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  1. There was also something Eve said to Vivan that her name was something with a D and Vivian cuts her off and says something like "I've heard that before"
  2. I'd give up the dream of Davidson returning, I'd say she's pretty much done with Days
  3. I feel like I'm watching Dorian, when her and Kassie had scenes yesterday I kept expecting Eve to call her Dorian lol
  4. Ron really went all out today on OLTL references.
  5. So that means we could call them "Evil" 😂😂😂
  6. Until Chandler decides to do more than use a smirk for every scene(emotion), then Will can just not be seen much 😛
  7. People on twitter are saying it looks like BB is in that picture, I'm not seeing it lol
  8. Billy is getting a stand alone episode *sigh*
  9. RIP Eddie Money 

    1. Wendy


      He made some great music! RIP.

  10. Direct TV Now is now AT&T TV. but yeah there's A LOT. It's becoming over saturated
  11. From the Bossip article Tisha Campbell is coming back to TV very soon. The veteran actress is guest-starring on CBS’ “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Campbell who’s filming today, September 11, will play a character named Dr. Davis and her first episode airs 10/4.
  12. Yes I never had much problem with Cam, what I've read about him, he's a very nice guy. Found out recently he and my brother share the same birthday, month, day and year. Freaky. I wish Cam lots of prayers and love. He's strong and will kick cancer's ass
  13. Justin Hartley as Adam on Y&R. Alicia Minshew as Kendall on AMC. Thorsten Kaye as Ridge on B&B. Brenda Epperson as Ashley on Y&R
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