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    • "Don't chime in. This is the audience. You can't buy tickets to this kind of sh*t."      Re: the Ghislaine Maxwell news and RHs connections: This story keeps on growing, and is horrifying and lesson in 'be careful who your friends are.' GM and that predator JE had so many social, financial and pimping connections to the wealthy and powerful. He made money for lots of people, and had serious leverage on lots of people. So does she.   The GM connection with Carole Radziwill is unexpected, but I can see it. First of all, Carole's last name/Kennedy connection is a card she has been playing in Manhattan for years. Carole has wealth but seems to be judicious about spending it, which is why she relied on pals like Bethenny for free vacations to nice places. It could well be that she gravitated towards Maxwell, and Maxwell to her, because both of them were constantly trying to level up socially.   The GM connection with Yolanda Foster Hadid, however? Ooo la la. There are unsubstantiated rumors that Yolanda helped procure 'young models' for Mohamed's yacht parties, and that she hid GM at her farm for a while. Those rumors IMO are acutely more serious.
    • Yep according to synopses he did pretend to be the baby’s father initially, I believe this was when Liza and Travis initially found out that Cissy was Roger Lee’s mother. This was because Cissy didn’t want anyone finding out that Lee was his father (she didn’t want to hurt Lee and Sunny).
    • Oh it was definitely because of Ridge, her first lover   She crossed the first line when she slept with still married Eric, who was her mother's first love after all. Then she betrayed Eric with Ridge multiple times, and in the following years she would very comfortably use her body to seduce Ridge and Thorne and point out to Taylor or Stephanie that they are too reserved. I loved how the writers made Hope declared virgin in contrast to her mother and how she would call Brooke out sometimes for the sex scandals. And funny thing, at least three characters told Stephanie that her love for Ridge is rather disturbing - Brooke, Taylor and Jackie - she slapped all three of them for saying that.
    • Paul Sparer    ANOTHER WORLD     District Attorney Phil Martin  1964-65 
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