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  1. Eh online polls can be robovoted, I don't put much stock in them nor SID polls given on that one you can vote for character's who are no longer couples
  2. I don't see Adam as the root of the show's problems. It's AMcD as the one pushing agenda's for the show. I think the Rosales' are a huge problem. I agree I don't see much support for them anywhere. I don't think AMcD is at Frons level bad, but it was starting to get there
  3. I agree Cheap. I couldn't get past the first 2 episodes
  4. Pretty sure that's Kate's hand given the fingernails
  5. At least they're trying to think outside the box
  6. Doesn't matter, they've clearly de SORASed her
  7. Guys Sarah was born in 1981, I dunno where you all getting this "she should be 47" stuff from LOL
  8. Why not? Austin Peck did for the Chabby stuff on the app lol
  9. Yeah that seemed pointless. I say Lucy has a bit of JR in her. She is fun to watch.
  10. Andrea @ChitHappens still binging? LOL. I'm almost done with Season 2.
  11. I don't blame her. Brad Bell has no interest in Taylor other than a Logan prop, same thing Steffy/Ridge/Thomas are
  12. I'm watching OG Dallas on IMDb Freedive and loving it so much!!!!
  13. Yeah I've enjoyed the last few weeks. Xander I love that Susan "saved the day" so to speak. I hate how Brady acts when he was banging "Nicole" yet screeches about Eric stealing his brother's women.
  14. So did Holly really die? That's around the time I'd stopped watching Yeah the unmasking was great. Glad it was John who did it
  15. I've seen the Brady/Gabi stuff, just NO. I bet Stefan is going to be presumed dead and that Gabi will realize how she truly feels about him. I mean Viv returning to escort Stefan off the canvas? Doubtful
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