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    HBO: Game of Thrones

    He's quite funny and charming. You tell 'em, Grey Worm!
  2. I'm so excited they're doing a show based on the books. Really great casting having the girl from Logan star in it and all the other actors are great as well.
  3. YRBB

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    @ChitHappens @Antoyne I mean, would it have been nice to see Cersei suffer/tortured a little before her death? Sure. But was it HUGE poetic justice, not to mention ironic, that the symbol of her power, what she fought so evilly to keep in control of, literally came crashing down on her? ABSOLUTELY. Delicious. Delicious!
  4. YRBB

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    I think this was one of the best episodes of the series. Wow. I will have to rewatch. First of all, Emilia Clarke's performance was PHENOMENAL. I am so annoyed at the posts I'm seeing claiming this was OOC and that the writing destroyed Dany etc. Ridiculous. This has been foreshadowed. I guess Varys' outmaneuvering couldn't save him this time. Loved how the dragon stepped out of the darkness. The Hound's death and Cersei's death were incredibly poetic. In terms of special effects/production: Superb. And now one more war...
  5. Thank you for all the coffee and pies, Peggy Lipton.

    1. Vee
    2. Bright Eyes

      Bright Eyes

      I don't even like pie (don't @ me lol), but she damn near convinced me. RIP

    3. DramatistDreamer


      My condolences go out to her daughters Kidada and Rashida.  This has to be a very difficult Mother's Day for them.

  6. YRBB

    Twin Peaks

    In some heartbreaking news, Peggy Lipton has passed away. Another one lost to cancer. This (sadly, tragically) makes Norma and Ed's long, looong road to reunion even more touching and poignant. I'm so glad we got to see that. 72? I would've never guessed. RIP.
  7. YRBB

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    That blooper is funny! I swear, I don't know what y'all even WANT!
  8. YRBB

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Wow. What a rollercoaster of emotions. So much great stuff in the post-battle - the funeral, the dinner, the humor with Tormund and the Hound, Gendry becoming a Lord. Poor Gendry didn't see that wedding proposal rejection coming! But I don't think it's over for them just yet. Bronn's scene was another standout. Brienne and Jaime were the emotional center of the episode and it was so, so good. I wasn't sure if they'd ever go there, but I am so glad they slept together, even if it wasn't an expression of romantic love from Jaime but instead platonic love and gratitude (at least that's my reading for now). I found Jaime's continued guilt over his crimes extremely touching, and a natural continuation of his redemption arc, and of course, what can be said about Christie's heartbreaking reaction to begging Jaime to stay and him leaving? EMMY for Christie! And then the dragon being killed out of the blue! What a twist. What a scene. The final scene was phenomenal. Cersei at her coldest, evilest, bitchiest. Poor Missandei.
  9. Ugh. The pain of LML's un. God. As for Nikki, the show did a GREAT job getting her involved in Jabot and opening up new avenues for her... why they gave it all up to the point where she had to go into politics I will never know...
  10. I don't necessarily get the sense that the cast is not interested in putting together an entertaining show. Maybe some of them aren't trying, some of them aren't talented perhaps. I just think it's very hard, even for the seasoned veterans, to do much when they have to shoot eight damn episodes a week with no rehearsal time. The pace and conditions are punishing and almost impossible to overcome.
  11. Thanks! Yes, Alice, Mickey, Maggie, Mike (got a call from Jeremy), Jenn all appeared. They did a version of the ornament hanging and flashbacked to Tom/Alice as a substitute.
  12. Ah, thanks! I thought it might've been something health related.
  13. @Gray Bunny or anyone else who may know: Does anyone know the reason behind Frances Reid's prolonged absence for Oct/Nov/and most of Dec 1995? (This may continue after, but I'm up to Christmas 1995)
  14. Lovely performance! I thought she did very well and the audience seemed really with it. And I will never complain about having to look at Maluma.... lol
  16. YRBB

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    @Toups LOL at Chit, but in all seriousness... I think it worked as a subversion of expectations (Jon's on his way to do it! He'll do it! Then he fails) but the main reasons I think it REALLY worked are these: It provided a purpose and exciting culmination of YEARS of story for that character and, most importantly, the Night King is a powerful, magical creature. Jon would not have had much more luck than Theon did. He may have stayed in the fight a little longer but the NK would've known he's coming from miles away and dealt with him swiftly. Any victory of John's would be like a muggle defeating Voldemort. Nope. The victor, on the other hand, is a highly trained, magic person now. She got close enough almost undetected and then TWIST. And, to no one's surprise, 17.8 million overnight viewers for "The Long Night."
  17. YRBB

    HBO: Game of Thrones

    Television history. Brilliant. I will wait for full thoughts but what an emotional roller coaster ride. And the twist at the end? SUPERB.
  18. YRBB

    Daily Hotness

    Continuing to serve up some great Hotness! Thanks!
    1. KMan101


      Well, dammit. Her inclusion will probably get me to watch. I don't mind faux-reality shows where people play heightened versions of themselves and I never thought any of them would truly revive their characters ... it seems like a miss. But we'll see. At least most of the cast (sadly without Luke Perry of course) will be there. I'm just ... not sure what to make of it.

    2. YRBB


      Same here. Like, I can't NOT check it out. Will it work? Hard to tell, even though I doubt it. But maybe... just maybe....

  19. Shannen Doherty joins the revival-thing after all! I doubt it's gonna work but, of course, I'll be watching.
  20. I think she's got another #1 coming!
  21. Oh, wow. She did it again! It sounds like Shake It Off and Blank Space came together and had a baby. I adore the song (so catchy!) and LOVE the video!
  22. A new song/video called ME! drops at 12am and will feature Brendon Urie. Sounds promising so far!
  23. I'm generally OK with Season 12, but WHY spend so much time on Anne's money trouble/deceptions only for them to very quickly deal with Paige finding out the truth? It wasn't meaty, it felt anticlimactic. But Anne going to Nick/Dimitri's hotel room and finding a body there was hilarious. The Valentine's Day episode aired February 21st. A little off, just like this season. I am REALLY loving the Jason storyline. That kid they cast as Jason is so pretty and just the right mixture of bad boy and tragic figure. And Dobson's been turning in some fantastic work. Not sure how to feel about the Val story, really. I guess it's OK but, once more, the writers doing all they can to have Val not be Val. I will never understand why they didn't like her/get her. Also, who would've thought, but I really enjoy Linda! I guess Greg has a type!
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