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  1. Taylor announced in January 1986 he and Bergman would marry on March 22. He was still listed as single later that year (and dating Bergman) and a 1990 profile of him also said he was single (with no mention of Bergman). Wikipedia lists them as divorced, but with no citations. I don't think they ever tied the knot.
  2. Maxwell was kidnapped by Andre and disappeared. Megan was the only electrocution death.
  3. In 1984, Tom was just as concerned when Marlena announced she was pregnant and Eugene pretended to be the father (to continue the lie that Roman faked his death) and demanded a shotgun wedding.
  4. I want to say I heard later references to Anderson. It was possibly during Roman on the run in 1983-84. Or maybe Jennifer holed up there as a runaway. My memory may also be totally off.
  5. Days went to "West Virginia" as part of the Pawn/John Black has Marlena and is on the run in 1986. While looking for them, Bo and Shane are held by moonshiners who assume they are the revenuers. Hope seeing they're in trouble, pretenders she's the moonshiners' cousin to get them to let the guys go. So, you have the actors doing a mix of trying to speak southern, maybe or maybe not trying to exaggerate it because they're faking it in-character. Not surprisingly, Bo's was the best of the three. Hope did more of a "Gone with the Wind" type and Shane's is ... it's really s
  6. Yet Johnny is still there. Johnny really didn't have that many episodes, but it feels like he had a ton. Didn't he stick around long enough to meet Roman?
  7. Can push the date back a bit further. John Goudas' "Soap Opera Scenes" had a piece on Kate Linder that appeared in a few papers in mid/late October 1986. Kenney was still at Y&R, but it was known he was leaving in January. His decision wasn't a surprise. From Nancy Reichardt's Tune in Tomorrow appearing in various papers the last week of August 1986:
  8. It's like Days had the thought that, "Whoops, Gillian is irredeemable, so let's start Camilla More fresh." Except they did jack squat with Grace. I don't think Days really ever knew what to do with Gillian, either. She starts as Shane's snippy partner. Gillian's kinda villain-y, but for a brief second Days flirts with her actually being a victim. That's dropped quite quickly as they kill Emma in the exact same manner they killed Renee three years earlier, right down to a similar speech by Emma. At this point the list of Things Keeping Shane and Kimberly Apar
  9. Mike Horton, just what were you doing in Israel that allowed you to be blackmailed so easily?
  10. After I post, I remember a few more details of Hart Bennett. Bennett was the prosecuting attorney against Marlena in 1985 in her murder trial of Stefano. Late in the trial, he admitted he had no case. Bennett, who had already been disgraced and was falling off the wagon before the trial, spiraled. He'd been a friend to Kimberly years before and she was the only one to care when he returned to town and tried to help him repair his life before the trial. His spiraling caused communication problems with Shane, who was back in England - the prelude to Days going on location
  11. In 1991, shortly after John found out he wasn't Roman via DNA results, he contemplated suicide. It was framed as being self-destruct mode because of Stefano (as the ISA told Roman in front of Marlena) as well as being the natural reason that he'd seemingly lost everything. The scenes of John in his vehicle in the rain with gun in hand beside his head were well done. Marlena found him and talked him out of it and took him back to her/Roman's home, but I don't think I've seen any of the fallout beyond that. A dying Tony/Andre (whatever) framed John for murder in Aremid for
  12. When Pat Falken Smith came in in 1981, Tomlin and Poteet-Lisanti were given huge kudos in the press for just keeping Days steady. Jon-Michael Reed seemed to be a fan of Laemmle's. When she left, he praised how the characters were beginning to fit into the framework. A year later, he said: Nothing else named either of the duo between hiring and Falken Smith coming in.
  13. Yeah, this seems to be a very weird coincidence. Unless Laemmle had some secrets.
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