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  1. I feel like this is the case on most internet forums and social media. Y&R and B&B, despite having the highest ratings, don't have as much online activity as GH and DAYS. Maybe the audience skews older.
  2. I'm not sure if you all have seen this, but I came across this collection of 96 radio episodes of GL from 1950! https://archive.org/details/1950-11-24-886-bill-gloria-talk/1950-07-26+-+797)+Stays+with+Charlotte.mp3 Edit: Another set of 100 episodes https://archive.org/details/otr_guidinglight
  3. I recently added some Decemeber 1995 episodes around the time of Blade's funeral in the vault.
  4. She's 10 years old than Richard Burgi, but in that photo she looks like she's the same age, so playing his mother would be a stretch, not that they wouldn't do it.
  5. I'm pleasantly surprised that those mentions actually amounted to something!
  6. Imagine submitting this as his Emmy reel and finally winning after 35 years lol. Honestly at least B&B manages to put something on my screen that actually gets a reaction from me which is more than I can say about the other soaps right now. Someone on another forum suggested Brad Bell was inspired by this movie where Eric Braeden plays the role of the stud.
  7. Some of the newer posters here had mentioned they never get the registration email and then they had to find the email of this board's admins and send them an email. I just don't remember what that email address was. I found this post but it's from 2013, so I don't know if this info is still correct. Maybe one of our newer posters can chime in:
  8. I thought when they brought Marcus on they said that Beth and Storm had helped her with the adoption, and that really doesn't make sense compared to what we see onscreen in Season 1. It's ambiguous whether Donna is a virgin, but she's clearly inexperienced and is very concerned about what her family will think about her living with a guy. Welcome @Flnrod I totally agree with you about the recasts. Since I had never watched the early years I always thought the recasts of Donna and Katie were good, because to me Donna and Katie were just these random women that showed up for Brooke's weddings and sometimes babysat the kids. Now that I have seen the actual fleshed out characters, I miss the originals. Episode 956 has sound for me. You might want to try a different player like VLC. But it's good you brought it up so that if anyone else has issues, we can figure it out.
  9. It makes sense for them to just be recurring and have the out to take any project that comes along. I don't really consider them as having "left the show." They will probably be on more often than Lauren, Michael, Christine, and maybe Chloe and Kevin, so whatever, really.
  10. I can relate to that cause I remember when they aired the Christmas Classics for 1987 and 1988 and I saved those VHS, while I was taping over/deleting the daily show... and then eventually there came a time that Christmas 1995 and Nick & Sharon's 1996 were aired as "Soap Classics" which I hadn't saved at the time they aired, and eventually realized all of the 90 were classic and I should have somehow saved them.
  11. Looking through the old Usenet/Google posts, the people in the early 90s definitely considered the stuff from 10 years before (like Victor and Nikki's early years) as "ancient history"/"good old days" which is interesting cause right now I consider anything from 2010 "very recent." But there was not as much info on the internet then and no clips so I guess as you watched it you kind of forgot the details unless you read about them in a magazine. And if you went on vacation or something during a big story, you just missed it. I feel like people are too hard on the 90s Nick/Sharon stuff. Once they sorted out the recasts, it was a solid, classic Bill Bell good vs. evil story with the suffering heroine. It has almost a Chris and Snapper vibe where your hero and heroine are basically good people who stay together for a long time and deal with some of the same issues (rape, long lost child), and there was the class element, and the disability element with Sharon's mother. I agree with most here that Joshua Morrow was miscast as Victor's heir, and isn't a strong actor, but it did work out with Nick being more like his mother and that fueling some of the issues between Victor and Nick.
  12. Nikki has been an "executive" the way Jill was an executive when she first got divorced, except Jill actually learned the business and had a knack for it. We actually saw Jill in her office brainstorming. We've never really seen Nikki do anything that indicates she has the experience to do anything other than sit in an office whild holding a title.
  13. Another one of their famous late 2000s "art" stories I completely blanked on
  14. What scene was that, I don't remember it. I'm behind and I almost want to watch now to see how uninteresting it is, if that makes sense.
  15. It's awesome that you saved all of those! Thanks again. I just tried to upload and got the same error, hopefully it will be resolved quickly like last time.
  16. You stole my line that they should just put the vaccine into their lip injections.
  17. I didn't know they were such good friends. Haley played Abby from 2008-2010 so maybe they know each other from Y&R. Wikipedia says Camryn was making brief appearances then.
  18. WOW, big thank you to whoever has been uploading a LOT of episodes including 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2002... B&B fans are the BEST!
  19. As I was editing the videos I kept thinking parts of this are not so bad (especially compared to today!). I'll be adding some November 2008 episodes as I edit them.
  20. @Jennybold19 On the Y&R guide, starting at page 263, there are explanations for most of these: http://www.feuxdelamour.com/guide.pdf US Open tennis goes on a Monday and the following Friday, so there's always a 3 day week in September.
  21. Yeah this is making me think they upload whole seasons in bulk and then set them to premiere publicly daily, which is ridiculous.
  22. I think they uploaded this on public by mistake! Episode #203
  23. That would make perfect sense... have them connection on social media and text each other, forming a bond, and since he doesn't know what Sheila looks like, it would work. She knows it's his wedding day and then shows up to surprise him and he stands by her. But that would involve planning and not making up storylines at the last second...
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