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  1. I doubt it will air tomorrow either. This is going to go on for weeks
  2. Yep and it would be one thing if the people replying to her were rude but they aren't. They just replied to HER comments
  3. Sorry but RS is cukoo for cocoa puffs. The whole point of reply to someone on twitter is to "@" them. I don't get why she doesn't understand that. She blocks for stupid sh*t
  4. LMAO ABC/GH is getting DRAGGED HARD on this tweet 😂
  5. I love this show I guess I'm a pop a holic LOL
  6. Eh RS acted circles around KKL in that scene. KKL is too over the top It's QUINN's HOUSE, Brooke aint no one to be coming to Quinn's house and telling her what to do
  7. Shauna's expression during the slap gives me life LOL!!! I think the world of KKL, but man Brooke acts all outraged when someone calls her on her sh*t
  8. All 44 Seasons of SNL coming to the PEACOCK streaming channel

    1. Khan
    2. DRW50


      There's a good chance these will be heavily edited down, unfortunately, but hopefully there will be some new bonus content. 

  9. HOLY [!@#$%^&*] it looks like amazeballs!!! I am going to watch just for this LOL
  10. Team Meghan and Harry all the way!! I love that they're doing their own thing, Diana would be so proud of Harry watching over his family the way he is.

  11. I didn't have a problem with Andy. I just don't like them picking and choosing what they want though cause Andy was born before Jerry and before the last craptastic season
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