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  1. Y&R: Old Articles

    What is your opinion, then, of Howard McGillin, who succeeded Hauser and was the last actor to portray Greg, I think (save for returns by Jim Houghton and Hauser)?
  2. Y&R: Old Articles

    Years later, when Kerwin joined the cast of OLTL, an interviewer asked him to speak about his Y&R stint. IIRC, Kerwin declined, saying only that he didn't enjoy the role or working on the show. IIRC, too, one of the many grievances that JLB had against TPTB was that the actors' dressing room was large, drab, and drafty as [!@#$%^&*].
  3. The Politics Thread

    Something new to distract the masses from his many, many, MANY failures: Shiny. I'm sure many are salivating at the thought of the JFK assassination files containing some sort of bombshell. ("Oswald didn't act alone! LBJ/The CIA/The Mafia was in on it! BENGHAZI!!" Oops, wrong conspiracy.) I think it'll end up being another Geraldo Rivera at Al Capone's secret vault.
  4. The Harvey Weinstein Scandal

    I didn't know that, DD, but once again, I'm not surprised.
  5. Oprah has officially run outta s**t to do:



  6. AMC Tribute Thread

    Wow, that is just so...random. I wonder whether the scene in question (between Erica and Hugo Napier's Mike) has any significance for ST2.
  7. The Politics Thread

    Oh, man. I knew about what had happened in Toronto, but not in Cleveland. That's...exasperating. I mean, the movement has, at its core, the right intentions. However, leave it to those few, bad apples who want to spoil the rest of the proverbial bunch. Don't these people realize that actions like those (violating permit laws, blocking roads, etc.) only play into the mindset of the "All Lives Matter" crowd, as well as all those right-wingers like Sean Hannity who'd love nothing more than to defuse the entire movement? Except, this time, I think they could go through with quarantining. It'd HAVE to be up to Supreme Court once again to put a stop to it.
  8. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    IDK, part of me thinks CBS and SONY feel entitled to futz around so much with Y&R because they know they have the number-one show with a core audience that isn't going anywhere. If another soap -- like, say, B&B -- were to suddenly claim the number-one spot, would they be as willing to innovate and experiment?
  9. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    Forget about ignoring the tenets of good soap opera. People like Mal Young seem intent on ignoring the tenets of good drama, period.
  10. The Politics Thread

    If it ain't about Obamuslim or Crooked Hillary, they don't give a [!@#$%^&*].
  11. The Politics Thread

    The first time I made THAT observation was when I was still in high school and noticed how cliquish the white girls were in comparison to everyone else. Now, the Black girls (and other girls) kept to themselves as well -- and I'm not saying they were incapable of talking smack behind each other's backs. But the TRUE "mean girls," the ones who set out to make the other groups' lives miserable, were all white.
  12. The Politics Thread

    What were the other parts? (If you don't mind my asking? I'm just being curious.)
  13. Agreed. In fact, more often than not, I wind up disliking BOTH potential pairings if I feel that one of the characters is being manipulated in order to make the show's preferred choice look better by comparison. To me, it's not honest.
  14. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    Something tells me his "one day per episode" idea won't last.
  15. The Harvey Weinstein Scandal

    It wouldn't surprise me to know that HW was challenging his termination. He doesn't strike me as the type to leave quietly, if you know what I mean. (Which is why I KNOW there'll be a book and "exclusive, one-on-one interview" down the road. Because, if he's going down? He's gonna take a whole bunch of people with him. Count on it.) But I hope his efforts to reverse his firing prove fruitless, and that he's forced to pay through his pug-ass nose. He deserves nothing less. Apparently so, lol. But seriously. People who knew about HW's predilections but said nothing out of fears of legal reprimands never realized that NDAs are non-binding if they're being used to hide unlawful acts. IOW, Harvey, you could make me sign all the NDAs you want, but if I'm inclined to blab about all the times you sexually harassed and molested women without their consent, I'm blabbing. Oh, they're coming, lol. Harvey, I feel, is just the tip of this proverbial iceberg. I mean, we've already seen collateral damage in the form of the dude (whose name escapes me) who was running Amazon Studios. He was shown the door after a producer on "The Man in the High Castle" came forward with her story about how he harassed her at Comic-Con. I think there are more on the way.
  16. The Politics Thread

    Agreed. The election was an eye-opener, not just for WOC (who realized that white women will NEVER have their backs), but for progressively minded white women as well. (As I heard at least one commentator say, yes, white women DO hate each other, and the election proved it.)
  17. OTOH, it would NOT surprise me to see DAYS pull out another cliche and have Paul become a total psycho JUST to make Sonny and Will look better as a couple.
  18. The Harvey Weinstein Scandal

    In a way, I feel especially sorry for the actors of color who have been raped and/or harassed by predators like HW. It's tragic for ALL the victims, regardless of ethnicity or skin color. But when you remember how Black men and women, in particular, have been viewed in times past by White men.... If the employees "have nothing to hide" by releasing this, then why is it anonymous? (And don't give me the same old jive about "non-disclosure agreements." Those are way past being null-and-void.) Women throughout the industry have spoken publicly about their encounters with him and with others -- and they have done so, I might add, at great risk to their careers and reputations. Surely, Kevin in Accounting could've remembered where he had kept his balls and then signed his name at the bottom of the statement.
  19. The Politics Thread

    If I heard it once from a white woman during the campaign, I heard it one hundred times: "I'm not going to vote for Hillary JUST because she's a woman." Okay. Well, then, how about voting for Hillary (or Jill, or Gary) because Trump has a record of being sexist and misogynistic? That would be a deal breaker for most enlightened women out there, right? The sad fact is that the feminist movement of the late '60's and early '70's had absolutely nothing to do with WOC; and that's primarily because (to put it simply) WOC had to go out and work, because they had no choice. And they had to put up with menial jobs, shitty pay and gross mistreatment by their male, white employers, because no one was out there for marching for THEM the way they were for white women. Ironically, though, I think most African-American women hold more traditional values than even most white women. Because they were largely raised by Judeo-Christian values, they truly believe, for example, that the husband IS the head of the household; that marriage IS defined by one man and one woman; that a woman is not to serve as the head of the church; that things like premarital sex and abortion are to be avoided, etc.
  20. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    Exactly. Unless John had specified in his last will and testament that Jabot was to be run by his biological offspring only (which he wouldn't have done, since he'd always assumed his kids were actually his), then what is the point?
  21. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    PASSIONS stretched one day over an entire summer.
  22. The Harvey Weinstein Scandal

    Seriously, I am a HUGE fan of "Annie Hall," but even I felt Woody Allen needed to retain his seat through this.
  23. DAYS: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    2017 just called. They wanted to inform you that writers and producers no longer write story bibles.
  24. The Politics Thread

    That sense of fatigue, for lack of a better word, might be the only thing that keeps him from enjoying a second term, if we get to that point. Not a sense that he has failed to live up to his promises, or that his agenda (if you can call it that) has resulted in massive losses all around, but just the feeling that Americans, in general, have had it with the non-stop drama and want him to go away. As I've said on other occasions, after what we have gone through, I won't look anytime soon for another candidate who wants to come in from the outside and upend the status quo. Because, I, for one, see now why having outsiders run things isn't always what's best for the country.