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  1. It's true! My grandpa, when he was alive as recently as a few years ago, still referred to the show as Caroline. It was a nickname - the show's title is the same but people in Greece would say "it's time to watch Caroline"! I loved hearing about that.
  2. Finished Showtime's THE BORGIAS. Started off decently and quickly developed in Seasons 2 and 3 into a great show (esp. Season 2). Too bad Showtime couldn't give it its 4-season run. Apparently the finale movie script is available - for 10 bucks - on Amazon. I just may indulge one day.
  3. Honestly, I cannot fault the hustle. He saw his gig drying up and secured the next bag. Respect for that. As for what GH will do with him, well... I'll definitely be checking it out.
  4. Always lovely to see Sheila and her being Finn's mother is great soap. I don't have any faith they'll do it any justice but I'll enjoy her for the 20 or so episodes she's frontburner (if that).
  5. Fingers crossed they'll keep going. How wonderful would it be to eventually get all the 90s?!!
  6. It's great Kelly's gone! But after that horrible season, I don't know if I can stomach going back to OC.
  7. There is no DAYS without Marlena. I want her there, gasping and pausing, until the end of time. Queen!
  8. Actually looks good! And thankfully it seems more diverse and with a broader mix/spectrum of sexualities. Thank God. It'd be a joke without it.
  9. Indeed! It'd be hard to top that. You know, I would enjoy a follow up!
  10. Just finished Behind Her Eyes. Overall, very fun, enjoyable, well-acted and shot... and those final two twists were EVERYTHING. Highly recommend even for the shocking ending alone.
  11. OK, I had no idea what happens in Season 10's "Freefall" and was in no way prepared. That was a GREAT gasp-worthy scene. A bit over-the-top but deliciously ironic.
  12. I guess it'd be very difficult to avoid those major moments. A shame about Kelli Martin because that's the biggest shocker so far - but there's plenty more to it, so I'm excited to see your reaction to that. Remain as spoiler free as you can! And certainly the show is hard to top.
  13. About to start Season 10. Excited to see what they bring. I haven't seen Season 1 since 2008 when I first started properly watching the show but I get it. As far as I recall, Season 1 had a heavy emphasis on the medical and hadn't quite found itself yet. I enjoyed most of it but was bored a few times. But I had to see it all from the beginning. After all these years, I'm getting excited to rewatch and see if I feel differently. "A character called Kerry Weaver" I guess you really don't know much about the show! lol I love it. And you'll love Weaver. Her story never stops to evolve, surprise, and intrigue. Jeanie! Her story was exhausting and heartbreaking. Loved every minute of it but I do wish they had lightened up with her even a little bit every now and then.
  14. I can certainly understand the temptation! Looking forward to those episode counts. Yep! What's most important is to have the episodes. Everything else can be figured out later. Thanks for that!
  15. Was anyone ever able to label those 1994 episodes in the Vault? I know January's done but do we have the actual February/March airdates?
  16. I will say this: The first half of Season 3 worked better for me than the second half. But you are very right: Once I came back to the show, I felt very different about Season 2, so maybe Season 3 needs a rewatch down the line.
  17. I loved Shogun World! I did, I'm officially caught up. I'm finding it hard to decide where I stand with Season 3. The show changed SO much. I can roll with that. But, overall, I think it was a disappointment. It didn't quite click for me and I think a lot of climactic stuff was sort off a let down. Still, I'll be watching.
  18. The website no longer exists. They have partnered with/moved to https://watch.itsrealgoodtv.com/. There were several emails sent out announcing the move, maybe you have them in Spam or something.
  19. Did YOU know Joshua Morrow and Eddie Cibrian were in a boyband and made videos like this? And, no, it's not a parody!



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    2. Faulkner


      LOL! Katharine McPhee brought this up during an interview with Eddie Cibrian about their new sitcom. Eddie didn’t want to discuss it. 😂 

    3. ReddFoxx


      Not at all surprising he didn't want to discuss this. Once somebody asked Rue McClanahan about playing Fran on Mama's Family and she got sort of indignant. Actors like to forget embarrassing things, lmao.

    4. KMan101


      I wonder if Rue was offended how they killed off Fran? lol 

  20. Laura, Val, and to a lesser extent Gary and Abby. It's really kinda just unbelievable.
  21. I clearly need to go back to Thailand!
  22. Yes, overall people are saying it's pretty decent. Excited to find out.
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