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  1. Yeah LL pretty much seemed surprised that she was charged with anything, as in she didn't think what she did was illegal or wrong
  2. @ChitHappens No I hadn't seen that, I like it lol
  3. Yep but then he had Angelica McDaniel to go to bat for him, this time he doesn't
  4. What they consider major and we consider major are probably different lol
  5. It's to keep people from spamming the board with multiple posts. Add to your post or wait
  6. The title of this thread 😂🤣 Also THIS is TRUTH
  8. HOLY Sh*T if she gets 50 years she's basically gonna die in prison given she's 55 years old
  9. Interesting(The bold part) https://www.mediaweek.com.au/mercado-on-tv-with-ken-corday-us-exec-producer-days-of-our-lives/ Online, however, it is a vastly different story. “Days is the most watched show on the NBC website, and that includes all their prime time shows. We are now at the table renegotiating for a better deal because the production company gains no revenue from that.” NBC’s new streaming service, The Peacock, will launch next April but Corday is unsure yet if classic DOOL episodes will be included. “If they are smart, they will do Greatest Weddings or Best Comebacks because we have a huge back catalogue,” which is currently at over 13,700 episodes.
  10. Ken Corday interview: https://www.mediaweek.com.au/mercado-on-tv-with-ken-corday-us-exec-producer-days-of-our-lives/ Within weeks, the show is promoting it will do something that has never been done before in daytime. “Let’s just say that the Friday cliffhanger is so gobsmacking, we are now trying to figure out how we can possibly top it for our 55th anniversary next year.” Corday teases that we should look to how This Is Us goes forwards and backwards in time. “It’s also a chance to bring back a few characters to the show,” he said, but Bo (Peter Reckell) will not be one of them. “He is happily settled in Indiana and not coming back to Hollywood.” Another debunked tabloid tale is Jennifer Aniston appearing alongside her dad for John Aniston’s (Victor Kiriakis) last episode. “He is not leaving,” laughed Corday. “But we are always talking to Jennifer, so you never know.”
  11. Hope is always annoying AF. Not a fan of AN's acting or her character
  12. WOW I can't believe Faux news allowed this to air
  13. Gina Rodriguez is under fire again for using the "N" word on an instagram post https://deadline.com/2019/10/gina-rodriguez-apologizes-for-using-n-word-amid-social-media-backlash-1202760901/

    1. DramatistDreamer


      Jane The Virgin had been on my list of series to watch because of the raves I'd heard about it.  Oh well, no reason to check it out now.  Onto the next one.

    2. DRW50


      There's been controversy about Rodriguez for several years now as some feel that she tries to minimize the struggles or accomplishments of black actresses and performers. 

    3. ChitHappens


      Rodriguez is trash but I can't believe we are revisiting this conversation about that word AGAIN!  If black people don't wish to hear it, don't say it!  Black folks bastardized history's most hateful derogatory word to address one another, used it for commercial success and still get mad when non blacks say it?


      Rappers (predominantly black) want non black folks to buy and listen to their music but change the words when you sing it?  Nope!  Doesn't work that way.  Girlfriends did an eppy about this when Lyn's fake sister visited.  They are singing in a hair shop and they all say the word but get mad at her? I was floored and confused.  More than a decade later, this is still a thing?  WTF?!  


      Why does ANYONE needs to say nigga?????  Teach your children, brothers, sisters, etc that the word is not acceptable from anybody!  

  14. LOL knowing that dumbass he probably thinks Pres is PRESS
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