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  1. I recently got a chromebook from walmart.com and it's wonderful For tablet's I use a kindle fire
  2. I don't remember the Punky theme song
  3. It works, I wasn't sure it would, but it does. Soleil looks amazing
  4. Trailer for the new series \ @Toups could you move this thread to the Peacock forum? Thanks
  5. They do have a Dark Shadows Channel... I doubt it though, not with music costs and licensing rights and whatnot
  6. 2021 is starting out like 2016 did with all the celebrity deaths RIP Dustin
  7. I also read Pence is kind of in hiding due to the events of January 6th too
  8. RIP Cloris Leachman :(

    1. Khan


      I'm always sad to hear another "Mary Tyler Moore Show" cast member has passed away: Ted Knight, MTM, Valerie Harper, Georgia Engel, and now Cloris.  That leaves John Amos, Ed Asner, Gavin McLeod and Betty White.  :( 

    2. ReddFoxx


      I liked her on the Facts of Life.

    3. DRW50


      I just loved Phyllis. Such a rich, layered, and most of all, deeply hilarious character. She had such a way with a line and a "moment," whether it be her joy when she realized her brother was not interested in Rhoda but was instead gay, or her imitating her in-laws muttering about her in Swedish. 

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  9. Sami and EJ were sh*tty. I still see a huge demand for Lumi to reunite while most people seemingly aren't bothered by EJ's exit and don't seem to care if he returns or not
  10. Noooooooo I've always adored her
  11. Poor kid, I feel bad for him, he turned his dad in and his dad said that traitors get killed
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