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  1. 88 confirmed cases in Ohio in 19 counties Number of counties with cases: Ashland (1), Belmont (2), Butler (8), Coshocton (2), Cuyahoga (38), Darke (1), Delaware (1), Franklin (7), Geauga (1), Huron (1), Lake (2), Lorain (6), Lucas (1), Mahoning (3), Medina (4), Stark (3), Summit (4), Trumbull (2), Tuscarawas (1) 26 hospitalized https://www.10tv.com/article/ohio-confirms-first-coronavirus-cases-continues-testing-2020-mar
  2. Jordi Vilasuso, he's so awful I don't know how he keeps getting hired
  3. Ohio Presidential Primary delayed till June 2nd, per Governor DeWine This man really is doing all he can to protect Ohioans
  4. Schools here are closed the remainder of the school year. I feel for the senior's graduating this year
  5. Damn we just got dragged hard by Norway LOL
  6. DeWine is doing something which I respect. Its going to hurt a lot but I think it won't be for long and besides he said Carry out is okay. This will hurt small businesses that don't have a DT or a way to do carry out
  7. I gotta admit Governor DeWine is doing everything he can to contain this.
  8. Is it wrong I hope that guy's employer sees what trash he is by doing that and fires his ass
  9. People like that guy should be charged with a felony. Seriously surgical masks, when hospital's are running out? WT ever loving F?
  10. It's about HOARDING. You don't need 144 rolls of tp for a 2 week quarantine, if you so, then you best be seeing a different kind of doctor. I thankfully have enough TP to get by for now, but every store is SOLD OUT.
  11. Days can air uninterrupted for what like a year? LMAO
  12. Governor DeWine here in Ohio extended Spring Break for K-12 kids till April 3rd, starting when school ends on Monday https://www.10tv.com/article/dewine-spring-break-ohio-k-12-students-extended-3-weeks-2020-mar
  13. I see "report post" at the top right of posts, do you see it there Ron @Soapsuds?
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