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    HBO: Game of Thrones

    The final, glorious poster:
  2. Many many thanks to both of you!!
  3. Watched my first episode of Babylon 5 ever. It was really good but who was a guest star? Shari Shattuck. Why, God, why?!

  4. Wow, I never expected to see a thread for The Archers! I listen! (But I'm a little behind)
  5. Comic gold. Can you find that "bribes the heart" tweet/comment? I didn't have any luck and it NEEDS to be retweeted lmao
  6. What?! I came here to say this is the exact story we'd see Lynette in!
  7. Wow, this new trailer changed my mind. It looks good!
  8. I'm definitely planning to watch.
  9. Bumping this in case people have more shows too include/add.
  10. Sounds like it'll be set in the Second Age! Squeals!
  11. I'd say the last soap to be consistently good, sometimes even brilliant, was Y&R, up until 2003. It was the last holdout. A great example of Y&R production quality and excellent use of music. It was a huge shock, indeed. Also, great location work.
  12. This one got me right in the feels. A part of my 90s childhood, gone. Still so handsome, charming, and talented. A loss. RIP.
  13. 100% on point. It was the writing that was the issue with Fallon, even during Martin's Seasons 3 and 4. The otherwise superior COLBYS unfortunately never got Fallon right. What was Samms to do when she was ordered to play her the way she was? She was fantastic in Season 9.
  14. Why did I wait so long to start One Day at a Time?!? Only 2 episodes in and I have laughed and cried (often at the same time) SO much.

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    2. Vee


      I think FH ending is more about the Jeff Franklin drama. With Marvel it's the licensing fees bc they don't own it and Marvel TV refused to cut the episode orders down from 13. 

    3. DRW50


      I agree, but surely that would mean they have more budget. Isn't Orange in the New Black also ending?

    4. Vee


      Yes. I think Netflix has also attempted to become more cutthroat about cancellations and renewals in the last couple years, for better or worse. Early on they would renew literally anything. But if they can give the new She-Ra (which is pretty good, in fairness) an early renewal they can do the same with ODAAT IMO.

  15. Aaaaw, how great to have an update on her! I got emotional. I miss her so much.
  16. We need a CLASSIC CUES ALERT lmao So we know when and what to watch... and what to skip
  17. YRBB

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Happy Valentine's Day from The Mountain, Game of Thrones fans!
  18. Wow, I had no idea it was on Amazon Prime. I have most of the DVDs but the HD looks soooooo good, I may just watch on AP. Too bad they cut out those opening teasers. I've been meaning to rewatch the series. A small part of me worries it might lose some of its luster if I do so, but I'm glad to hear it has held up for you.
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