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  1. What she did was bad, but it's long ago, people need to LET IT GO. It's literally in the past. She's atoned for it
  2. Ahhh but notice Brooke slaps cause the person she's slapping handed her some truths about herself she doesn't like lol
  3. I find Days entertaining. It is perfect? No, but as much as I detest ReRon, he seems to at least be trying
  4. Why do you detest it? There is nothing wrong with it at all
  5. I just don't get why Sarah is convinced this baby is Eric's when it could just as easily be Rex's.
  6. oh WOW I didn't not realize that was her
  7. LW's Snarly is called Cujo for a reason lol Yeah if we HAVE to keep Carly, it can only be SJB and no one else
  8. Ahhh but it's not just Franco, it's Sonny, Shiloh, etc... MB/Sonny is leading episode counts for the month and year
  9. Dayum, literally NOTHING is working on GH, NOTHING. It's done IMO
  10. Some reason I never saw this, Hi Eric lol
  11.  50 years ago today the Brady Bunch premiered. Gosh I feel so old lol

    1. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      I am thoroughly looking forward to the 50th anniversary marathon on Decades this weekend.

  12. Can't post this in the Smallville thread, since it's closed(hey @Toups can we re open it for Tom & Erica being on Crisis in Infinite Earths crossover-thanks) Tom & Erica reunited
  13. They truly are reviving everything. Before we know it, its going to be all revivals and nothing else on tv
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