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  1. I try not to watch any commercials. Even if I'm watching a show "live" I'll start watching about 15-20 minutes late so I can fast forward them. I work during the day so I record Y&R, B&B, and GH. Most days GH gets fast forwarded almost in full. I catch up on the CBS shows when I can. Sometimes I'm almost a month behind. It keeps me from participating in the threads much. When I'm at home, I just watch YouTube or catch up on stuff I've saved. For example, I've only just started watching the final season of Devious Maids from June 2018. As long as I stay off spoilers it's fine.
  2. I can't believe how bothered I was of a recast from over 30 years ago of a character who is no longer on the show! Burnett is fine in the role, but I don't take recasts lightly and Baldwin was better and unless it was her choice, I don't understand the change at all. The Logan family plays more like a sitcom than a soap, I think. The set, the casting, the storylines, and the loving family aspect all remind me of an 80s sitcom but without the humor and the neat resolution at the end. There's no real drama or tension for quite a while (which there is underlying the Forrester family from the start). Even Brooke's near rape and grandma getting beaten up don't amount to anything. But they do a good job setting up the characters - I can still see why, to this day, the girls idolized Storm. And I almost wish they hadn't glammed up Katie so much with Heather Tom although she's obviously excellent.
  3. Ah! That's the scene from the KSJ special episode. Awesome!
  4. Found another 1998 episode on archive - October 23, 1998 https://archive.org/details/youngandtherestless19981023 And a big 4 hour video from that poster from Israel (?), better save it while you can. Any idea on the dates?
  5. October 30, 1998 https://archive.org/details/youngandtherestless19981030
  6. Any idea of that date on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AskBBERgR_E
  7. Nice find! He also has an episode of B&B on there.
  8. If you all remember, a few weeks ago @VanessaReardon mentioned having some old tapes... unfortunately, this turned out to be only half an episode, but it's pretty fun... we've got hee-haw Cricket, a clip of an actual Madonna song, a Rose DeVille scene, catatonic Ashley and what I presume is her first meeting with Dr. Steven Lassiter, and the drama of Kay/Jill's custody trial for Phillip (I think the scenes after this used to be online as well). Good stuff! BTW, if anyone else wants me to convert their tapes, I'm happy to do it, especially now that my equipment is set up. Just drop me a PM. January 6, 1987 (second half)
  9. I also remember things like Gina continually referring to Danny as "little brother."
  10. Thanks. I remember those clips but thought I'd missed something.
  11. Thanks Broderick and everyone else posting old memories. Your descriptions are so detailed that I feel like I'm watching some of these scenes. It also speaks to how good the directing, acting, and writing were that people can still recall scenes from the 70s in such vivid detail. I think I missed that 1978 episode. Was it posted here? I really hope someone has the link, or can upload it. I'd really love to see that.
  12. Wow! Excellent quality. Thank you!!!
  13. You'd make a lot of people very very happy if you were able to share them. My first piece of advice would be do not put them into a VCR that you're not sure is 100% functional. Because then if the tape messes up you won't know if it was the VCR or the tapes and you could ruin a good tape. Try it first with a tape you don't care about. If no one else can or if you don't have a VCR, I'd be willing to convert them for you, but I need to check my VCRs cause it's been a couple of years since I've done it. You might as well try since you weren't using them anyway and the more years go by, the worst the chances are. How many do you think you have?
  14. Has anyone ever tried to figure out the dates of the clips on this YT channel? I really prefer full episodes to clips, but with B&B, a 13 minute clip practically is the full episode, so it could be useful.
  15. I've read some articles about this woman, who recorded news broadcasts from 1975-2012. Surely someone did that with soaps?! https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/marion-stokes-television-news-archive
  16. When Y&R did Nikki's 40th anniversary special, they didn't even mention the retcon of her giving birth to Paul's baby (Dylan). And I agreed with that decision.
  17. OMG, I didn't even notice that!!! I can't believe I missed that - she looks exactly the same too!
  18. January 31, 1986 (repost) February 11, 1986 February 14, 1986 March 27, 1986 March 28, 1986
  19. It was a mistake to kill John off. Very happy to see the episode again though!
  20. Oh no, I had saved some of his videos, but I was a week or so behind. Does anyone have all of them?
  21. I was actually the person who helped the uploader set it up as a private playlist and I invited her to this forum. Besides it has been posted in here several times.
  22. @FrenchFan the playlist is private. Here it is:
  23. The first two weeks are really exruciatingly slow. I wouldn't judge the whole season by that. It's not until almost episode 40 that Brooke actually meets the Forresters. I wouldn't skip it, but just keep it in mind. What's interesting to me is seeing a B&B with better acting, directing, and music, with a similar feel to Y&R but definitely not as great. However, the show is very... straight. There's really no subtext like there is on Y&R. The characters express their thoughts through talking to themselves and long speeches. It's sort of cheesy that way. Nothing going on beneath the surface, and the storylines are very simplistic (maybe that's why it was popular abroad). I personally did enjoy the rape story. I would say watch everything, because it's fun to catch little details here and there, like how long Eric and Stephanie were married, how Bill Spencer had no other children and no son (lol), and stuff like that. I would get the thought of "oh why don't I just fast forward to the Stephanie scenes" but the show is so short, it's honestly easier to just watch it, it goes by fast and you'll never get this opportunity again to see it for the first time.
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