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  1. Today w/ Goutman was Locher as he should be for all interviews. Smooth, professional and respectful. Lots of insights and questions into Goutman's acting, directing and producing career. Edge of Night, Another World and All My Children were all discussed...before getting to ATWT. Locher even dared to ask Goutman about Martha Byrne ! I was shocked that a company man would go there...but of course thrilled. Basically Goutman answered that he wished it had not gone down the way it did and he knew what a loss losing Martha was. That if he had to do it over again he would have done it differently. He said if Mickey Dwyer Dobbin had still be there working with him, it would likely have ended differently. The interview is worth the watch just to hear him answer this question. I so wonder if Martha was at home watching... He also revealed a silver lining that resulted: Noelle Beck was the one who got Julianne Moore to return at the end -- they were friends. So if Noelle had not been playing Lily, we likely would not have had Julianne's lovely farewell return.
  2. Nice interview today w/ Linda Dano. She has a new iPhone so the connection was much better than the last time. Dano stays in touch w/ Robin Christopher and Matt Crane. Does anyone know if they are still acting ? Would love for Locher to interview those two -- they were always so gorgeous.
  3. Eileen looks great ! Thrilled to see her looking so healthy and happy.
  4. Jane Krakowski was profiled on Sunday Today this morning, with mentions of her start on SFT and her Emmy noms for TR. The segment included a quick clip of Jane in a scene w/ Sherry Mathis.
  5. Despite the tech difficulties, this was one of the better interviews. Maybe SMS felt more comfortable spilling tea since we could not see her, or maybe it was the 1on1 format...I'll have to have another listen to unpack everything she shared. Loved hearing about her friendship w/ Jennifer Ashe and Renee Props that started before they were on the show together. And her memories of Doug Marland made me adore him even more. Interestingly, Martha Byrne was not mentioned once (hmmm). Was glad SMS made it clear she was never intimidated or in awe of Hubbard or Bryggman. Sadly, three of SMS' leading men died tragically -- Michael D Morrison, Michael Louden and Keith Pruitt. Her comments about MDM's death were so very sad. With Benjamin Hendrickson's death, its clear ATWT's cast included many tortured souls.
  6. Great interview. Susan Marie Snyder was VERY honest about MDM's death. She admitted both MDM and Michael Louden were challenging.
  7. I remember that cover vividly. Saved it for years as a kid -- would love to have it now. Amazing photo of an amazing cast.
  8. Sherilyn Wolter was one of my favorite daytime actresses of the 80s, but she's never gotten her due. Her portrayals were always sublime, but sadly overshadowed by those other actresses the soap press fawned over. Sherilyn deserves more respect...
  9. From the many tributes posted by his Gh co-stars, Stuart Damon seemed to be absolutely adored by his co-stars. They all refer to him as "Stuie" which tickles my heart. Although Luke & Laura and all the spy drama ruled GH in the 80s, the Quartermaines and their shenanigans were the glue that held the show together throughout that time. When the spy capers got convoluted, we always had the Quartermaines to keep us entertained. Stuart Damon, Leslie Charleson and David Lewis were electric in their scenes together. No other show had anything close to their dynamic chemistry.
  10. Such chemistry these two had... https://soaphub.com/general-hospital/exclusive-ghs-leslie-charleson-shares-memories-of-stuart-damon/
  11. Edge was populated with many character actors...many went onto other soap roles, but for sure Larkin's romantic pairings on GL and AMC made his the highest profile of all the actors' follow ups. Joel Crothers to Santa Barbara in 85. Irving Allen Lee to Ryan's Hope in 86. Both likely would have done more if they had not died so sadly. Charles Flohe did a stint on Dallas, then onto Another Word, Santa Barbara and B&B. Lois Kibbee did Search for Tomorrow in 85, then OLTL starting in 86. Ann Flood had smaller roles on Search, Another World, AMC, ATWT and OLTL in the years after Edge. Mark Arnold had a memorable turn on SB and then several years on OLTL. Terry Davis did AW before SB and Sunset Beach on the West Coast. Joe Lambie did GH, Search for Tomorrow, SB and a recurring role on Falcon Crest.
  12. Correct -- Alan was not working on ATWT when Melanie and Mary Ellen were on the show. I find the interviews are better, with less interruptions, when Alan hasn't worked with the guests. There is less of his own rambling, he's not as chummy w/ the actors and the interviews are more professional. The trade off is that sometimes he gets history wrong...but I will gladly trade that for depth and a little tea. The fans are always there to correct him -- and Alan often solicits their fact-checking prowess.
  13. Wish Alan had asked Melanie and Mary Ellen about Douglas Marland. They were major stars of the show during its renaissance...even if they might not have insights into production matters, they certainly would have reflections on Marland's talent w/ story, character, etc.
  14. This discipline is because so many of the daytime actors had come from the theater / theater training...and many did stage work alongside their soap roles. This was a clear advantage the NYC soaps had over the LA soaps.
  15. In today's Locher... Carolyn admitted Lisa Brown was not welcoming when she joined GL. She placed the blame on herself saying she was intimidated by Lisa...but admitted that her pairing w/ Tom Nielsen didn't endear her to Lisa. Kristen V confirmed Lisa was always very "focused."
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