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  1. I do have to say I really like Jennifer with Daniel. In my opinion they didn't need to bring back Jack, but now it's time for Peter Dimera to come back. It will give lots of storyline for Jack & Jennifer and maybe even give Peter & Abby a romantic storyline. Or Abby falls in love with Peter's son.
  2. I hope Melissa returns and they finally give her a new storyline. Jack and Jennifer haven’t been used a lot this year.
  3. Jennifer is on so little. Hope we get to see her more when Casey and Abigail return but also like her to have her own story again. It’s time to bring Peter DiMera back, played by someone like Roger Howarth
  4. I’m so afraid most of the returns that are coming are shot term
  5. Will Ava get the KA promised NAVY storyline
  6. Where can we read the article from SOD online? Im curious
  7. Too bad most of those returns are for small parts of one or two storylines. Wish some could return fulltime so we start to invest and love those characters again.
  8. i was afraid they would try Hope and Rafe to get back together and I think that one of the things Kristian Alfonso hated. Also Gwen kissing Chad way to soon Noo on Eve getting back. Please give Kate something better to do then Abe The Allie stuff sounds promising.
  9. Sadly I havent watch Days of our lives in years, but I still seep up with reading articles. this board and watching promos. Im sad to hear Kristian Alfonso is leaving, I think Hope belongs on the show. I know about the storylines aren't the best and the budget isn't there anymore, but I believe there is a lot more story for Hope then for Kayla and Steve or John and Marlena. I think Kristian is right that the writers failed with Aiden and Rafe. There was some spark and connection. I do believe a new love interest would be awesome. In my opinion Days is too much about plot twist then about characters and who they are and what they want in life. The story should be more about the characters we started to love and care about. Kristian sounds nothing but thankful about her time on the show and she is in her right to be upset about being asked to leave for 4-5 months. Who said she was going to be asked back if the writers didn't want to write the promised story 10 months ago. I'm afraid something is coming up that brings Hope & Rafe back together and they leave together and they use that. Hope would never go back to Rafe.
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