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  1. Sobering to see so many of that weeks recaps saying the show was preempted due to the events of 9/11. I'm honestly thinking they chose that just because Michelle Stafford is in it. At this point I'm not understanding their choices anymore. The episode selections are too random. I can understand that initially they were just choosing whatever. But now? They should be either airing full weeks in order or having some narrative thread throughout the week. So let's say you want to do villains, you do a week of the Baldwin brothers. Let's say two days of Michael finally breaking into Christine's apartment plus the resolution. Then maybe the day that Kevin first visits Michael and reveals they are brothers. Then the last two days are Kevin setting fire to Gina's and the resolution to that. For the Abbots, you can show Tracy and Ashley's arrival in GC, then Dina's first appearance, then Jabot being taken over by Victor, then Jack getting Jabot back, then John's death. Obviously they messed up big with the Masquerade. A lot of people were asking did Danny really get shot, what happened? Then weeks later we see a scene where we learn the bullets are fake... we should have seen them all in order. And to be honest some of these episodes really aren't that strong other than the one shocking moment. There are so many great episodes to choose, even when nothing much is happening but conversations.... like that March 1993 episode where Jill tells John about her pregnancy. That wasn't a big event but it was probably the best episode so far because of the writing. The episodes of Lily pouring water on Hillary, Phyllis putting an octopus in Christine's bed, David dying in a trash compactor... they weren't that great as standalone episodes. They would have been better with context. Otherwise you really only need the clip of the one scene.
  2. I don't think Jack's proposal to Phyllis is a seminal moment in Abbot history.... ? If they are showing Jack getting Jabot back they should also show when he lost it.
  3. I'm shaking my head that they didn't use Abbot week to showcase the earlier Patty/Jack stuff, even if it is different actors.. Brenda Epperson will be in one of the Abbot episodes, so why not Terry Lester?
  4. I said the same thing about the ball episodes. A lot of people on social media were wondering what happened after Danny was shot. Now a month later we get the episode three days later? People will be confused. It's stupid. I'm guessing that the next week after villains is an Abbot week although it would be a shame if they start in 1991 instead of the 80s. I mean they already showed aTerry Lester episode so what is the big deal?
  5. Oh God now I'm worried Y&R will do a week with all MAB's sitcom stars.
  6. Maybe they should just air every Denise Richards episode since they are sooo honored to have such a great celebrity on their show. Oh, and they can show an episode with Eileen Davidson's Ashley! She was on Real Housewives!
  7. It shows how inconsistent the writing was. I remember Nick being pretty disgusting and gross, and here he's a prude. Yesterday Brooke was flaunting her sexuality and Stephanie was offended, but today Stephanie is supportive and supposedly Brooke was talked into it. Bridget was in love with Nick, but here she's worried Nick and Brooke won't get married.
  8. I've never even heard of that sports guy. *shrugs* Interested in the Usher episode and the Betty White episode which is about as far as I'm willing to go as calling something classic. Will next week bring us Big Brother cameos from over the years?! 😅
  9. Jason Thompson?! I swear when someone isn't catching on with fans they get them a political nomination to justify keeping them...
  10. It's an accomplishment considering what's going on! They'll probably rush through filming when they get back and it will be really crappy lol...
  11. All of a sudden we're getting all this soap related stuff, lol. This year I guess they'll actually have time to show reels. That's nice. I wonder if they'll have all the nominees cued up on Zoom and then announce the winner, like they did on Survivor.
  12. It does, but it doesn't surprise me, since it was more focused on Olivia and Nathan and they're not Winters (at least Olivia wasn't yet). Considering Nate is on the show now, that was a real missed opportunity.
  13. Disappointing... all episodes that were already floating around on YT... So Monday is 4710 (October 7, 1991). This is 3 episodes after the Masquerade Ball intro they showed. I just wish they had thought the schedule through a little better. This could have been a full week of episodes and people would enjoy following along with the story. Now people will be confused and disengaged... most people don't follow in as much detail as we do, IMO. Recap: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7400942/plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl Tuesday is 7695 (August 14, 2003) Isabella with butcher knife. Brittany stripping. https://www.soapcentral.com/yr/recaps/2003/030811.php#thu Wednesday is 7734 (October 10, 2003) The fire at Gina's. I will be happy to see it in HD at least. http://www.tv.com/shows/the-young-and-restless/ep-7734-284892/ https://www.soapcentral.com/yr/recaps/2003/031006.php#fri Thursday is 8283 (December 15, 2005) Sheila and Terrible Tom blowing up the yacht. So we get a Sheila but NOT the era we would want to see. https://www.soapcentral.com/yr/recaps/2005/051212.php#thu Friday's episode number isn't posted.
  14. Predictions: Sheila/Lauren lab fight David - killer being carved into his forehead or the trash compactor Michael breaking into Christine's apartment Kevin setting Gina's on fire Something modern - Adam maybe?
  15. Y&R is losing viewers faster than GH... GH just might squeak into #1 for the week of the 18th, then drop big with the reruns starting the 25th.
  16. The opening was cut on my station... they had Thorsten intro a Brooke and Eric episode featuring Ronn Moss? Lol.
  17. @YRBB yeah I think you're right the person PMed me so I'll delete it now lol.
  18. Thanks @charholden5 It's at 704 now, hopefully tomorrow it will change.
  19. Jack is such a punk, I was team Victor all the way back then. He should have built his own business instead of losing his father's and trying to steal Victor's! So great how he went from practically rolling his eyes at the beginning of the episode to nearly $%&!ing his pants by the end. I love the throwaway line where Jill says "maybe I'll invite my son Billy for the summer..." knowing what's to come. It's so rich. I agree that LLB was really good in those scenes, as was DD... the tension when Christine comes home and wants to be alone and Mary is there, and then she finally gets to tell Paul. Makes me mad thinking again how 20 years later Nikki runs her over and kills her baby and makes her infertile but the Newmans act like Christine is an awful person for thinking she should face consequences for that. And poor Mary, being so Catholic and having all those kids but never really getting a grandchild to raise except for tween Heather that one summer and Heather didn't even know who she really was.
  20. By the way guys, I had posted this episode and the ones around it on YouTube before: June 18, 1999 June 21, 1999 Today's episode, now blocked June 22, 1999 June 23, 1999 June 24, 1999 (partial) June 25, 1999
  21. And then in the end, a paternity test was done proving the dead baby was Nick's all along, making him an extra big jackass.
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