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  1. Info basically said racism is scarce I the U.S. and he isn't racist cause his wife isn't white...
  2. Ingo is getting dragged on twitter for a comment about racism Oye
  3. The one from last week and the one from today are on CBS ALL ACCESS
  4. Destroying Sally to prop FelonFlo UGHHHHHHHHHH
  5. I don't care who this pisses off, stop buying gloves if you don't need them. Health care workers can't get them cause of people b buying them, that don't need them. Wash your damn hands lol
  6. As someone who works in food service, I can tell you why cause gloves aren't sanitary. They would LITERALLY have to change their gloves with every surface/person, etc they came in contact with. Plus where I work we are told we're getting a limited supply of gloves, so they are being used by the ones handling the food. Hands can be washed /sanitized more often and gloves can't....
  7. I wonder how well soap digest sells? It to me is very pricey for a subscription, same with SID
  8. I want to see the classic episode, but I don't think they're going to put it on All Access
  9. and who puts abuse victims in the back of their mind for 20 YEARS. you just don't do that if it's something so important. NLG picks and chooses what she wants to get attention for herself and nothing more. She's the ONLY person who's said anything negative about him, speaks VOLUMES to me
  10. I wish it were true, at least Will would have a personality then instead of acting like a walking corpse who smirks 😂
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