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  1. In his We Love Soaps interview a few years back, Wisner Washam mentioned that he was working with Fox to develop a prime time soap centering on the residents of an apartment building on the Upper West Side of New York City. He said that it was a precursor to "Friends," so it sounds like it was probably in development sometime after he left AMC for good in 1991/1992, but before "Friends" premiered in 1994.
  2. I believe AMC hit #1 twice in 1987. First time was the week of Memorial Day. And then the first week of December 1987, it hit #1 with the culmination of the Silver/Damon Lazarre storyline. Had something like an 8.0 rating. I'm pretty sure it hit #1 for a few weeks during the Luke/Laura heyday, possibly with Cliff and Nina's wedding. I also believe it beat Y&R in some of the dailies in 92 or 93 when the Tad/Dixie stuff was hopping, but never beat Y&R for an entire week.
  3. By early 1973, the show is still compelling and there are still some nice character touches in the individual scenes, but I miss the character-based storytelling of Lakin and Edelstein. It seems as though the Pollacks can't tell one story without the villain being a mustache twirling psychopath (Dan Allison, Cathy Ryker, John Morrison), and it's getting a bit over the top and repetitive. I've also noticed a very subtle marginalization of Althea. I know Allen Potter will be gone by the summer of '73, and I'm wondering how that will impact the series.
  4. I'm currently up to the January 1973 episodes on youtube, and I'm finding the Pollocks' writing incredibly uneven, and at times just downright bizarre. It's still miles better than any of the current soaps, but the plotting and storytelling are all over the map, with so many missed beats. The whole Toni/Vito/Barbara thing was just a total clusterf***. I noticed that James Lipton just started appearing in the writing credits. I wonder if he was part of the problem, or brought in as a solution to tidy up some of the writing issues. Also, does anyone know why Nancy Barrett left the role of Cathy Ryker? Was she fired, or did she leave of her own accord? I thought she and Gerald Gordon had great chemistry. Holly Peters, her replacement, is good, but Nancy was able to transcend the writing and made her feel like a flesh-and-blood character. Peters' Cathy just comes off as a transparent plot device. Please, no spoilers.
  5. Looks Christopher Holder. He was on AMC, AW, and Y&R in the 1980s.
  6. I feel bad for Sharon Case. I don't understand why they don't use JW. Jill still has history and connections to most of the main characters. It's actually kind of a slap in the face because it sort of telegraphs that, ok now that Jeanne is gone, you and your character are irrelevant.
  7. Titan1978, you're right on the money. Looking at the situation objectively, they did save the show from cancellation those first couple of years. Several of the actors have said as much. They opened up the storytelling and took the focus off the mob, totally re-energizing the show. It was a fun and campy hour of TV. I just think the cumulative effect of having the Llanview 3 forced upon them, the ex-Y&Rs, Geary's demands, and just bizarre, erratic storytelling did Ron in. Not a huge fan of JP or SA, but hopefully they can ground the show and give it some focus.
  8. I don't think Ron is going anywhere. Ratings and quality have been cyclical for all soaps since the first soap hit the air 65 years ago. The show is pretty awful at the moment and ratings in the toilet, but TPTB will probably give Ron a chance to try to fix it. At this point, unless Agnes Nixon or the Dobsons decide to come out of retirement, is there really any unemployed but looking soap writer at the moment who could actually pen a high quality show?
  9. Are Frank and Ron a package deal? Would one stay on without the other? If Jean P (she of intellectual writing lol) takes over the reins, could Goutman as EP be far behind?
  10. Why would ABC sabotage their own product? They can cancel it any time they want. The producers' and network execs' annual raises and bonuses are tied into ratings points in the key demos. Why would they purposely tank a show and risk all of that? That makes zero sense. I'm sure no one at the network is thrilled with these recent ratings. That being said, the show is a hot mess and needs to be overhauled if their intent is saving it.
  11. One other AW/Somerset-Three's Company connection, albeit minor. Georgeann Johnson, who played Ellen Grant on Somerset, played Jack's mother in an episode or two of Three's Company.
  12. This was pretty common back in the 1980s too, I think. AMC and GH both used background music from Terms of Endearment. AMC also used heavily from St. Elmo's Fire and the Untouchables film.
  13. If they were smart, they wouldn't tried to snag Robin Mattson back as Hope after she became a superstar on GH and SB.
  14. Frons or someone apparently told Susan Lucci separately about the cancellation, in an office a few minutes before everyone else found out. BTW, there's a picture of Richard Shoberg upthread a few pages back in Lucci's twitter post. Susan has said that when she first met him, she thought he was the most beautiful man she'd ever seen. Looking at that great pic of him, I'd kind of have to agree. He was gorgeous!
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