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  1. They came for Dolly and it backfired on their asses!!
  2. OG Punky is on Peacock too, I've been watching it lol
  3. Nothing will happen cause GH is a boys club and NLG will be made the bad guy for having her feelings hurt(as they would see it)
  4. Days could solely stream on Peacock and I think it would do well. I think GH is done in the next few years.
  5. All but YR and BB and those 2 I can see moving solely to Paramount Plus instead of on CBS
  6. FPJ is really good in it, and he and SMF have great chemistry.
  7. Binging the new Punky Brewster on Peacock, it's so good!!!!
  8. I think if SMG did this it would be very limite d, cause I have read she has a few projects in the works, so I doubt she'd be able to do it full time. I wonder if it will focus on Erica's grandkids being even more SORASed than they were on AMC 2.0 and obviously kids from other PV residents
  9. The premiere was so good!!! Bitsie is okay, just not Lois like yet. I love Emmanuelle's Lana better than Smallville's lol
  10. He was awesome, I watched the whole show just for him lol
  11. What a stupid comment, probably one of the stupidest I've seen.
  12. Looks like Covid was a factor in Cloris Leachman's passing https://www.facebook.com/entertainmentweekly/posts/10159559497229701
  13. There'll be more about the rest in other seasons, they're doing 1 book a season. Next Season is Anthony's, then Benedict's and so on
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