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  1. Well at least on a comedy show his smirking in every scene would make sense
  2. nah keep Chabby. I like them and they're basically recurring. I want Shawn & Belle and Claire back
  3. I think they'll keep the vets, probably all of them. I'm glad they're cutting some dead weight at last
  4. True but I liked her with Stefan, without him she's meh.
  5. There's also a cryptic post on Camila's instagram and people think she was let go as well
  6. Nope she's got her head too far up ben's ass to care What bugs me about this whole story, it took a YEAR for them to notice she was Gina???? I could tell from her first scene with Jennifer she wasn't Hope. Hope doesn't wear a tiara & jewelry
  7. This needs to be posted, cause it's such a glorious speech
  8. *shrugs* I like him have no issues with Rafe, just hated him and Hope together.
  9. OMG how horrible she even tried to stop the 2nd car. RIP Orson
  10. Awww damn. It was a hilarious Bloomberg video abput Trump
  11. Tell them cause this board is AWESOME,, best group of people around
  12. It doesn't say for certain, hasn't been confirmed
  13. I don't believe it's true at all, if so then why did nothing ever come of it? It's been RUMORED for years but not a shred of proof
  14. Thanks everyone, love all of you. His funeral is Saturday. I'm hanging in there. 

    1. kalbir


      Thinking of you and your family.

    2. DramatistDreamer


      Sending you positive thoughts. Hope that you and your family are being comforted by those around you.

    3. AlexElizabeth


      Thinking of you today. ❤️

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  15. My dad passed away yesterday, so heart broken :(

    1. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      You are in my thoughts! Please remember to take care of yourself during this tough time.

    2. sivad40


      I'm sorry for you loss. You have my condolences.


    3. Toups


      My condolences.  :(

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