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  1. Oh they will. People want to see The Benedict/Sophie and Penelope/Colin stories
  2. So is Frank trying to draw in the Home and Family crowd to GH? LOL
  3. You're in a spoiler thread, Why use spoiler tags??
  4. Happy Easter to everyone!

    1. kalbir


      Happy Easter everyone. Stay safe. 🤗

    2. DRW50


      Happy Easter. 

  5. I hope this applies to Sonny and Jason, and the misogynistic writing they get, they'd be better off cutting their losses with both. Yeah I know it will never happen, but if they really cared, both would be gone.
  6. I think it will be Vinny who's killed. Cause you know in Thudley's world switching paternity results is worse than selling a baby on a black market *rme*
  7. Big Time Rush is now on Netflix!!!!

  8. I say though if it IS true, then why'd they keep Franco so long, if its like they said, the audience wasn't accepting the retcon? UGH lol
  9. I wonder if Major was abused or something before they adopted him.
  10. Guza and every character not named Sonny, Jason, Sam and Carly
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