. This is from Sorrisi e Canzoni. June 1995. At the time, Mediaset TV's managers decided to relaunch YR using its tie with BB. BB was so huge, it sometimes achieved 40% share, half the Country was watching it. So they moved YR from the cold Rete4 mornings to the warm Canale 5 afternoons, at 2.15 pm after The Bold And The Beautiful. They did a lot of promos (even with the actors of both soaps, from their CBS studios). The YR Italian name was changed. It became Amarsi, like it was a brand new show. It started with US may 1992 episodes (The end of Sheila in Genoa City and the fire in Michigan, while BB in Italy was showing december 1994 episodes). Amarsi started reaching a very good 22% share, then it dropped to 18. Major problem: its competitors in the same time slot: Santa Barbara on Rai2 and Guiding Light on Rete4 had steady ratings, people were loyal to them. Amarsi failed to mantain the high numbers of its lead-in. BB had 36% share, YR about the half. It was still a good result, but not enough according to Canale 5 tv managers. Canale 5 was the most watched tv channel in Italy and they wanted more. At the end of the summer YR was cancelled. They were so rushed and really disrespectful to the fans. 9. This is from Sorrisi e Canzoni. April 1998. After a 2 year and 7 months hiatus, YR came back on Rete4 at 10,30 am. The old title Febbre d'Amore was resumed. A summary of august 1992 ep. 10. This is from Telebolero. April 1999. Weekly summary. December 1998 US episodes (in march 1999 they did the time jump from 1994 to late 1998). They used a 1991 picture, but Brenda Epperson was no more in the cast. 11.This is from Sorrisi e Canzoni, april 2001. Genoa City teens conquers the scene.
  2. If my calculations are correct, the show started from around october/november 1979. Nikki and Greg Foster were just married. I know for sure that GL started from november 1979 ep. If my calculations are correct, the show started from around october/november 1979. Nikki and Greg Foster were just married. I know for sure that GL started from november 1979 ep.
  3. So cool you have Italian blood in your veins. And even cooler that your nonno (grandfather) brought back to you some Italian magazines. Do you remember their names? Spoleirs before the Internet were such a big thing. In some tv magazines theŕe were articles containing them. But magazines generally tried to avoid too many details about future major storylines, twists and cliffhangers. For example, who killed Laura Palmer was not revealed until the crucial episode aired on tv in april 1991. In spring 1991 Joanna Johnson (Caroline BB) guest starred on some Italian tv shows. BB was two years behind US telecasts. She was asked by Italian BB broadcaster's managers to not say a word about the tragic fate of her character (she left the soap the previous summer). Months later, the President of Italy (Francesco Cossiga, who was a fan of the show and managed to watch episodes in advance by tapes sent to him from America) revealed that Caroline had died in Ridge's arms due to leukemia, shocking fans of the beloved couple. Her last episode aired in may 1992, watched by 7 million viewiers. The videos you'referring to were on my channel. Nikki and Cole in the swimming pool, Nikki flirting with Cole in a red dress, Chris and Nina kidnapped by Michael, Sheila with Scott in their apartment, Lauren and Brad in bed caught by Sheila and her puzzle to blackmail the unfaithful wife, etc. About YR I also uploaded some Vicky and Ryan videos, two 1990 ep, the full 4 july 1992 ep in a very good quality and some other stuff (mostly 2000s). I do have some other videos in Italian (2 1986 ep, a 1986-1989 recaps, a 1994-1998 recaps, some july 1992 full ep, random clips and some full episodes after 1998, the full 2006 year until mid january 2007 and full september 2003).Most of my stuff is not where I live now, but sooner or later I'll bring back with me and I'll share in the vault. You can of course upload those clips you described whenever you want. About Febbre d'Amore daily summaries. I don't know if my english is competent enough to explain how crazy the broadcast of the soap (or soaps in general) was in Italy. 1. Constant changes of time slot, even when the ratings were solid 2. They aired full original episodes from feb 1983 to august 1991, in 1993, 1995, from 2001 to 2004, sometimes in 2007 and in autumn 2008. 3. They aired half episode a day in 1991-1992, 1994, jan-april 2009. 4. They aired about 3/4 episode a day from 1998 to 2000, from 2004 to 2007, from august to september 2008 and from august to october 2009. 5. They aired 8-15 minutes a day from december 2007 to july 2008 and from april to august 2009 5. They aired 1 and half episode a day in september 2004, august 2005 and august 2006. 6. The show had some long hiatus: february-october 1984, march-july 1993, may 1994-january 1995, september 1995-april 1998. 6. They did 2 time jumps, axing US episodes from march 1986 to november 1989 and from january 1994 to november 1998. 7. Aside summer 1995 and 2 weeks in july 2001, from 1993 YR aired in the middle of the morning. A not so good timeslot, without any strong tv show as a lead-in. Even if the ratings were good because the fans remained loyal and new fans taped it, the show in the 90s and in the 00s became a Cinderella soap after experiencing a certain popularity in the 1980s, when it was aired in late afternoon, a better time slot. After early 90s It didn't have the chance to be huge as BB or some Italian soaps (placed after lunchtime and in the afternoon on more important and watched channels, with a lot of tv promos and publicity on tv magazines). So Italian episodes had different lenghts from time to time. The daily or weekly summaries -when and if were included in tv guides - were often pretty generic, sometimes more accurate (including even the original number of the full episode). I don't think it exist an online source to read Italian summaries. The Radiocorriere site has pretty accurate summaries about Capitol, Loving, Guiding Light. Little space for the other soaps. I'm going to upload some magazine clippings about YR.
  4. Between 1977 and early 80s many new private tv stations were born in Italy. Until then there were only 2 major national public tv channels (that had a monopoly by law) and an italian tv channel that aired from Monte Carlo. To full the tv schedules, many foreign tv shows were bought in massive quantities: american/british/ german/french tv series and sitcoms , american and japanese cartoons, latin america novelas and american soap operas. In early 1981 Dallas started in primetime and soon became huge and a cultural phenomenon. In 1982 the three main private tv channels (Canale 5, Italia 1, Rete 4, owned by 3 tycoons; one of them was Silvio Berlusconi - a decade before the beginning of his controversial political career) started to air US daytime soaps (placed generally after lunchtime and later in the afternoon). Soaps were considered trendy and edgy. They were achieving high ratings in US. So they were used (like other tv shows) as a way to build a loyal audience on a daily basis , increasing new channels' ratings and popularity. Before 1982 Italian viewers didn't know anything about Us daytime soap operas or latin american novelas. Italian soaps didn't exist at the time. That kind of daily 'addiction' proved to be fresh and new to the tv viewers. After a slow start, it worked well. Rai Tv (public tv) soon joined the party and bought american soaps, too. 1982 Search for tomorrow (1979 Usa) Guiding Light (1979 Usa) General Hospital (1979 Usa) The Doctors (1980 Usa) One Life To Live (1979 Usa) 1983 The Young and The Restless (1979 Usa) Capitol (1982 Usa, since ep 1) 1985 Days of our lives (1979 or 1980 Usa) All My Children (1980 Usa) Edge Of Night (1981 Usa) Ryan's Hope (1982 Usa) 1986 As The World Turns (1982 Usa) Loving (1983 Usa, since ep 1) 1988 Rituals (1984 Usa, since ep 1) 1989 Another World (1983 Usa) Santa Barbara (1984 Usa, since ep 1) 1990 The Bold And The Beautiful (1987 Usa, since ep 1) 1994 Paradise Beach (1993 Usa-Australia, since ep 1) 2000 Port Charles (1997 Usa, since ep 1)
  5. No, it isn't. I had a pretty popular YR/BB channel years ago. Episodes in italian dubbing (many YR 2006, some ep or clips from early 90s, a 1994-1998 recaps and some 2001-2005, random BB ep from 1992 to 2002). Closed due to copyright in 2010. About mysterious sellers online. Well, I notice that one of them is using two videos of my closed channel as trailer of his so called DVDs collection. I don't think is fair to make money using stuff that someone like me uploaded freely spending time and energy. I don't mind if someone re-uploads my videos on YT, but asking money for them is greedy and wrong. I don't know if the seller you're talking about is the same person or not. If he's honest or a scammer. If he really owns a lot of videos by himself or just few clips stolen from others pretending to have more... the fact that he didn't respond to you speaks for itself, I guess. About YR and BB videos I just wanna say that I love the vault. Great idea. I have some YR English ep since 2008 and I'll upload them soon. YR started in Italy in 1983 (1979 Us ep). I was a baby at the time. I started to watch the show a decade later. Persons older than me who I know remembered vividly storylines like Nikki and Paul in the cult, John McCook as Lance Prentiss, Michael imprisoned by Victor in the basement, Knight Rider's David Hasselhoff as Snapper, Nikki as a stripper, Jack and Jill's affair, Kay's facelift, Cricket as a teen model, Lauren VS Traci, the introduction of Dina Mergeron, Brad as the tv hottest and nudest gardener. I recorded every YR episode from Us 2000 to 2005 (aired in Italy from 2001 to 2007). Using VHS tapes, I was forced to erase and re-use most of them, in order to save money. I guess in the 80s people did the same, so I don't know if and how many episodes of that era are still avalaible somewhere (I only have got a june 1984 clip, a 1986 ep and the 1986-1989 recaps). In the 80s video recorders were used, but not in every family, and the VHS tape lasted only 2 hours. Twenty min soaps like Loving, BB and Capitol had reruns in early 90s, so the fans who had watched and loved them years before in the first run had finally the chance to recorder and collect them (full run of Capitol dubbed in italian is on YT). Early YR never had reruns.
  6. YR Italian promo about Paul and Cindy (1982) In the summer of 1987 the show aired exceptionally every saturday in primetime. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ouF4cU5FQBU
  7. BB 1998 Brooke (though it was never revealed if the pregnancy was real or if she faked it in order to stay married to Ridge when Taylor gave birth to Thomas) YR 2008 Lily (she miscarried Cane's child)
  8. Claudia was introduced before Enrique. That led to the rushed end of Thorne (new entry Winsor Harmon) and Macy's marriage. Thorne was attracted by Claudia and she lusted for him, but nothing more happened. Then the stoyline focused on her and Enrique.
  9. The Claudia and Enrique storyline was dropped very suddenly. One day the characters were having a heated confrontation about their past and the mysterious coup that almost happened in their home country. The day after... both vanished in the fog just like they didn't exist, even if he was the new stylist at FC. Bradley Bell dropped lots of storylines, but generally in a smooth way. He loses interest in some new characters and sidelines them until they disappear.
  10. Bold Beautiful 1996-97 storyline about Claudia, Enrique and the secrets of their past together in South America was dropped very soon. The characters faded away without any real explanation after so much fanfare about their conflicted love story. Bold Beautiful 1995 Taylor's stalker. After Ridge divorced from her, she moved to the beach house. She started to being stalked by a mysterious man. He even attacked her once, wearing a balaclava. His identity was never disclosed. At the same time Taylor was befriended by a (apparently) nice man, a neighbour.
  11. Even after John's death in 2006, Jack had crises of conscience thinking of his late father and the role model he has been for him (John's ghost embodied Jack's dirty conscience, his moral struggle) About the abandonment issues, Dina came back in 1983 and their relantioship has partially healed since then, though she proved to be a not always reliable mother figure. I wonder if Bill Bell - aside My fair lady - was inspired by Charles and Diana when he suddenly decided to pair Victor and Nikki as a couple. In 1981 they got engaged and they married, they were the couple of the year: the world was watching them. Niktor started in late 1981. Charles/Victor: rich and sophisticated men, gothic and aloof. Diana/Nikki: pretty girls, so much younger than them, full of life, naive, different backgrounds.
  12. I started to watch YR in 1991. Peter Bergman played Jack. I thought he was perfect for the role: handsome, introspective, elegant and charming, competent in business, smart, narcisistic and self indulgent, cold and sarcastic when he disliked someone, caring with people he loved. A person who was proud to be an Abbott and wanted so badly to be considered worthy of John's love and respect, after disappointing his beloved father so many times. His resentment against Victor was a driving force: Newman stole Jabot and Nikki's heart even when he was married to her. Hating Victor and scheming against him showed all of his devilish colours (he still had ethic conflicts and sense of guilt when everybody around him blamed him for his reckless choices). I managed to watch TL's Jack (thanks YT and the vault). He was fantastic: restless, bold, magnetic, seductive and strongly sensual, edgy, raw, sarcastic and playful . He was somewhat guided by his instinct, a softer version of JR Ewing. A younger and less mature Jack, with less nuances and more impudence. I red her biography (very very interesting and surprising). Aretha never forgot their first awkard casual meeting in early 1980s.
  13. Another World . Talented cast, but writing seemed so conventional and the production values and atmosphere so outdated. Maybe it was different in its Golden Era in the 70s, but after that time...
  14. Some italian GL promos 1982 1993 1994
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