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  1. Ehlers couldn't be shrill if she tried. Her last few years at GL? You mean when she was never on? Seriously, you stopped watching the show in 1985. Stick to your time reference.
  2. The biggest misconception is that they are training ground for beginners.
  3. I don't think there is such a thing as Best Criers. I think actors convey more real and more believable emotions without the ridiculous torrent of tears and wet faces. A sadness to the sound of their voices, a look in their eyes, a facial expression can be more devastating than the visual of a wet face.
  4. Only having four soaps has made daytime stale. The same small pool of actors that seem to move back and forth between the four shows. A few years ago, an ABC executive said the soap opera genre is dead and that there will never be another new soap. It's been about 20 years since the last new one. They went from twelve shows to four. They used to replace the ones they cancelled with new ones. That changed.
  5. Kim Zimmer was on four soaps when they were cancelled. On The Doctors, she played a character previously played by Kathryn Harrold and Kathleen Turner. Santa Barbara was cancelled with her in the cast. One Life to Live was cancelled with her in the cast. Both her stints on Guiding Light had her driving millions of viewers away. GL fans derisively called it The Reva Shayne Show. Her second stint ended with the cancellation of the longest running program in broadcasting history. Guiding Light soared in the ratings after Zimmer left in 1990. GL was clicking on all cylinders under the wise leaders
  6. How is Laura Wright iconic? She has been on four soaps where she was literally on five days a week every week of every year. She never even went on maternity leave. God forbid she miss even one episode, let alone three months or six weeks. Yet, the ratings cratered on each soap. I stopped watching Loving not long after she joined. I even checked out The City for a while. She replaced Noelle Beck as Loving's heroine. She never did fill those shoes. Loving got cancelled. The City lasted one year. She joined Guiding Light at the perfect time, when it was in a resurgence. The ratings were between
  7. Taylor on AMC killed a man with her bare hands, a great women power moment in soap history. Contrast that with Harley on GL constantly being assaulted and beaten up despite being a cop with self defense training. As for Harley being CEO of Spaulding Enterprises, it was very brief and she wasn't any less qualified than its other CEOs. Heck, there are many unqualified CEOs in real life. You are forgetting that Harley was established in the very beginning as very smart. She was a math and computer wiz. She later worked at SE as a computer programmer. Other SE CEOs: sociopath Alan, psy
  8. Beth Ehlers was not a flop on All My Children. Taylor was a strong female character with a lot of potential. Chuck Pratt was the flop. He refused to write for her. She was on for 14 months, a lot longer than many much raved about stints. She refused to sign a new contract (can you blame her?). Funny thing is Chuck Pratt being fired right before Thanksgiving!
  9. Another bit of house cleaning regarding the troll that keeps bringing up J R. Martinez. Beth did an interview. She was asked why she was never on. She explained that Chuck Pratt wasn't writing for her. She was asked why. She gave the reason, not her opinion. She explained why Pratt wasn't writing for her and J.R. Not what she thought, what she knew to be the reason. Someone called J.R. and misrepresented what Beth was said. J. R. called/texted Beth, because they were friends and he had her number. She explained what she said and everything was fine. It was over in a few minutes. They were coo
  10. It's true Kimmy. It was heavily reported back then. It's the reason Derwin was not offered a contract. He and Beth were willing to stay another year. Phelps didn't offer a contract, but higher ups stepped in when it was too late.
  11. The funny thing about the troll spreading the dual Watros/Bogue lies about Beth Ehlers is that she says Beth slept with "all" her co-stars, but when you press her to say which ones, she says no to all of them. Carl Evans? No. Rick Hearst? No. Morgan Englund? No. Robert Newman? No. Michael O'Leary? No. Grant Aleksander? No. Murray Bartlett? No. What about Daniel Cosgrove? Crystal Chappell said he had a huge crush on her. No. Ricky Paul Goldin? No. Okay, who does that leave? Oh, "all" the Malletts. Two people? There was actually a third Mallett. A guy who was on Loving who filled in for Derwin f
  12. I know Derwin and Phelps became friends at OLTL, but they hated each other at GL.
  13. Look in the mirror "Soapsuds." YOU are the villain. I am a member here. You are no more important than me. This is a PUBLIC FORUM. Got it? Don't you dare try to censor me. If @Errol cared about villains posting here, YOU would be gone. You would've been gone years ago. Get lost. Literally nobody agrees with you. You stay in your bubble., keyboard warrior.
  14. Keep laughing "Paul" You just show your ignorance and delusion. Keep living in your Alternate Reality Universe where the people you like are popular and the people you hate are unpopular. The ratings and every magazine and soap site poll (where she dominated and was #1 for all the years she was on GL, even beating out actresses from other soaps from all three networks) and the TVQ rating are evidence of Beth Ehlers' immense popularity. Nothing a hack like you can say can change that. Funny that some troll who posts in a thread about Guiding Light, a show that's been off the air for 11 years,
  15. The lie about Beth Ehlers and Cynthia Watros having a "fling" comes from the same troll spreading the lie about Beth having a "fling" with Rob Bogue. How do we know? It's literally the same story with the same laughable premise. Beth is going to have an out-of-nowhere lesbian fling with a random co-star she barely knew. There's no evidence they were friends or ever socialized. In 20 years on GL, she's gonna have a one-time-only lesbian "fling" with Watros? Why not Maureen Garrett, a now out lesbian, who was a good friend of Beth's? Why not any of the many female co-stars Beth was close friends
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