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  1. Nice to read someone praising soaps/actors instead of tearing them down 


    1. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      That was nice. It is funny, though, to watch non-soap fans who respect the genre explain soap conventions to other non-soap fans, like the guy explaining how Game of Thrones's method of running multiple storylines and cutting back and forth between them in an episode is a classic soap technique. I hope there aren't people out there who think that GoT invented that concept...

  2. This shows how clueless and uncaring Pence is
  3. Jordi is a horrible actor no matter what show he is on. He and SC don't have a lick of chemistry. I wish YR would cut their losses with him and the actress who plays LOLA
  4. I love Pluto TV. I have it on all the time, I mostly watch Buzzr on it lol
  5. If she took a pay off WHY? If you are raped you'd want JUSTICE not a pay off. To me there's something fishy there. Anywho now isn't the time to harp on this. Give a few days. I doubt his family reads this board but geesh people don't need to be bombarded with this everywhere.
  6. Nobody is over looking it. Now is NOT the time 😒
  7. OMG my heart breaks for his family!!! https://www.local10.com/news/local/2020/01/26/kobe-bryant-dies-in-california-helicopter-crash/
  8. I thought the first episode was amazing! i can't wait for the next one
  9. So from what I'm seeing(I'm a bit behind watching) it looks like Will did cause the accident, but I wonder if HE caused Maggie to veer off the road and somehow cause the accident? LOL
  10. We'll see him sometime in late 2020 when GH resumes after the impeachment trials
  11. Let's wait and see how things play out before saying "so and so is ruined"
  12. Hmm maybe I know I've watched it on the app
  13. I doubt it will air tomorrow either. This is going to go on for weeks
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