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  1. Yeah I warmed up to Romano a bit when he fought hard to save Lucy and genuinely seemed torn up that she died. I think he respected that she stood up to him even though he'd deny it. He's a good doctor but it was personal with Lucy and that showed I always thought Romano and Corday could have worked, they had great chemistry. Could have been a love/hate thing lol
  2. That doesn't matter to Frank LOL. Alan is a reliable source, so yeah I believe it
  3. Aww Nellie being a petty bitch again. 99% of what he says isn't true
  4. Binging the new iCarly on Paramount Plus, it's good!!!
  5. Paul and Emily were the last two who ever needed a kid. Emily was a horrible parent(and character) as it was.
  6. I've always said you can stick a wig on a broom handle and put it with Liz and people would ship it lol.
  7. It's on twitter. I've seen it quite a bit today
  8. So I'm reading Roger wanted out is the reason Freako was killed off. Apparently he was bored LMAO
  9. Heh I threw a party when Courtney aka Skipper died too lol
  10. eh wishing a character dead and being happy about it isn't abuse. GTFO Wes has to know how hated his character is, LW seems aware of it People also threw a Sage is Dead party when she died on YR too.
  11. LOL Peter is Dead Party on twitter!!! https://mobile.twitter.com/hashtag/PeterIsDeadParty?src=hashtag_click&f=live
  12. I'll admit I was apprehensive that I wouldn't like this without Jennette being on it, but I gotta admit I'm excited lol
  13. If I remember correctly Carter and Susan had a huge flirtation when she returned but nothing really came of it. I thought they'd be great together
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