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  1. OMG! Jack McKay's car just exploded. This is so early 90s MELROSE, I can't take it! All joking aside, I think they have found a great balance between bland Beverly Hills (Cindy, Brenda, and Donna take a self-defense class) and exciting Melrose (fancy yachts, the yacht staff are evil, Jack dies in a car explosion!). Lots of fun.
  2. What Are You Listening To?

    One of Kelly Clarkson's new singles. It's great:
  3. Kelly Clarkson has two new singles out, both very different from each other, and 'Move You' made me catch the Holy Spirit!



  4. The View

    I watch everyday, so I figured--why not? Share your thoughts on the show!

    I didn't know about this. Very sweet. Of course, Rick was murdered....
  6. Brandon has a gambling addiction, Kelly's developing an eating disorder, Dylan's father is coming back, Mel's having an affair! YAS! Bring on the soapy drama, 90210!

    EPISODE 2: POETIC JUSTICE Gary desperately tries to explain his bizarre soapy life to the authorities. After trying out several ways to locate Sally's friend, he begins to lose hope. Mean-while, the show has changed its format: The episode opens with a new scene, then cuts to the opening credits. This is where things get weird: In the middle of the goddamn credits, they stop to do a recap, before returning to the music. As if that weren’t a bizarre choice to begin with, they’ve already shown us new material, so the recap that’s meant to catch you up comes after that. I appreciate their return to the original music and their attempts at originality, but here they are breaking the wheel and attempting to reinvent it for no reason. The race to Rick Hawkins’ mailbox continues! Honestly, I’m not even sure why it matters, but the whole thing reminds me of a Shakespearean comedy with twins gone dramatic (only, in this case, the twins are replaced by keys). You know this is Lechowick work because tires go flat, steering wheel bolts mal-function, and we get a whole scene about an elderly couple reporting their truck stolen (complete with comedy bits). Also, everyone’s jogging. Paige trapped in a dirty bathroom while Ted breaks through the door (insert your own, "Heeeeeeere’s Ted!" joke) is absolutely great. In the end, Ted gets away with what he thinks is everything and Paige and Greg believe him dead after his truck is found in a lake (great production work here). Winner of the episode: Greg's muscular abductor, who is hilariously serious about playing Monopoly. For once, Mack and Karen take a backseat to the action. They’re preparing a barbecue and Mack acts all awkward when Paula's name is brought up. He might as well put a sign on his head. I really enjoyed the Danny/Val stuff. Everything in Val's house has turned pastel (Bliss Colby's bedroom could not compete!) and she’s beginning to fall in love with Danny, unexpectedly. She makes several speeches about it in the episode. Oh, you just know it’s all going to go very, very bad. I really liked the ocean scene (it always feels right when Val is there) and what a surprise ending: Val breaks things off with Danny, so what does he do? He asks her to marry him!
  8. He already knows. Come on now.
  9. Daily Hotness

    The place for our Hot Guy of the Day Something to feast our eyes on and forget our troubles, even for a little bit. Unless you vehemently object? Sunday, December 06, 2015
  10. Will & Grace Revival

    The cast is plotting something.
  11. Wonder Woman Movie

    I am so angry I never made it to the theater to watch it. I can't wait to finally see it.
  12. GH: OLTL alum added

    Seriously! Considering the tremendous, long-lasting success that medical soaps have, you'd think they'd invest in that. But, no, mafia is the way to go!
  13. The Doctors

    OK, great, thanks for responding! I'll probably do them in a separate thread, otherwise they'd be hard to find, but I'll start posting soon.
  14. Daily Hotness

    It's an overcast Monday, September 18, 2017, so some pool hotness is in order!
  15. Daily Hotness

    On this Sunday, September 17, 2017, some doorway hotness!
  16. Finally, the first teaser is out!
  17. The Doctors

    Has anybody been doing/posting episode counts for the show? I've been compiling them from the 'beginning' and was thinking of sharing, if they haven't been done.
  18. GH: Dear Shelly Altman wish list

    Dear Shelly Altman, Try not to get the show canceled, I guess? Sincerely, YRBB
  19. It's true, the volume of episodes is massive, and if it's one of the soaps that used a lot of music, you don't just have to replace music for 15 episodes in season 1. It might be 230 episodes just for that first year. More! That being said, the soaps that already streamed before could easily go back up again, and they can always release each year in increments. Nothing's stopping them from putting Y&R's 1973 up and every six months (or whatever) updating with the next year. In any case, I always thought the streaming services could get soaps for free and it would provide them with TONS of content for their viewers.

    I honestly think the Lechowicks would have written Gary and Val out by now if it weren't for Jacobs and Filerman. Ted is literally carrying the entire storyline. I'm guardedly enjoying "Sally's friend" but I'm ready for it to move on. Was the show seriously going for Pat and Gary? I thought Pat's crush was just a running gag. Yes, that's Pat. She had only one scene but she was hilarious as she teased Gary about Sally's friend. Too bad she wasn't in almost half of Season 10. I always enjoy her scenes and have accepted her as part of the cul-de-sac, despite that initial story.

    I started Season 11. Figured I'd bore everyone with my reviews as I watch. EPISODE 1: UP THE SPOUT AGAIN Back to the cul-de-sac! Here’s the key, there’s the key, where’s the key? Paige quite possibly makes her stupidest decision ever by choosing Ted. Ted takes that goddamn key from her, and then Greg takes the key from him, but it turns out Paige has the REAL key and Greg hired a muscular goon for nothing. It’s all quite fun, and includes a quick scene with a funny, good-looking sleaze. Mack, Karen, and Paula are stuck doing their comedy routine as Karen gets released from the hospital, Paula gets dropped off, and Mack confesses all but, guess what, Karen's in the back of the car, so she didn’t hear! OK. What was once really funny in the ending episodes of the season now feels tired. Val fears the worst when Danny cancels their date because he’s sick. Understandable, considering her history. She pays him a surprise visit and is ecstatic to find out he’s indeed sick. She runs away when Danny offers his peen. While he’s sick?! Come on, dude. Chicken soup is good but it doesn’t work that fast. Meanwhile, Gary is caught in an endless succession of high angle shots and coffee-pots obscuring faces. Both Val and Pat teasing Gary about Sally's friend was very funny but this, too, feels a little tired. This aired after a several-month break, and it’s all still the same. But, at least in this case, we see some exciting movement when yet another disembodied voice (OK, kinda) attacks Can’t-See-My-Face in her apartment and Gary is left stupidly yelling on the phone, "What’s your number? What’s your name?!" I can’t tell if he’s worried or shocked he's finally getting a freezeframe.
  22. HBO: Game of Thrones

    @DRW50 I hadn't! I lost it at the soldier's "Don't!" (before Talisa amputates him) and Ros' moaning. Thanks!
  23. HBO: Game of Thrones

    It looks like they will be shooting multiple endings to try to keep the ultimate, real ending under wraps.
  24. Star Wars: Episode IX

    Following the departure of original director Colin Trevorrow, J.J. Abrams is returning to direct and co-write the 9th episode! He will be the only director so far, other than George Lucas, to direct more than 1 film in the series. I hope he can pull this off a second time.
  25. Star Wars: Episode IX

    With the new director comes a change in release date: The movie has been moved from May 2019 to December 2019.