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  1. When was Mike sorased? The Daytime Serial recaps say Uncle Bill's helping him with chemistry experiments in early 1973 . September 1973 describes him as a teen. November 1973 says he's in college. MIKE WAS BORN IN NOVEMBER 1968. I knew the sorasing was really bad, but this is even more insane than I thought, especially since it's under Bill Bell.
  2. That's absolutely fascinating to see even if doesn't work at all for me. The inner dialogue and Eure's playing of it just doesn't feel right, except the bit of sarcasm about his job. My sister is missing and might be dead? Ah, life. (Jennifer is missing because Laura put her on the bus alone. Laura had asked Donna to babysit, then took off with Jennifer and told Donna not to answer the phone until she returned. Laura stayed out all day.) Looks like this is from June 19, 1979 (per Jason's daily summaries) "3443...6/19/79: (summary via Mitch) Cast: Tom, Alice, Mickey, Maggie, Mike, Don, Marlena, Margo, Jordan, Donna, Laura (FBO). Sets: Mickey’s Office, Marlena’s Office, Horton Living Room & Front Door, Mickey & Maggie’s Kitchen, Mike’s Kitchen. Donna confides in Alice that it was not her fault that Jennifer ran away, but feels to blame. Don tries to convince Mickey that Laura is out of control. Marlena remembers Samantha locking her up. Mike wonders to Mickey if Laura’s problem is hereditary. Maggie and Alice worry about Jennifer. Jordan tells Marlena he is in charge. Mike apologizes to Margo on marrying into the Hortons."
  3. Yeah, the melodrama seems extremely thick at this point. I didn't see a mention of Laura. I've been looking forward to how the Kate infatuation played out, but nothing. I would have liked Laura's name to pop up, maybe to have to her concerned about how he's been pulled into the Joanne situation.
  4. Keep going. I loved every minute of it. You're fleshing out an era I know very little about. I have the Zenka anniversary book, but all it really says about Atwood is that he was a scumbag sculptor and that Mike fell for Margo and she died. Makes Mike's static age hilarious. Yeah, Carrie, I had a wife who died when you were an infant. Except Mike should have only been in elementary school himself.
  5. I'm looking through European news archives to check if Y&R was airing anywhere else. Some news of American soap actors is appearing in an Icelandic publication in the 1980s and several American soaps were being broadcast by 1990, including Y&R. I can't tell if the publication just has a weird interest in the world of American soaps in the mid-1980s or if the names are familiar to their residents.
  6. That's wild. The clips look to be 1987-88 and everyone is presented so ... romantic, including Harper Devereaux. The song is Don't Give Up by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. It didn't chart in Italy and didn't do that hot in the U.S., which makes me curious about who decided on that.
  7. John Considine joined Another World by late May 1974. The wire articles were way more interested in his theatrical family background than anything else. Y&R wasn't even mentioned. Finding anything on early Y&R casting is pretty much nil in regular newspapers of the time. Robert Clary got most of the individual publicity when it started. Tom Hallick also got some attention. After that, Brenda Dickson's signing resulted in a couple of small articles. I've also given Australian archives a try, to see if perhaps marketing might have been handled differently considering Y&R had already been on a year before airing in Australia. Here are some nice color photos for an article announcing its debut.
  8. I've checked. Cooper's mentioned in cast lists for television and movies being aired on TV, but her profile wasn't enough to merit mention joining Y&R.
  9. Thanks to the magic of the internet, I can quickly go through Cooper's autobiography on Internet Archive. Cooper said she was contacted by John Conboy in early 1973 while vacationing in Hawaii. She said she was offered a three-year contract*. Cooper said she asked Conboy when he wanted her to show up. He said tomorrow. This is the same story as Conboy offering her a contract and specifically said to be early 1973 and she said she immediately made the flight. Unfortunately, Cooper's memory doesn't seem reliable in the least. * In a handful of 1970s articles, Cooper said it was a six-month contract.
  10. From a May 2, 1976 New York Daily News story/interview with Cooper: "Miss Cooper joined the cast of 'The Young and the Restless' in the fall of 1973, six months after its premiere." That, of course, does not say her episodes began airing then. A handful of 2013 tribute articles also give her start as November 1973, which I'd assume is where everybody has picked up that date.
  11. John Black was inspired by Jason Bourne. Shane Donovan always had bits of James Bond, but they went as far as to have him do the helicopter rescue in Miami wearing a tuxedo. The Edge of Night, of course, was supposed to be Perry Mason, but CBS and Erle Stanley Gardner had a falling out. As did Days with Shawn Douglas being held captive by Jan in a cage.
  12. Gloria Loring sang a good bit on Days. The clip's long gone off YouTube, but one of the best scenes ever was the death of Tod Chandler and the news spreading via phone calls to everyone in different locations. You never heard the calls, but the characters were silently on the phone as Loring sang Here, There and Everywhere. At the same time that everybody else had a rock and roll singer, Days tried to make one out of Bo Brady. Thankfully that didn't last long.
  13. I have a subscription to a newspaper archive site that contains the Seattle Daily Times, but it's only uploaded through end of the 1984. Search was still airing on KING at the end of December 1984.
  14. ABC soaps do seem like they're more intact, but on the other hand, ABC didn't have the penetration that CBS and NBC did. ABC wasn't around as much in rural-ish areas and so their soaps were moved around or incompletely aired by stations with secondary ABC affiliation. Where I'm from didn't have a full ABC station until 1982. The station went out of business 10 years later and it was another decade until local ABC existed again.
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