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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward

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    • Any historical value of the wedding scene was hard to enjoy considering that Smollett did something in real life that reflected poorly on black and LGBT people (not saying that all black and LGBT people would behave like he did, but ignorant people will use him to stereotype them). I think a lot of black people feel like he deserves a pass because they want to play the same game that white people have for years and that is to do wrong without facing consequences. To some it's about evening the score as opposed to actually equality.
    • Yeah, I didn't love her scenes in the apartment but she was an absolute standout in the funeral scenes.
    • 😡 ‘The Blob’ at 8PM | 7C, Saturday, April 27, on MeTV.    
    • Dame Joan is back for the upcoming season AHS: 1984!
    • I apologize that I don't have the specific episodes, but all of my favorite Cliff moments were when he was able to experience a small victory over JR (even though the rug would inevitably be pulled from underneath him the following week).    In S3 (the Who Shot JR? season) there is an episode where Cliff is on some governmental board and JR needs some sort of drilling variance and Cliff is able to reject it; which I think is the first time that Cliff was able to flex his power  Then, in the S5 finale ep, Cliff and the cartel think they are able to buy Ewing Oil because JR defaults on a loan, but Cliff becomes the cliffhanger when JR double crosses him.
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