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  1. I'm glad he's gone, but he's been bullying Meghan for years and this is what it takes? Why not years ago? UGH
  2. It seems like the kind of automated reply you'd get if you emailed a company or something
  3. Yeah Vee I'm already reading comments elsewhere that Meghan ISOLATED Harry from his family. Seriously? They did that all on their own
  4. How the hell is she milking it? By speaking about it? Seriously? That is the kind of attitude her and Harry left to get away from This is on point
  5. Watching it and it's a great interview. It's sad that Harry felt history was repeating itself in regards to Meghan as to what happened with his mother
  6. Diana would have been the first to reach out to Meghan and accept her into the family. Gosh I wish she was here
  7. Charles is trash for how he's treated Harry and I believe Meghan fully, Kate gives off a bit of a stuck up vibe and I can see her making Meghan cry
  8. Anywhere online I can watch this? I was hoping it would be on HULU
  9. Brisco County Jr, it was such a great show that only got 1 season
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