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    If it's not about soaps that doesn't mean we can't talk about it. Politics? Religion? Sports? Have at it... just play it nice and clean as much as possible. After all, this isn't an MMA or UFC match.


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    As the lyric goes, "You look like a movie. You sound like a song." That's what this place is for -- all things music, film & movies.

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    • Thread and article. This is why it's so important for Abrams, etc. to keep doing the work they're doing.    
    • They do the same with hunter king i noticed. I don't get it either. 
    • Some background to explain Paper Doll's ultimate failure. ABC itself was looking at dipping to third place for the first time in years due to the failure to come up with new shows to replace long running shows that were fading - Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Hart to Hart, Three's Company, Happy days etc Their only successes had been Dynasty and Hotel so they went with a lot of soapy drama to fill the gaps. Paper Dolls, Glitter, Finder of Lost Loves,Call to Glory etc Paper Dolls was slotted Tuesday @9. No soap had had success at 9. Bare Essence, Flamingo Road and Knots Landing had all flopped at 9pm. Dallas and Dynasty had garnered big ratings @ 10 before moving to 9pm. In addition NBC was exploding on Tuesday due to A Team and had a hold on viewers. After an acceptable 29 share in its premiere, Paper Dolls had to face the second half of a 2 hr A Team on NBC and part 2 of Mistral's Daughter on CBS a big soapy miniseries on CBS. The result Wk1 #5 A Team 21.7/34 # 12 Mistral's Daughter Part 2 18.7/30 # 44 Paper Dolls 13.8/21 Then the following week  Wk 2, ABC had baseball playoffs, so no Paper Dolls. The following week NBC had the world series Wk 3 #3 World Series NBC 27.7/44 # 49 Paper Dolls 12.7/19 #56 CBS Movie 10.9/16 Wk 4 #10 Riptide 20.8/33 #41 Paper Dolls 13.6/21  #54 CBS Movie 12.2/20 Wk 5 #6 Riptide 22.4/34 #41 Paper Dolls 14.5/22 #60 CBS Movie 11.5/19 Wk 6 #5 CBS Movie #20 Riptide 17.7/27 #65 Paper Dolls 10.6/16 Wk 7 Election coverage on all networks Wk 8 ??? Wk 9 #15 Riptide 17.2/27 #57 CBS Movie 12.4/20 # 58 Paper Dolls 12.1/21 WK 10  Paper Dolls moves to 10pm #27 Remington Steele 17.1/29 #57 CBS Movie 11.5/17 #68 Paper Dolls 9.9/17 Wk 11 #27 Remington Steele 17.6/30 #54 Paper Dolls 12.6/22 (Barbara Walters lead in) #57 CBS Movie 12.5/20 Wk 12 #15 Remington Steele 18.6/32 #32 CBS Movie 14.2/23 #62 Paper Dolls 9.9/17 (now with Glitter as lead in) Wk 13 #14 Remington Steele 18.4/37 #56 Paper Dolls 10.1/20 #60 Kennedy Center Honors 7.5/15                
    • Beltway media are excitedly RTing a Maureen Dowd column (which I am not linking) punching down at any criticism of the press from the left, of course. They only react this way to critique from liberals, which has intensified considerably in the last five years, because they are conditioned to be deferential to the right and disdain/feel ashamed with the right's identification of them with the left. The fight raged all day on Twitter, but here's some commentary on Jon Ralston's haughty agreement with it.    
    • What is your problem with Michelle Stafford? Did she do something to you? Because your posts on here about her are vile and border on unhinged.
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