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    • Also Harry must have been deluded if he thought the British press would be kind to Meghan. They did exactly the same thing with Diana and Fergie by framing Di as Princess Perfect and reporting everything Fergie did in a mega negative way, Until of course they decided Di was a spoiled ,manipulative vixen. It's their template to build up somebody and then turn around and tear them down. Also of course playing into the belief that two young women have to be jealous of each other. Really , it's complete nonsense but for some reason certain members of the family give it validity by reacting. It's the same as people saying anonymous, spiteful trolls are ruining their life with inane comments on twitter and the like.
    • While I have yet to sit down and watch it yet...but have enjoyed today's commentary here travelling between jobs...I figured that given some of today's talk I should add this...early thanks for the links above...    
    • Poteet/Lisanti dropped the ball with Maggie /Kyle as it got once a week play through Nov.  Lee was pretty much absent also. Doug and Julie were low in appearances also. Guess they were busy reworking other stories and figured some stuff could be backburnered. Mike was around to tease Maggie about Kyle and re-bond with Trish. Chris departed Salem Nov 12th which left Mary and Leslie little to do. Leslie was on once for the rest of the month for a bitchy scene with nuMary about getting dumped by Chris. NuMary did her 8 eps and vanished.
    • I had no idea Don Stewart and Peter Simon left GL within weeks of each other in 1984       But it is a toss up which was less respectful   Mike's final mention in the recaps   Or the poor grammar and misspelling of the title of the article announcing their departure    
    • Agreed. I always liked Tony/Brad, who seemed like a solid enough guy with a bad habit of needing neurosurgery and/or getting involved with shady women. But I never thought of him as a heartthrob type.
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