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  1. Actually, I believe he says, "The dude aint' dead."
  2. Hollyoaks and Coronation Street are still available with relatively new episodes (2-week delay) on Hulu. Or, if you are wanting to watch same-day as Europe does...you can always utilize other methods.
  3. Dear Members, In order to comply with Google search standards and best practices, we have made changes serverwide to better assist you and protect your security during your time at the SON Community and the Soap Opera Network website. This includes moving from unsecured HTTP urls to secure HTTPS. This specifically means that all pages on soapoperanetwork.com now support secure pages for signing up, logging in, or inputting data depending on the page you are on. In order to transition us to a more secure experience, however, we had to turn off the system for a number of hours and many of you may have experienced dead pages or re-directs during that period. Everything should be back to normal now. If anyone you know is still experiencing issues, please let them know to clear their browsers cache or temporarily use the Incognito version of their preferred browser while the new protocols are being sent to browsers across the land. (It may take up to 8 hours from the time of this posting) If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting me at ELewis at SONUNI.com or sending a DM or private message to Soap Opera Network on Facebook or Twitter.
  4. GH: Dear Shelly Altman wish list

    Personally, I don't expect anything to change with Shelly and Chris outside of maybe a tone difference. Otherwise, it'll still be the Sonny, Carly, Jason (take your pick) and Sam happy hour with mixed drinks available for 10 cents an episode.
  5. September GH Thread

    Just to be clear spoilers from the spoiler thread no longer appear on the side bar regardless of who's posting or what was posted.
  6. Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread

    Is that the guy who walks differently? Is that the actor or the character? Either way, don't see what Ryan saw in him. Harry or even Ste, okay. Kyle? No thanks. I even thought Kyle looked like D.S. Armstrong, who I'd also take with Ryan. Even though Ryan is a douche, I'd actually root for him with anyone at this point. Just prefer him with Harry.
  7. Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread

    I don't know about James. Just something about him that I just don't like. That doesn't mean that I can't see him paired with someone, whether it be Harry or Ryan, but I'm not much of a fan. But I'd take him over Ste and anyone at this point. Ugh. He's so boring.
  8. Days actor returns

    The writer of that piece was clearly an intern at the NY Post. No writer worth their salt would write such rubbish like that, especially one who at least watches the show. I ignored their questions in the article I wrote based on Chandler's interview with them. I mean, Zombies and The Walking Dead? Really? WTF?
  9. Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread

    Oh, I agree. I loved John Paul and I was secretly rooting for John Paul and Harry. Now I want Harry and Ryan. Sadly, only one of them with Ste would generate a story based on how the current writers think. Take out the kids from Ryan/Ste orbit and they have no story. But with the kids and Amy's death, there is oodles of story to tell for Ryan/Ste. Not so much Harry/Ryan even though I personally think think they'd have lots of stories to play.
  10. Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread

    I'd rather Harry and Ryan, but it looks like Ryan and Ste might be the couple despite Ryan kissing Ste's sister.
  11. Yes, and that's understandable. My problem is when they retcon the decision to appease the vocally loud. Todd Manning is one of the most popular characters in the history of soaps. But he's a sadistic rapist. Regardless of how he changed his life around with both Blair and Tea and the birth of his daughter, Starr and later Jack, Todd is still a rapist who along with his friends took the innocence of Marty Saybrook. Should the soap have brought him back and redeemed him? Hell no. By letting characters come back to life and characters who have done the worst ever to human kind be the show's star or lead romantic, soaps are letting themselves fall to the wayside and die. People want fantasy, sure, but when you give in to a select group who have the loudest voices you are giving credence to those who laugh at the genre and don't take anything that happens seriously. When a primetime show does this, it's sporadic. Daytime, it's a plot point.
  12. GH is not cheaper than DAYS. Not sure where you got that from. Whether NBC pays a license fee for DAYS and ABC doesn't for GH since they own it has nothing to do with production budget. DAYS' budget is peanuts compared to GH's. With that said, I don't know who he spoke with or when, but that doesn't mean GH is safe because he said so. The person he spoke with could work for GH and have been told by some executive the show is safe, doesn't mean it is. Susan Lucci went on national television (Good Morning America) and told Robin Roberts her show was safe, both financially and creatively. Where is All My Children today? How long after she said that did she learn she was misinformed? I'd rather someone with fresh ideas who doesn't cater to doppelgangers, who's the daddy or back from the dead type bull shit storylines be in charge of a soap's writing. Right now, Hollyoaks has a storyline where five men are possibly at fault for the death of a woman. Four of them are gay or bi-sexual. Soaps are lucky to have two gay characters and under no circumstances are willing to make them bad people since they fear a backlash. I hate how writers try to appease fans because they fear they'll alienate a fan base. They forget that 95% of the time the fan base exists because they (the writers) themselves created that character or coupling based on a storyline they concocted. I'm not saying for them to ignore the fans, but write to write and not because of fear. Kill off a character and mean it. I don't care how popular an actor is, you are telling a story. Your show existed before that actor and will survive well past him/her. Right now no one has balls in daytime to do any of that. No writer. No producer and no executive. Daytime needs new life breathed into it. Sadly, no one who wants to do any of that will be given the chance.
  13. Loving someone doesn't mean ignoring the facts. GH is doing dreadful numbers in the demos and in viewership. Unlike DAYS, where NBC negotiates a contract and must keep the show on the air through out that time period, GH can be dropped tomorrow and ABC could care less.
  14. September GH Thread

    Unless there's some magic VPN use, the two aren't one in the same despite what people think.
  15. Done with school. I'll be around more often. Hope everyone's well.

    1. Soapsuds


      Made it through Hurricane Harvey. Glad to see you around Errol.

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      Congratulations on finishing Errol.

  16. Days actress leaving

    I don't like Ron's DAYS, just like I didn't like his GH. He writes for kicks instead of fleshed out storytelling. He wants to be your friend, but throws a tantrum when you disagree with him. I don't want to see that in daytime. Write to write. Do not write because you think viewers will laugh at your unfunny joke. On the topic at hand, Fairchild was terribly cast as Anjelica. The character could have been used in plenty of ways like she was way back when. She should have been given a good story. Not some campy mess, regardless of who was head writer this year. Unfortunately, no daytime writer today writes because they think soaps are any good. They write what they do to meet the stereotype most of the world has on the genre. Camp and outrageousness may work from time to time when the story itself dictates, but not every episode. Morgan Fairchild, Judi Evans and Deidre Hall deserve better. A better pen could have put them in a storyline together without all this nonsense. AND they could have thrown a few laughs in there to boot. Sadly, that didn't happen. End rant.
  17. GH: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    I know some people on here can be a handful. I know that even if you ignore those people, others may respond to their posts or even quote said posts. I can't stop them from doing that. But at the same time, while people can be overtly passionate about something and their view differs from someone else's, all I can ask is you ignore them as much as possible. I know it's hard. But that's what has to be done. Unless someone threatens physical harm to another, harasses them in public and/or private (with evidence) or shows the personality of Sheila Carter or someone like that in real life there's not much else that can be done about them. Being annoying, or just them, isn't worth fighting over. I'm not defending anyone. I'm not taking sides. I don't favor one over another. I'd like to see these message boards continue to thrive as it's done for more than a decade (almost two). It can't happen if there is constant bickering over what one poster says.
  18. GH: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    I don't like banning people. I don't' like message boards very much either, so grow the hell up people. Ignore each other. Not everyone you see in life are you going to like, and they are even very annoying people. You can't kill them, or shoo them away. But you can ignore them. Do the same on a message board.
  19. Days cast GH vet?

    While I'm not disputing Tyler Christopher has joined "DAYS," I will leave you all with this to determine how accurate that site is (note: the post is no longer available on the site's website):
  20. Days cast GH vet?

    The news is not confirmed nor is it possible for this site to have it exclusively. People don't know what the term means anymore.
  21. GH Return

  22. Paul Lee OUT at ABC

    Never saw this directly responded to, but daytime ("The Chew" and "General Hospital" at least) is part of the ABC Entertainment division, which is now led by Channing Dungey. ABC News oversees "The View," however.
  23. Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations Announced

    Sharon Case's inclusion is puzzling considering what she submitted was more of a showcase of Joshua Morrow and Steve Burton than herself. She only shined in Kelly Sullivan's submission.
  24. Is DAYS About to be Cancelled at NBC?

    While true, PGP wanted out of soaps. While ratings were just a justification for them, other internal matters factored into the decision.