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  1. RIP Peter Fonda :(

    1. DRW50


      Sad. There was Easy Rider, of course, but I always remember him best for Race with the Devil, with Lara Parker. 

    2. Vee


      I still need to see The Hired Hand.

  2. That's a big ratings drop from last week
  3. So anyone know how ratings were for the 2nd episode?
  4. They're doing a GH, everyone is in the credits, contract or not LMAO
  5. No offense, but can I have some of what you are clearly smoking? TK has always been great with kids. The kids who played Spike on AMC adored him. Oh and please stop with the constant character bashing nicknames in every single post, it gets old and annoying after so long...
  6. LOL I could actually see Frank doing this 😪
  7. Days and GH are only 114,000 apart in viewers.....
  8. Uhm no, she gets SOD she won't post something that isn't true *rme*
  9. It's clear there's a real audience out there for a reboot, they should do one and be done. Even it's just like a mini series type thing do it
  10. I truly hope KeMo spills some major tea
  11. 5 years ago today we lost the incomparable Robin Williams :(

  12. She wasn't de aged that much, can people stop with that ish. Please. Oh and Linsey is gold, Sarah isn't the greatest but that's on ReRon not her
  13. 99% of social media sites who reported about this called it a REBOOT
  14. Yep we were right, people were expecting an actual reboot and are disappointed it's not https://twitter.com/hashtag/BH90210?src=tren&data_id=tweet%3A1159270160869580800
  15. I agree I think they'll do great for the premiere then it will drop after that. They are trending on twitter which is not surprising
  16. I am DEAD at Sam being thrown in the trash like the trash she is LMFAO 🤣😂
  17. yeah people act like Kristen is scary, she is anything but
  18. Awww Jen Lilley had her baby, a girl ❤️

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