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  1. Actually I thought Freddie was really good today in his scenes with Camila
  2. Guys STOP IT. You are not children, stop highjacking the thread for stupid sh*t. Ron stop being petty cause Chandler got fired. Enough geesh
  3. Someone on twitter said Chandler talked about the smirking once, that it's a nervous thing for his character I guess? Makes no sense
  4. Eh I'd have felt sorry for Eve if she hadn't treated Paige like dirt for so long.
  5. That's kind of the impression I got. There's a SOD article posted about the death and that Bill Hayes/Doug will be doing a memorial thing for Bill
  6. Last day is the 18th after JnJ, Chabby and JJ go to Africa after the death of Bill Horton
  7. Judi found out through her script, sounds like Days is making firing people this way the norm
  8. Guess FS saw the writing on the wall awhile back https://tvline.com/2020/02/12/days-of-our-lives-freddie-smith-chandler-massey-leaving-sonny-and-will/ Smith says he saw the writing on the wall in recent weeks. “As the scripts started coming in, I was like, ‘This doesn’t look good. This doesn’t look like we’re going to get [re-]signed to a contract.'”
  9. LMAO Nope,, he could be doing a death scene and he'd be smirking *smdh*
  10. Well at least on a comedy show his smirking in every scene would make sense
  11. nah keep Chabby. I like them and they're basically recurring. I want Shawn & Belle and Claire back
  12. I think they'll keep the vets, probably all of them. I'm glad they're cutting some dead weight at last
  13. True but I liked her with Stefan, without him she's meh.
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