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  1. While Sweeney could easily carry this story - Sami being possessed wouldn't be shocking or, even, noteworthy since many in Salem already consider her the devil.... MarDevil is the right call - she's the show's moral center in so many way. Except for Kayla or, maybe Chloe, no other longrunning female character really fits. Jennifer or Sarah, if they were around, maybe. Gabi, Nicole, Kate - no real difference! Abigail - she's like that half the time anyway. It's too bad they destroyed Kristen again because if she was post-TJ - almost nun, she could team with John to save Marlena, which would've been an interesting twist and a nod to history.
  2. If it's just for Xmas, why not? Bottom line: Cady really gave new life to a very tired character. I'd really like to see her take on Jennifer in a longer run.
  3. Yeah, I'm starting to go through Twitter feeds of the actors on my shows. I'm X'ing every one that hailed and gushed over Cuomo. Hint: It's a lot. Except for the baby switch story, I can't think of any recent B&B plotline that lasted more than 3-4 months. B&B only produces 18 minutes an episode, and since each scene needs to basically repeat the same dialogue as the prior scene (lol), it's hard enough to get A & B stories in same episode. Expecting bread crumbs - like Finn's family history - doesn't work with Bell's writing team. Pretty much 2-3 episodes before a story hits, hints are dropped. It's quite predictable. Clearly, the show works, but I believe it could be far better. I'm tuning in for the first time since the 'vat' - I've always popped in and out.
  4. In so many ways, Bell has channeled Sheila through Quinn. Of course, I'm compelled to watch these episodes.
  5. @Franko Re: St. Louis & Edge - starting in late 1981 or early 1982, KTVI aired Edge 1:30 a.m. This continued at least until 1984 - my brother was a huge Preacher/Jody fan. The Karrie Emerson recast shocked him. I was in college by then.
  6. This even made the NY Post. Despite what some fans think, outside of AS, LR is easily the most widely known mainstream 'star' associated with DAYS. It's also only 5 episodes. Soaps really do need to embrace streaming. Just look at the streams ER, GA, Dynasty (2017), etc. I mean Dynasty (Season 3) was #1 on Netflix (US) the week it was released. P&G - simply foolish for not putting their soaps on a service. Same with ABC with AMC/OLTL/RH/PC/LovingTC.
  7. Yeah, this the same show that had KM languishing in the background for years. After they finally figure out what to do with her: the stellar Ridge/Caroline/Rick/Maya AND the first time B&B actually had a POC as a leading lady - they vanquished the character for a stunt and PSA. Even though I was furious they boxed KM like that, the impact of the reveal could have lasted months - both the positive and negative aspects, reactions. Rick and Maya should be on canvas. When B&B does a sudden story shift - it IS obvious. It's usually in your face for a 2 weeks as a test, goes to the background for a week or 2 as they analyze whether it's working, then it returns to get wrapped quickly or move into next phase. B&B is the king of pivoting plotlines. Sometimes it's a benefit, oftentimes, they just burn through too much story far too quickly.
  8. I think MA's post is perfect. C'mon B&B has always been OTT - it's never been a serious soap. It's more style than substance. This is the only soap that has never had a single, effective murder mystery because that would require foresight. For example: Brooke's insta-alcoholism and Myron's PSA came and went in WEEKS, but permanently damaged the characters. Brooke 2 week problem with alcohol has left her unable to drink and Maya can't be changed back. The writing is impulsive and wildly inconsistent. 'There's been a MUR-DAH!' Ugh. I'm betting response to MA's post is overwhelming positive by fans.
  9. TK was a solid improvement over RM. However, zero chemistry with KKL - that only get magnified with DD/KKL were in the same room. TK did have chemistry in spade with Lindsey Godfrey. Thudley truly blew it with the Myron PSA - that Maya/Rick/Caroline/Ridge story could have lasted for years. Eric and Ridge certainly can be gone. Set-up Bill and Brooke as the patriarch/matriarch of B&B. Rick and Steffy, etc. B&B certainly could move the show to the 3rd generation, which they basically set up for the past decade with Hope/Liam/Steffy.
  10. The fact this recast happened TWO+ months ago....oh, DAYS production. The good news is that the didn't ditch the character so they must feel Chanel has a place on the canvas.
  11. Not only is B&B's dialogue literal - it's repetitive in the SAME episode - in case you didn't get it. The best was 'Quinn is TOXIC!" There was an episode after Quinn/Eric reveal and Steffy/Liam had at least 3 scenes talking about the relationship. Toxic was used in all three. B&B watching hint: Only watch the scenes before the Title Sequence daily - that's it. Guaranteed you'll know exactly what's going on and will rarely miss anything important. Double hint: If there's an important reveal at the end, it's almost always repeated/recreated to start the next episode.
  12. Give me a Hilary is alive and Karla Mosley returns as Amanda.
  13. Is it fair to assume both seasons filmed by Sept? Might as well be 2 years ahead! Unless a soap is filmed 4-6 weeks in advance, it doesn't really matter because once you hit 2 months out, any adjustments made will be too late. Might as well film it all. I'm really glad the show was renewed. I binged Sept-Feb during Jan/Feb. I'll be another big binge in a few weeks. Binging really helps overcome the inconsistent pacing. Plus for NBC, the ads they include are 'fresh,' so streaming does make a difference.
  14. Seriously. I think that would be great. The audience wouldn't care at all. Think about how many doppelgangers/twins has Y&R had over the years - Kay, John, Cassie, Phyllis, Lauren, Cane, Patty - that's 7 just off the top of my head. Y&R has probably as many doubles as DAYS has had returns from the dead.
  15. I just binged the enter season to date during the past month. MM definitely benefited from better writing and a new approach. I do believe that Abby is in an alter. What would've been great: if Gwen is actually protecting Abby, who showed up to the room and got into an altercation with Dr. Laura and accidentally pushed her. So Chanel drives from Miami to see her mom, but wasn't there for christening. Did they establish that Paulina was actually moving to Salem permanently? I just got that she wanted to invest there. It was strange for Paulina to direct Chanel to 'pound the pavement' to find a job there - as if knocking on doors, help wanted signs have been relevant since the 1990s. And why didn't Chanel question Paulina about staying in 'Springfield' permanently? Odd set-up, but both characters have potential. It's too bad that Victor can't have scenes with Ciara. I always liked their scenes, but it's understandable. Clare as a doe-eyed ingenue just doesn't work - this is combo of writing and actor. Please make Ben Marlena's kid. Seriously. If Cin can have a psychic connection, then the 'unspoken' mom-son bond that caused Dr. Marlena Evans to throw all logic out the window regarding Ben would be somewhat plausible.
  16. Ratings/streaming numbers are all that matters. So if RH came back as Todd for, say, a two-week test period, do you think viewers would be so repulsed that the ratings would show a sharp drop? It's possible that the 2-3MM (1%) or so people who still consistently watch GH actually like characters like Sonny/Jason/Nina, etc. v the 300MM+ (99%) who don't watch. It's just a theory.
  17. I suppose Susan will be involved in EJ's - that would be one way of keeping SH on. Kristen definitely needs a rest. And there's really going to be a debate about Sami choosing nuEJ v Lucas? Seriously. I imagine that will be settled in the first episode. No way Ron doesn't exploit his body from the start. As far as AS staying on, I wonder how much is tied to renewal and whatever new budget constraints are imposed. I'm just glad she's on at all. It's hard to believe DAYS has like 20 episodes left to film unless NBC added more to last year's renewal order. I'm assuming the Olympics delay has already been covered with the episodes that aired early/blackout inserts in Oct. Plus two episodes because hockey didn't air.
  18. They should've cast PD as Sally1 - she could've pulled it off.
  19. Happy Anniversary! Now why doesn't P&G monetize that library on a streaming service....
  20. I'd argue Capitol shouldn't never kicked SFT. When you look at SFT's ratings at the time of cancellation, it's downright shocking. The only thing B&B has excelled at: production. Their use of exterior location remotes, including LA and Studio City, is unmatched in this century. Otherwise, B&B rarely has stories worth watching - and this is from someone who has tuned in and out many times. The show should be better and history has shown upcoming stories like the above are not only destined for disappointment, but also will never be spoken of within 3 - 5 episodes after conclusion.
  21. Poor Vinny or some other rando character that will show up out of the blue for 4 episodes and then be off'd. No soap has ever faceplanted at crime-related stories more consistently than B&B. It's absolutely shocking how bad they are at it - and not in the campy, fun way. Just terrible television.
  22. Y&R: John, Dina, Colleen, Diane, Cassandra and Hillary. We know Dru ain't dead. DAYS: Renee NEVER being revived always puzzled me. The character and actress seemed very popular. ATWT: Rose. Yeah, OTT at times, but without Lily's baggage, it allowed MB to take chances. ATWT worst offenses were recasting Connor and Molly. ATWT seemed to be pretty good about not killing off legacy characters. B&B: Macy.
  23. With so much uncertainly with production (and after last year's massive pre-emptions), it's smart to completely avoid direct episodes with holidays. Didn't one of the Xmas episodes air after New Year's?
  24. In theory, CH's acting style should be a great fit for Y&R . . . but after seeing the likes of Debbi Morgan, Maura West and Genie Francis do iconic faceplants, I'll absolutely hope it works out for her.
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