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  1. Hubbard made this comment in her first Locher Room reunion w/ Martha Byrne. During much of his era, Marland gave more time to his senior cast than the younger set. And Tom, Margo, Barbara, Hal, etc. were all in their 30s when Marland kept them front-burner...not what I consider "young love."
  2. Been rewatching early Marland-era episodes of ATWT. Liz Hubbard’s claim that Marland was only interested in writing for the younger actors is simply wrong. Marland consistently kept the veterans front burner. With all the men in Lucinda's personal and professional orbit (Craig, Tonio, Kirk, Dr. John, etc.) Liz was given lots of screentime and all the best scene partners. Wonder if her complaints come from never winning an Emmy for Lucinda, while her younger co-stars regularly did (Martha, John Wesley Shipp, Julianne Moore, etc.). Liz doesn't know how go
  3. I was totally enthralled by Silver's shenanigans back in the day. Deborah Goodrich was perfectly cast as Silver. The chemistry between La Lucci, Deborah and Lee Godart burned through the TV set.
  4. Seeing these episodes reminds me how rich the show's acting was at that time -- loved seeing vets Kathryn Hayes, Marie Masters and Larry Bryggman front and center. And Melanie Smith, Michael David Morrison, Scotty D and Susan Marie Snyder -- they owned those roles and made you root hard for their characters.
  5. The Hallmark reunion was filmed in LA, so it was mostly AMC cast now living on the West Coast. Julia Barr lives in NJ. I think La Lucci was the only one who came in from the East Coast...most of the rest live on the West Coast (except Taylor Miller -- think she's Chicago-area). But in agreement -- we need to see and hear more from Julia Barr. She was integral to AMC success for many decades.
  6. In the most recent ATWT reunion, Tom Wiggins spoke of how much he enjoyed being paired w/ Renee Props. The Kirk and Ellie romance was his personal favorite. Renee Props had a much stronger comic chemistry w/ Wiggins than his other leading ladies.
  7. Agreed, Iva had a lot of screen time even though she wasn't the most engaging. Of all the 80s era Snyders, Meg (under Jennifer Ashe) and Caleb (Michael David Morrison) were the most intriguing. I don't think Ashe and Morrison get enough credit for the fire they brought. Without those two, the Snyders would have been a dull, boring and dreary farm family.
  8. The LIVE reunion was all about Kelly...celebrating her 30 years w. ABC / Disney, so it was just Kelly's closest co-stars. I never got the impression Julia Barr was that close to Kelly so no surprise that she wasn't invited. It all was ridiculously short. Each actor was able to share their first impression / meeting w/ Kelly and that was it. Julia Barr was on an audio-only reunion to remember John Callahan shortly after his death. She sounded great...but YES I'd love to hear more from her years on AMC. You know she has lots of great stories !
  9. Been rewatching the few English language episodes I can find on Youtube. Wish there were more... I'm struck by how sublime Todd Curtis' performance is. He's so natural and perfect as Jordy...never a false note. Of all the young (and inexperienced) actors who started w/ Capitol he really stands out. Superb casting.
  10. In their Locher Room reunion, Darnell Williams and Larry Lau confirmed what we've heard before -- the AMC set was very much a family. They singled out Ruth Warrick and Louis Edmonds as being especially welcoming when they started. Jane Elliott has said in some form that AMC was her favorite of all her soaps. And Genie Francis loved her AMC time and was devastated TPTB sent her back to GH. Interesting that of the four w/ so much presence on AMC in the early 80s, Debbi & Darnell, Larry & Kim, -- it was Kim who went on to the greatest prime time success. IMO, she was the
  11. Cantankerous is the word to describe Liz in this interview. She had little patience w/ the other panelists and the wine didn't help. She kept inisisting they talk about The Doctors, then her next breath was telling a stupid joke that was totally irrelevant. You can tell she is a challenge to work with. From other Locher Room reunions, it's obvious not all of her co-stars are as enamored w/ Liz as Alan and Martha Byrne.
  12. Can someone clarify the Y&R and B&B ownerships for me ? I thought Sony (previously Columbia Pictures) owned Y&R and licensed it to CBS. But does CBS own B&B ? Regardless of CBS' motivation for giving Bell another show, my preference would have been to keep Capitol, get rid of Lipton as HW and hire a HW who could have salvaged the show. Certainly, Lipton's storylines contributed to Capitol's decline. Agreed, this was one of the better reunions. Alan admitted he was a fan of Capitol so hopefully he will bring us more. Would love to see Nicholas and Jess Walton
  13. Todd was part of the cast at the end, but in 86 he was temporarily replaced by Russell Todd (I believe because of Todd's car accident). Other original cast members at the series end were: Constance Towers, Nicholas Walker, Bill Beyers, Deborah Farentino and Rory Calhoun.
  14. Anyone know how Jess Walton came to replace Jane Daly as hooker w/ a heart of gold Kelly Harper ? I really liked Jane's portrayal of Kelly, but grew to love Jess in the role. Interestingly, Jane met her husband actor Duncan Gamble on Capitol when he played Frank Burgess.
  15. The Capitol reunion was one of Alan's best yet. Catherine, Constance and Nicholas clearly loved their time on the show and confirmed what a harmonious set it was. Lots of stories and recollections of cast members who have passed. Worth a watch for sure... Capitol is under-appreciated. Although the writing wavered depending on the HW at the time, the show was brilliantly cast (or eventually got there). No other soap has ever mined Hollywood's Golden Age so well --- Rory Calhoun, Richard Egan, Ed Nelson, Carolyn Jones, Julie Adams and Constance Towers were all divine and helped
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