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  1. Agreed -- and it was very obvious. Of all the prime time soaps, Falcon Crest seemed the most balanced with a slight edge given to the women. Jane Wyman / Angela was clearly the star, with Chase and Richard written as her rivals. Maggie and Melissa were the heroines caught up in romantic entanglements.
  2. Thanks -- could you send the rest as a WETRANSFER link ? Eager to see the full set.
  3. Locher’s reunion with the GL producers was probably his best yet. Amazingly informative about the BTS workings of daytime. The group truly seemed to adore their time working on the show. One of the producers had been the assistant to multiple EP legends including JFP, Paul Rausch, John Conboy and Ellen Wheeler…she shared some tales and you know she has many more. Much time spent on the Peapack experiment...they offered a better appreciation of how inventive Wheeler was in trying to keep the show on the air. Wheeler was seemingly dedicated and hard working…they even mentioned h
  4. These aren't showing up as attachments...can you try to create a link to them ?
  5. Wow -- what a rich cast AMC had during that era ! The Erica-Natalie rivalry was one of my favorites of all time. I do have to wonder why TPTB even bothered recasting Nina...I feel sorry for Barbara Kearns, there was just no way anyone could make us forget Taylor Miller -- she was just too popular and too perfect in the role of fairy tale princess Nina. There were enough other characters on the canvas, Nina just should have been written out until TM was ready to return.
  6. Agreed about Louise ! She's a legend -- RH and EON where her favorite daytime roles. Let's all message Locher to get her back on for her own solo interview. What might hook him: Louise was Emmy nominated as part of the writing team for As The World Turns. We all know he favors ATWT...let's just hope he gives her ample time to discuss all her years IN FRONT OF the camera.
  7. Louise's terrible connection prevented her from sharing much on Locher's reunion. But it's clear she still has amazing chemistry w/ Kelli and Michael. Hopefully Locher brings Louise back w/ a better connection so she can share stories from all her years in daytime...she's still totally with it, and clearly has tales to tell.
  8. Did anyone tune in for the reunion ?
  9. Your post sent me on a rewatch of early 84 last night... Yes some of the stories were too far from the GH we knew, but the cast is what really made it all work. I can't say I disliked any of the actors of that era. Too bad more didn't go onto the success that Stamos and Demi Moore achieved, but I guess that would've kept us from enjoying them in Port Charles for as long as we did. And yes, the dance school w/ sleazy Barry Williams deserves an eye-roll...but it did cement Holly as the show's heroine, so purpose served.
  10. Any idea what Tim Maier is doing now ? He was great on Rituals ! I wish he had done more acting...
  11. Wow -- any more gossip you can share ? Love all the BTS details...
  12. So much of Cliff and Nina's original popularity was because of the rich characters and talented actors in their orbit: the disapproving and scheming Palmer; the mysterious mother-figure Monique née Daisy: the gothic grandmotherly housekeeper Myra; and the wicked other woman Sybil. And I do think Taylor Miller was perfectly cast as the fairy-tale heroine. The start of Cliff and Nina's romance was some of Agnes Nixon's best work IMO.
  13. Francesca James should write her own book. Her life and all her stories are the history of daytime TV. She was honest and loving in her remembrances...esp enjoyed hearing about her transition from acting to directing / producing and how supportive her AMC castmates were. Bravo to her for making that jump ! Jennifer Bassey was adorable -- she shared fabulous anecdotes about David Canary, Michael E. Knight and Ruth Warrick. She truly adored David Canary...as did the rest of the AMC cast and crew. The technical troubles were annoying. After all these months of inter
  14. Fun clip of Andrea Moar (RIP) and Tina Louise...80s hair on full display.
  15. This reunion was a good one. Everyone had strong, working wi-fi which made a big difference. And Alan was a bit more professional w/ his interviewing skills --- maybe he is learning, or maybe Retro TV PR guided him. Was great to also hear about memories of some of their other soap roles too. Jada rambled a bit too long, and I would have liked to have heard a bit more from Nicholas Walker (who I find delightful)...but overall a great discussion.
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