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    • To be fair, I believe her episodes *just* started airing so she may have some $0.01 checks coming soon from The Doctors. I don't mean that in a shady way, but I do recall seeing soap actors showing checks like that. I think this issue with GH is just their typical laziness. Even when they've done the Best Of sets for ABC.com it's typically newer stuff.
    • In the GL YT live reunion, Kim Zimmer said she is not getting paid for The Doctors' reruns and she's getting a 0.25$ check for her Seinfeld show rerun, so I mean... it must not be that expensive.
    • I appreciate all that you mentioned. That doesn’t mean they have to write the Abbotts as clueless about the disease. That’s the problem I have. By now, a family this far into their mother’s bout with Alzheimer’s would be fully aware of the stuff these 3 are shocked by.
    • I have to admit I don't even know who most of his surrogates are (AOC and Susan Sarandon excepted). I haven't seen cable news in forever. I actually miss it during election time because I'm interested in politics, but not enough to seek it out the way I would have to now. I also tuned out of the primary pretty early on for the sake of my sanity. I'm just glad he actually stepped aside this early on. I feared it would drag out to the bitter end again.   I wish we could wrap Biden and RBG in a protective life force shield right now.  I feel wrong for saying that because I know their lives are more than politics, but damn. Please let them stay safe for the sake of the greater good.
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