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    • Agree 100% on this!  Kandi’s comment about salmon tartar being a narnar was the funniest thing in this world. Still laughing.  Great episode, finally. 
    • I meant the assault case and criminal matter.    The tennis PTB continue to try to ignore and minimize the whole thing so at this point, they no longer have the moral standing (they never did, in the first place but at least before, they could pretend) to try to keep Kafelnikov out anymore.   Nobody's trying to have a physical affair with Gimelstob, lol.  He'll never be that rich or powerful.   That's a regular scoreline for one of Madison's matches, it happens so frequently.
    • The main issue I brought up was pacing, story rhythm and unlikable characters.
    • ATL did what needed to be done tonight! MARLO AND THOSE BAGS HAD ME ON THE FLOOR! Of all the people to lose their luggage for it to happen to the most vain and label obsessed one was iconic. She was sick and it gave me life lol.    We we had a good amount of shade and fun moments so far. Shamari could’ve stayed in Atlanta because it felt like she wasn’t even there. The tour guide had more of a presence than she did. Loved Porsha’s pregnancy announcement and of course the fight with Tanya and Nene was great! As usual, Nene makes it hard to support her because she’s so unwilling to bend when a friend is upset or feels slighted. Eva’s news was very sad and I liked seeing her go to Kandi who had a unique and uplifting perspective IMO. She was the right one to go to.    I wonded how how many episodes are left. It feels like they just started.