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  1. A bit more out of Augusta at that time. WJBF ran All My Children until about May 2, 1977, then switched its 1 p.m. slot with Divorce Court. (An article later that year said it hadn't been seen locally since April, so the listings might be off a few days.) All My Children returned to WJBF August 29, 1977, part of the switch in network affiliations that saw WJBF go exclusively ABC instead of being primary ABC and cherry-picking NBC programs. WATU got the NBC affiliation after years of trying. On August 28, 1977, one day before the switch, The Augusta Chronicle wrote about the situation with All My Children: After suffering from severe dizzy spells, Kitty died of an unspecified terminal illness, leaving Linc a grieving widower. Phil survived his gunshot wound, but little Philip ran away and got kidnaped and now he's living with Chuck. Joe and Ruth are happy and are about to adopt their foster child. Erica has made a pitch for Tom, who has opened a restaurant to compete with Nick. Chuck has decided he is in love with Donna, and Kate's old friend, Harlan Tucker, has moved to town with his daughter, Ellen Shepherd. These events all have taken place since April in Pine Valley, setting for ABC's No. 1 daytime drama, "All My Children." Bud Kloss, the show's producer, and three of its stars were in Augusta recently to tape a program bringing Augusta viewers up to date on what has happened in Pine Valley during the recent months. The special Augusta update program came about because a Fort Gordon-based viewer wrote to ABC. She was thrilled the show was returning, but was dying to know what happened to the characters in the interim. It appears that Kloss, Kay Campbell, William Mooney and Peter White were the ones who filmed the special.
  2. I've uncovered an interesting situation that played out in the Augusta, Georgia, area in the mid-1970s. Soaps featured in what was happening. WATU was an unaffiliated station from 1968-70 that occasionally broadcast some NBC material. Some because WJBF carried material from both ABC and NBC and the arrangement back then was - at least from NBC - was that if one of its networks didn't want certain programming, it could be offered to unaffiliated stations. NBC changed this policy in late 1970 without giving WATU much of a heads up, forcing it to change programming abruptly, causing chaos in its schedule. It went off the air shortly after because its advertising revenue died in the aftermath. In 1971, the FCC ruled that if an area had three television stations, each had to carry only one network. WATU came back on the air January 14, 1974, wanting to be an NBC station. Initial plans were to start running a full NBC lineup April 1. NBC was to welcome it to the fold as an affiliate once it reached 6,000 primetime viewers. It did so by the end of May, but NBC refused. On January 28, 1974, this is what the daytime schedule looked like in the area: WJBF (Augusta GA) 9 a.m. Barbara Walters; 9:30 One Life to Live; 10 Password; 10:30 Jeopardy; 11 The Wizard of Odds; 11:30 Hollywood Squares; noon local news; 12:30 Split Second; 1 All My Children; 1:30 Let's Make a Deal; 2 Days of Our Lives; 2:30 The Doctors; 3 Another World; 3:30 General Hospital; 4 Trooper Terry; 4:30 Gilligan's Island WRDW (Augusta) 9 a.m. Carousel; 9:30 3 on Match; 10 Jokers Wild; 10:30 $10,000 Pyramid; 11 Gambit; 11:30 Love of Life; noon Young and the Restless; 12:30 Search for Tomorrow; 1 Secret Storm; 1:30 As the World Turns; 2 Guiding Light; 2:30 Edge of Night; 3 The Price is Right; 3:30 New Match Game; 4 Somerset; 4:30 Gomer Pyle USMC WATU (Augusta) Started broadcasts at noon each day Noon Jackpot; 12:30 Baffle; 1 movie; 2:30 Phil Donahue; 3:30 How to Survive a Marriage; 4 Dinah's Place; 4:30 movie How to Survive a Marriage was not picked up by WJBF, which freed it to run on WATU. WATU dropped it from the lineup that fall. Later that year, WATU field a suit against WJBF because it was still running an ABC and NBC schedule. The suit was dropped in 1975 and WATU was supposed to get a full NBC lineup May 1, but that still hadn't changed over in November 1976, when The Augusta Chronicle ran a big story November 14 about how confusing the television lineups were there. WJBF was still cherry-picking NBC programs to go along with its ABC lineup, but because it wasn't running a full lineup of either, when a new show was announced for NBC or ABC viewers had to meticulously search TV listings to see when or if anyone had it. WATU was of course still ticked to not have the NBC lineup it had wanted in early 1974. Soaps were a major reason for its anger, according to the Chronicle: "But channel 26 [WATU], the new kid on the block in the television marked, still does not carry the complete NBC program lineup because of a contractual agreement between Channel 6 [WJBF] and the NBC network that allows the ABC affiliate to carry five NBC shows - the early morning "Today Show," the late night "Tonight Show," and three afternoon soap operas, "Days of Our Lives," "The Doctors" and "Another World."" Later in the article: "As for the afternoon soap operas [WATU's production manager] charged that Channel 6 "has a monopoly on daytime viewing" because it carries three NBC soap operas in addition to all the ABC soap operas." Augusta's third channel, WRDW, was primary CBS, but openly cheered for WATU because of its own issues with WJBF. Before it became primary ABC, WJBF had been primary NBC and there wasn't a third channel. WJBF and WRDW both claimed secondary ABC affiliations and battled for the shows. After WJBF became primary ABC, both networks took on secondary NBC affiliations. Thus, WRDW carried Somerset in its daytime lineup for most of its run, though Another World was airing on WJBF. After running at 4 p.m. (see above lineup), it moved to the 1 p.m. slot in February 1974 after the ending of The Secret Storm. TV listings indicate it aired on WRDW through September 24, 1976 then moved to WATU on September 27, finishing its run there. WJBF claimed the contractual obligation with NBC is why they continued to cherry-pick the programs. It finally agreed to give up its NBC shows in 1977 and not renew its contract, going full ABC lineup Aug. 29 and allowing WATU to get all of the NBC shows it had been wanting for so long. Friday, Aug. 26 Augusta-area daytime WJBF 10 One Life to Live; 10:45 General Hospital; 11:30 Family Feud; noon The Better Sex; 12:30 Ryan's Hope; 1 Divorce Court; 1:30 Days of Our Lives; 2:30 The Doctors; 3 Another World; 4 Edge of Night; 4:30 Mickey Mouse WRDW 10 Here's Lucy; 10:30 The Price is Right; 11:30 Love of Life; noon My Three Sons; 12:30 Search for Tomorrow; 1 Young and the Restless; 1:30 As the World Turns; 2:30 Guiding Light; 3 All in the Family; 3:30 Match Game; 4 The Andy Griffith Show; 4:30 Star Trek WATU 10 Sanford and Son; 10:30 Hollywood Squares; 11 Wheel of Fortune; 11:30 Anybody's Guess; noon Shooting Stars; 12:30 Chico and the Man; 1 Gong Show; 1:30 PTL Club; 3:30 The Little Rascals; 4 Bozo the Clown; 4:30 Laurel and Hardy Monday, Aug. 29 Augusta-area daytime WJBF 11:30 Family Feud; noon Second Chance; 12:30 Ryan's Hope; 1 All My Children; 2 Divorce Court; 2:30 One Life to Live; 3:15 General Hospital; 4 Edge of Night; 4:30 Mickey Mouse WRDW 11:30 Love of Life; noon news; 12:30 Search for Tomorrow; 1 Young and the Restless; 1:30 As the World Turns; 2:30 Guiding Light; 3 All in the Family; 3:30 Match Game; 4 Gilligan's Island; 4:30 The Little Rascals WATU 11:30 Anybody's Guess; noon Shooting Stars; 12:30 Chico and the Man; 1 Gong Show; 1:30 Days of Our Lives; 2:30 The Doctors; 3 Another World; 4 PTL Club
  3. John Stamos posted a few old backstage photos last night. Another big problem of the special is that soaps were treated as one singular thing. There was no labeling of clips, much less anything to let anyone stumbling in know that Luke and Laura were a completely different show in a completely different time as Marlena levitating off the bed. It's befuddling that telenovelas weren't mentioned at all, or that nearly nearly every nation with a network has tried soaps at some point. And you've got Carol Burnett, why not talk about her show's sendup of soaps, As the Stomach Turns?
  4. I like breakup of segments. I took notes during the program and came up with this to have started it off: Some clips, narration about soaps' importance over footage of fans picketing cancellations and/or Days after fans believed Marlena was killed by the Strangler. Melody Thomas Scott's quote about her fanmail being 100% positive with an unwed pregnancy in 1981 was really strong.
  5. And they actually totally ignore the one thing in that area soaps have actually influenced: pro wrestling.
  6. This has been so, so bad. The Luke and Laura segment has been the highlight and that's not saying much. The direction is all over the place. The clip quality is atrocious and there are too many people to say the same things. The segments are running way too long to say nothing.
  7. I theorize that the 1985-86 Days Pawn storyline was changed when Drake Hogestyn was cast or soon after. Was Robert Poynton always intended to be a transitional actor in the role? Hogestyn wasn't cast until, I think, November 1985, just as the story was starting to air. I think when they cast Hogestyn, they knew they had their Roman, though he didn't film until January. If I remember correct, Steve saw the bandaged Pawn in Miami before surgery, but he sure didn't know who he was when he picked him up off the side of the road when he escaped from Victor a month or two later.
  8. They got as far as Roman mentioning Marcus Aurelius by name, but it's been years since I've seen the clip and I can't remember the context at all.
  9. Thanks for the reminder. I've had a few I've been meaning to post. September 1956 Everyone was on Central Time, but only KFVS was on Central Daylight Time. Everyone else was Central Standard Time. KFVS (Cape Girardeau MO) - Valiant Lady, 10; Love of Life, 10:15; Search for Tomorrow, 10:30; Guiding Light, 10:45; As the World Turns, 11:30; Brighter Day, 2; Secret Storm, 2:15; Edge of Night, 2:30. Times different than the standard schedule for the majority of these. WSM (Nashville TN) - Modern Romances, 3:45 p.m.; Went on air at 1 p.m. WMCT (Memphis) - No soaps. Went on air at 1 p.m. WHBQ (Memphis) - No soaps. Went on air at 1 p.m. KSD (St. Louis) - Modern Romances, 3:45 p.m. Went on air at 2 p.m. Modern Romances is not listed on the standard Fall 1956 soap schedule, so it seems to have been discontinued at about this time. KWK (St. Louis) - Brighter Day, 3; Secret Storm, 3:15; Edge of Night, 3:30. Went on air at 2:30 p.m. WREC (Memphis) - Brighter Day, 2; Secret Storm, 2:15; Edge of Night, 2:30. Went on air at 1 p.m. October 1973 WCYB (Bristol VA) - Days of Our Lives, 2; The Doctors, 2:30; Another World, 3; Return to Peyton Place, 3:30; Somerset, 4. WKPT (Kingsport TN) - All My Children, 1; General Hospital, 3; One Life to Live, 3:30 WJHL (Johnson City TN) - Love of Life, 11:30; Young and the Restless, noon; Search for Tomorrow, 12:30; As the World Turns, 1:30; Guiding Light, 2; Edge of Night, 2:30; Secret Storm, 4. July 1955 WMAZ (Macon GA) - Search for Tomorrow, 11:30 a.m.; Guiding Light, 11:45; Brighter Day, 3. Was not airing Valiant Lady, Love of Life or Secret Storm. WSB (Atlanta) - Concerning Miss Marlowe, 2:45 p.m.; Way of the World, 3; First Love, 3:15; The World of Mr. Sweeney, 3:30; Modern Romances, 3:45 These were all an hour ahead of the standard schedule. December 1966 WRDW (Augusta GA) Love of Life, noon; Search for Tomorrow, 12:30; Guiding Light, 12:45; As the World Turns, 1:30; Edge of Night, 3:30; Secret Storm, 4. WJBF (Augusta GA) Days of Our Lives, 2; The Doctors, 2:30; Another World, 3; Dark Shadows, 4; General Hospital, 4:30. WJBF had secondary ABC status and ran a portion of its soap schedule.
  10. Anita Dobson (EastEnders) married Queen guitarist Brian May. Shannon Tweed (Savannah, Days) spent many years as Gene Simmons' partner before finally marrying him. I also hate to be the first one to mention Robin Thicke's parentage.
  11. December 1953 KVTV (Sioux City IA) - Love of Life, 11:15; Search for Tomorrow, 11:30. Went on air at 10 a.m. KELO (Sioux Falls SD) - No soaps. Went on air at 4:30 p.m. WOW (Omaha) - Hawkins Falls, 10 a.m.; The Bennetts, 10:15; Three Steps to Heaven, 10:30; Follow Your Heart, 10:45. Went on air during weekdays at 7 a.m. KSTP (Minneapolis) - Hawkins Falls, 10 a.m.; The Bennett Story, 10:15; Three Steps to Heaven, 10:30; Follow Your Heart, 10:45. Went on air at 7 a.m. WCCO (Minneapolis) - Valiant Lady, 11 a.m.; Love of Life, 11:15; Search for Tomorrow, 11:30; Guiding Light, 11:45. Went on air at 7:15 a.m. KMTV (Omaha) - Valiant Lady 11 a.m.; Love of Life, 11:15; Search for Tomorrow, 11:30; Guiding Light, 11:45. Went on air at 8:45 a.m. August 1957 KLEW (Lewiston ME) - Love of Life, 12:45; Brighter Day, 2:30; Edge of Night, 3:30; Search for Tomorrow, 4:15 No As the World Turns, Guiding Light or Secret Storm. Soaps are oddly broken up and none air at the usual times.
  12. September 1986. Different Georgia area. WTOC (Savannah) and WJXT (Jacksonville FL) - Young and the Restless, 12:30; As the World Turns, 1:30; Capitol, 2:30; Guiding Light, 3 WJKS (Jacksonville FL) and WALB (Albany) - Search for Tomorrow, 12:30; Days of Our Lives, 1; Another World, 2; Santa Barbara, 3 WTLV (Jacksonville FL) - Ryan's Hope, noon; Loving, 12:30; All My Children, 1; One Life to Live, 2; General Hospital, 3 Here's a change. I wanted to find some much older TV listings, so here's some from September 1954. Most of these stations didn't air anything before noon. KVTV (Sioux City IA) - Valiant Lady, 11; Love of Live, 11:15; Search for Tomorrow, 11:30; Portia Faces Life, noon; Seeking Heart, 12:15; Brighter Day, 3; Secret Storm, 3:15 WCCO (Minneapolis) - Brighter Day, 3; Secret Storm, 3:15. Doesn't look like the station had any programming before KSTP (Minneapolis) - Golden Windows, 2:15; One Man's Family, 2:30; Concerning Miss Marlowe, 2:45; Hawkins Falls, 3; First Love, 3:15 KGLO (Mason City IA) - Valiant Lady, 3:45 WOI (Ames IA) - No soaps. KELO (Sioux Falls SD) - Seeking Heart, 2:30; Love of Life, 4; Search for Tomorrow, 4:15 KMTV (Omaha) - Seeking Heart, 4:15; Portia Faces Life, 4:30
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