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    • I think this was after the Old West storyline and right before Viki's 25th-year high school reunion. The reunion  kicked off the story about Viki's missing daughter and ultimately led viewers to Eterna.
    • The strike ended in late August. The two Bo's was strike material.     Yes Mari Lynn was a Riley. Mari Lynn's father Tom was Joe's twin bro.
    • All My Children (July 5, 1988)
    • Days is being artsy fartsy for the flashback week. Everyone looks bright orange. The foreshadowing for Adrienne's death was extremely heavy handed. 
    • That shot of Haley falling just pleases me so much! The only good thing about Haley was more Melinda - because she's an interesting character and LCK is an underrated actor. I wish DAYS had done more regarding Melinda's choices and backstory, because it was far too brief.    Judi Evans is still lovely and such a screen presence. But DAYS is kinda filled with plenty of actresses in her age group, so that's a big issue. But, honestly, I'd rather see the "Hattie" smart-mouth role filled by Bonnie, but they already have to pay DH.  We know budget is a big issue - they can't even afford to give DH a different wig to try to distinguish Hattie from Marlena. (It's especially bad when Hattie is wearing the apron, but really Susan's barnyard outfits don't make that much difference.) 
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