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  1. From Locher's interviews, it seems that there was a lot of good times and camaraderie among the cast as a whole. I think the leads (Grant, MOL, Zimmer, etc.) liked to have fun (and a good drink) while delivering great work...this set the tone for the show. Compare that to ATWT, where the leads tended to be a bit older / mature (Don Hastings, Kathryn Hayes, Bryggman, etc.), there were MANY BTS romances (the Hensleys, Pinter-Zink, Maura and Scotty D.), and the show's actresses were of a certain age and likely a bit more territorial (Zenk, Hubbard, HBS, etc.). The ATWT cast seemed to get along well, but they don't seemed to have had the roaring good time that was the norm over on the GL set.
  2. YES ! Wish Locher would realize that smaller groups tend to be smoother. But to his credit, the GL Cooper reunion was a good one -- all the actors were thrilled to be reunited and their enthusiasm came through. I think this is why the Scott Holmes + Ellen Dolan reunion failed. Ellen just didn't want to be participate and she did not try to hide it. Scott would have been better paired w/ Don Hastings or Hillary B. Smith. He would have had more fun w/ either of them. In the reunion, Scott spoke quite movingly about his bond w/ DH.
  3. Love seeing Michael and Delia disco to Red Light (from the Fame soundtrack). Randall was the quintessential shiksa goddess... And I know lots of folks hate on Kelli Maroney, but she stews brilliantly in this scene. I actually liked her a lot -- especially her scenes w/ Louise Shaffer. The Woodards provided a welcome divergence from the sanctimonious Ryans.
  4. Enjoyed the Locher Room reunion w/ Maggie and Michael today... Alan allowed them to talk about their ATWT co-stars and took questions /comments from fans about specific actors. Discussed were: Doug Marland, Robert Calhoun, Anthony Herrera, Farley Granger, Eileen Fulton, Tamara Tunie, Colleen Zenk, Julianne Moore, Sloane Shelton, Ashley Crow, Benjamin Hendrickson. And MS even spoke about his B&B co-star Darlene Conley -- apparently they were good buddies.
  5. Randall was Delia for the Crystal Palace. Don't remember a disco...when RH introduced the younger set, they were centered around the Greenberg Deli.
  6. I've met Julianne very briefly == after her stardom came. She's like that in real life. Absolutely un-assuming, down-to-earth and friendly. I know her return appearance near the end meant a lot to the cast and of course the fans... Scotty D. had sweet things to say about her in his Locher Room appearance.
  7. YES agreed -- this was one of Locher's better ones, largely because all the actors were enthusiastic and Deas (despite being very low volume) is a hoot. Thankfully Frank jumped right in at the beginning (plowing over Alan as host thank God). So we didn't have to listen to Alan's Q&A's about the actor's knitting habits during quarantine. The actors' enthusiasm and stories really brought this one to life...and Alan graciously just let the actors talk. Same thing happened w/ Fiona's OLTL reunion a few weeks back. The actors ran with the conversation...and the reunion was all the better for it. Compared to the torturous Ellen Dolan interview last week, this one deserved a DAYTIME EMMY. After all those police station interrogation scenes, Ellen D sure does know how to NOT answer a question.
  8. Agreed Robin Mattson wasn't quite the right fit for Delia -- it's about the only role she didn't quite gel with during her long soap career. I LOVED Randall Edwards. Randall's Delia felt more vulnerable and sympathetic. You really rooted for her. In later years, Maggie felt like Delia 2.0. Vulnerable, manipulative, spoiled...but you rooted for her. Both Randall and Cali Timmons deserved bigger roles after RH. Cali could have easily fit in on GL or Y&R. And Randall's comedy chops deserved a bigger audience.
  9. If Eileen’s health is not great, I am fine with my memories of her from all the years she gave us on TV. Don’t know Eileen personally, but she was an actress — and actresses generally care a lot about appearances. We should respect that at 86, she has chosen to live her remaining days far away from the limelight. And let’s keep in mind, Don Hastings is the exception. At his age, it’s a rarity to be as sharp, witty and with it as he is…and I bet his stamina is partially due to having married a younger wife. I remember after Agnes Nixon had her stroke, she was interviewed on camera (with wonderful production values - no weak wifi in sight). As much as I adore and respect Agnes, my preference would have been for her memoir and her many past interviews (when she was in great health) to have remained my final memory of Agnes. She was a dynamo and a true trailblazer. I prefer remembering her that way… As much as we all love Eileen, Alan is being very gracious in not having her on...
  10. Oddly enough Zach R was discussed on today's reunion w/ Ellen and Scott. Locher himself mentioned what a wild one he was... And now this just in... https://daytimeconfidential.com/2020/05/29/as-the-world-turns-alum-zach-roerig-arrested-for-dui
  11. One of SEVERAL questions Ellen just flat outed chose not to respond to...
  12. This one was painful…PAINFUL. There was a lot of tripping over each other and Alan interrupt-us. Ellen clearly does not like discussing her soap days. She comes across very sour about the experience, and almost unwilling to reflect. Its like she’d rather discuss ANYTHING but her time on daytime. Not sure why she even agreed to do these reunions 2x now… Example: When Locher asked Ellen what it was like to work w/ Anne Sward (who played her mother for years), Ellen’s responds “you know she was just 3 years older than me.” After at least 10 years of working together this is all she had to say… Scott was slightly more forthcoming and warmer… had stories about Benjamin Hendrickson, warm memories of Don Hastings. Said Eileen was WACKY. Locher was quick to wrap this one up thankfully...
  13. Yes -- the reunion went off the rails a bit here and Locher knew it... Locher should really stop asking what "everyone's been up to during quarantine." It's just a waste of time, leads nowhere and prevents the actors from talking about their roles / storylines. The AMC reunions on EW.com have avoided these types of questions, sticking to JUST the show...and they have been much better and tighter because of it.
  14. Totally agree. Despite the tech issues, the LOVING reunion worked so well w/ a big group because each actress was asked a pre-solicited fan question that pertained to their specific role or storyline. The format allowed for a great and lively (and very frank) discussion. Alan says he's "doing it for the fans" and always asks the same fan interaction question at the end (enough of this question for each interview)...but he could do a better job of involving the fans --- their questions would make it easier for him and more interesting for everyone. I actually think his best interviews have been the OLTL & AMC ones --- he tends to rely on fan questions more, likely because he is less familiar with those shows.
  15. I dont understand why Locher thinks a group of 5 works !?! His best reunions are the smaller ones -- fewer tech issues, fewer ppl talking over each other and more depth / time for each person to talk. You would think he would have learned this by now... And would he PLEASE stop asking what they are up to during quarantine ! We have enough issues with our own homeschooling we don't need to hear about theirs. Alan, please keep it to stories about GL 🙏🏻
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