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  1. Nikki and every single person who generously shares content with the community all deserve a huge round of applause! Generous soap fans are truly a blessing!
  2. I have now checked the episodes I have, and although the dates do not correspond on all the files, my 1970s' eps of Y&R are the exact same ones as in the vault. Thanks again for giving me the link, however.
  3. Hmmm, I have never thought about opening an incognito page, but actually, it makes sense. I'd still like to figure out why links to the vault work only one time for me. An unsolved mystery, I guess! Anyway, I will try my best to decipher whether or not the vids I have match or do NOT match the ones saved in the vault. I've shared a lot of my stuff with other traders over the years, and other wonderful people have shared with me/all of us too, so the soap community is a godsend!!! Thanks!
  4. It is very strange. Every time I ask for the link to the vault, a kind member gives it to me, but it ONLY WORKS for me ONE TIME. When I try to enter the vault again later, I get a notice saying no such page exists, or that I am denied access without a password. I'm so confused!!!
  5. Thank you so much. Where can I find these episodes? I want to see if the content on them matches the ones I have. (Often dates for vintage eps are off by a bit.) I doubt I have WGE's last episode. P,lease DM me, if it's not too much trouble. I appreciate it!
  6. I am curious. Perhaps someone knows for sure. How many complete episodes of Y&R from the 1970s are out there now among fans? I want to make sure, since rare material comes and goes in the blink of an eye. Are there 13? -March 26, 1973 (#1) -March 27, 1973 (#2) -January 21, 1974 (#205) -March 24, 1975 -July 1975 -Three episodes from sometime in August, 1975 -August 22, 1975 -December 3, 1975 -October, 1976 (#930) -March 3, 1978 -June 19, 1978 I know there are also some compilation videos and in
  7. If they willfully ignore the safety detectors and are arrogant enough to march through anyway, I think they should be tasered, detained and searched. If they are going to whine and blubber, give them something to cry about. I am out of patience with these repugnant Republicans.
  8. The very best actor in the role of Jim Matthews was Shepperd Strudwick, IMHO. Like you, I did not dislike Hugh Marlowe; I simply found him monotone and one-note, and his inability to deliver his lines well was distracting. Still, Jim Matthews was the show's patriarch, and I never would have gotten rif of him. I would have simply used him less often and given HM fewer lines. As the matriarch of the show AND an original cast member, firing Virginia Dwyer because Harding Lemay had a hair up his backside was egregious.
  9. I do remember that VW said she liked Marlowe. She called him "Hughie" in an interview once, LOL.
  10. Really? The only thing I remember Lemay writing about Marlowe was that Virginia Dwyer (supposedly) was responsible for HM's trouble with his lines, and that after Lemay got Dwyer fired, Marlowe thanked him for getting rid of the alleged problem. Everyone who watched the show, however, knew that even if Marlowe also tried to put the blame on Dwyer, that was a crock. He would "go up" and look glassy-eyed and lost regardless of who his co-stars were in a scene.
  11. Lemay never mentioned Marlowe at all, as far as I recall, but he did say that Michael Ryan was stodgy and boring.
  12. That account was caustic...hyperbole. So was the contention that Jacquie Courtney sobbed incoherently all the time to avoid actually learning her lines. More BS: Virginia Dwyer's attempts to preserve the through-line of her character were the reason Hugh Marlowe kept messing up his lines. (God bless him, but Marlowe flubbed and forgot his lines regardless of whether Dwyer was there or not.)
  13. The problem is, in reading the book, you only get Lemay's version of history. Watching the show in real time revealed a whole other side to the story. His rudeness towards and blatant unfairness to certain people is appalling.
  14. Right. I agree that the book is fascinating and a must-read, but his petulant and gratuitously nasty swipes at certain individuals reveals Lemay to be quite unpleasant, often hypocritical...and not terribly honest or accurate in some of his accounts, if you actually watched the show during the time period in question.
  15. I adored him on GH, but first knew and loved him as Dan Stewart on ATWT. He was remarkably appealing in that role.
  16. In the 2020 year-to-date recount, of the 94 characters/actors listed, I would purge all of them except possibly 20. And the ones I would keep, the legacy characters, are mostly at the bottom of the list. Sigh.
  17. I have been given links to the Y&R vault a few times, but every time I try to return, I get a message saying that I need to sign in with a password. I just tried to access the vault right now and I got a notification which said the page might have been moved or deleted. Google Drive might indeed be our best option. I have friends who use it and it seems to work well for them, although I have never downloaded any of my own stuff there yet. I'm going to start looking into that now that my USB drive is dead. If I downloaded 64 GB of stuff to a second USB stick and that died too, I
  18. Well THAT article was grim and scary. You know, I still have tons of ancient material on DVD-R, VHS and even Beta (!!!). A lot of it still plays, but my decades-old videotapes are now hit-and-miss. I've copied hours and hours of vintage shows and sent them out to friends, but even when they have uploaded those tapes to the internet, the uploads often disappear without warning. The stuff I've transferred to USB is now corrupted and lost. How are we supposed to save all our treasures? Videotapes wear out, USB keys get corrupted, internet sites delete precious stuff. We can preserve video and aud
  19. I don't know what's going on with the internet lately. Friends tell me that their Twitter and Facebook videos are suddenly being removed--sometimes after years of being left alone--for copyright violations. It's been reported everywhere that the infamous pornhub.com has deleted MILLIONS of its vids. Soaps are disappearing from youtube after being available for years. That's why I decided to check my "Favorites" USB key with all my classic TV content. I was horrified to discover it won't play anymore. I have no clue about how to repair or retrieve data from a USB device. I may have to start sav
  20. I've been discouraged recently to see so many videos being censored/deleted from the internet. I had saved many old soaps to a massive 64-GB USB device over the years, but it mysteriously become corrupted and unplayable this week (all the file names have turned to gibberish), so all my rare old soaps are lost forever. I am bereft! I went to youtube to find and re-download certain things (like the famous 1974 Alice/Rachel fight from AW), but they have been removed. Seeing vintage soaps like this GH episode (even if it's incomplete) is a treat.
  21. OMG! Thank you sooooo much!
  22. At least Grand Hotel did not butcher the memory of a beloved 40+ year old soap. That's why a butchered version of AMC would be "worse" and more disappointing to me. I'm keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that the proposed Pine Valley would be a great success. (Ken Corday and Bradley Bell prove conclusively that just having icons' kids on board does not mean much of anything.)
  23. I have hope too, but I just don't want to be as bitterly disappointed as I was by the awful 90210 reboots.
  24. I loved AMC and will support and watch this proposed program with excitement and an open mind. That being said, I would not get too excited until the proposed revival actually makes it onto the air. A "heightened tone" and a "relationship to soaps"? What does that even mean? It makes me think of the highly-anticipated reimagining of Beverly Hills 90210 which aired last year. What fans hoped it would be, what fans were eager to watch, bore no resemblance to the awful "heightened" new version that we ended up getting. Fans ran away from it in droves. And why not get the great Lorraine Broderick
  25. Alan would not let her dish. He would interrupt her and censor her and go off on irrelevant tangents any time she was in the middle of an interesting anecdote.
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