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  1. Agreed. I'm hoping we are proven wrong this time...
  2. They've cast Keegan Allen as Walker's gay brother, which pleasantly surprised me. I like the description of their family backstory/dynamic and hope they use it a lot instead of making him a background character.
  3. Yes, Jack Smith. Honestly, I think they wanted to neutralize the Kay/Jill feud. They never would've done so themselves, so making them mother/daughter would eventually lead to a truce, a joining at the hip, and languishing. Which is exactly what happened. Exactly! Especially a Billy and Mac BABY would've kept them going for another 10 years with good writing. But, again, they wanted it done.
  4. In the year 2020, a soap is finally streaming old episodes. Too bad it's only a defunct one from the 60s. Maybe the *current* ones will finally catch up?!

  5. You can start watching episodes now! I guess the Feb. 27th date is for all the interactive stuff. How thrilling to have a soap streaming like this and 2.99 a month is very reasonable!
  6. I'm really excited to listen to Black Diamond (great title). Hope it's a good album. She said it'll be out before her tour ends, so it seems sometime between now and August!
  7. That music really was phenomenal. And the suit/look looks promising.
  8. There's been occasional discussion of this. It's generally considered a nice touch on Bell's part indicating several things such as the complex social status of the characters, their social bubbles/friends, and a general feeling of a large town with a community that doesn't constantly interact. Plus, it was really special when there was cross-over. I think what the show "lacked" in character interactions it more than made up with in a sense of place, setting, social structure, and largeness of the fictional Genoa City.
  9. Apparently, they cut a DYNASTY Dominique/Alexis spoof:
  10. I thought I was the only one who watched a show on a weekly basis with breaks between seasons! I am doing that for the big 80s soaps (well, DALLAS, DYNASTY, and KNOTS LANDING and to a lesser extent, FALCON CREST) and with BH 90210 and MP, although 7 seasons of MP have taken me longer than 7 years due to some of the lows. I wanted to recreate the experience and make them last. I agree the shows stay with you for so long and that's why I've stalled with the last few episodes of Season 7. I don't want it to end. I've been watching KL for 13 years... I can't even imagine what it'd be like to not have any new episodes left! Loving your write-ups. I've been wanting to go back to early MP to rediscover it and this doesn't help!
  11. So far have binged Seasons 4 to 6 of DALLAS during a bingewatch. Let's see how long it lasts. Oh my Gosh, I could cry for you. What a journey you are going on!
  12. lol thanks! I've seen up to the hostage episode. I've heard about the turnaround midway through or something, so I'm excited to see what that's all about.
  13. So Season 13 started decently enough but quickly slowed down in pace and interest just 5 or 6 episodes in. While I like the idea of Tidal Energy and Anne and Benny, things are excruciatingly slow and it doesn't feel like a lot happens. I think the last time I felt this way with the show was somewhere in the second half of Season 7. Linda's murder was a shock. I did not expect her to be disposed of that way. Not sure where I thought the Brian Johnston stuff was going but I thought him taking Karen, Mack, Jason, and Meg hostage was decent. Poor Jason -- first he's comatose, then he disappears for episodes on end, then he gets shot. I am SO relieved though because I thought they'd kill him off. Not sure I really care what the show is trying to do with Claudia's nightmares. She set her own son up to be arrested and directly led to his death. I feel no emotional connection to her anymore, she's kinda dead to me. Pierce and Paige have ZERO chemistry and I hate that he was introduced immediately as Paige's existing love. Not to mention, other than a decent body, Pierce is a bit cryptkeeper-y. At least Marcia Cross showing up and being seemingly psycho shows promise.... I have no idea if it's going to happen but I suspect Greg may want Meg back. The show has definitely waited a long time to pull the trigger on that.
  14. YRBB

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    OK you just killed me with the last 3 Hotnesses... LOL
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    Faves from last week!
  16. I would subscribe to Peacock in a second if that were to happen. The thought of seeing the Bell years/70s of this show...
  17. How telling is the selection of clips? And in such pristine quality. No soap today looks even half as good as these decades-old episodes. What I wouldn't give to have this Y&R back....
  18. Very pleasantly surprised by "Song for my Mother", the Season 5 episode that pretty much follows David and Donna to Portland and has no appearance by Brandon, Kelly, Steve, Andrea, Jesse, or the older adults. Brian Austin Green's been looking 5 years younger forever but, damn, all of a sudden he grew into his looks. He also did the best work he's ever done with looking for his mother and finding out she is bipolar. The whole thing was done pretty well for BH. Then, you have Dylan looking into past lives and I'm not sure about that!
  19. Episode 4 was another winner -- Geralt and Yennefer's storylines were great. I LOVED the grumpy, non-social Geralt thrown into a royal ball and found the Duny/Peverta stuff very touching. And Yennefer fighting off the assassin was pure fantasy fun. Ciri was slower this episode but I trust we're going somewhere really interesting with this.
  20. Hey! Sorry, looks like the tag didn't work, so I never got notified. I've seen up to episode 3 (will watch 4 later tonight) and I. am. loving it!! Trying to make it last about 2 weeks to cut down on that waiting time til Season 2 lol Really into and intrigued by all the stories. Cavill's doing a great job, better than I expected. Excited to see what happens when stories converge!
  21. Congrats, Mariah! 😂

  22. Finally! The first one feels like it came out eons ago. I hope it's good!
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