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  • Posts

    •   I mean, what else can I add to a post which is pure PERFECTION ?  I agree with absolutely everything you said!   My reason for wanting Kyle and LVP leave BH was to start the showfrom scratch. IA agree with you on your assessments of Erika (though there are moments I do like her... when she's being a good sport) and ofc your Rinna comment "...a toxic version of Brandi" -- that is some TRUTH right there!   "Let's not pretend that her marriage to Tom was a worse idea than the Jason Hoppy mess." OMG THANK YOU. He always was a controlling, repressive person, and Skeletor was looking for a sperm-donor. As for LuTom, well, Luann has always had the most awful taste in men (perhaps with the exception of Jacques)! Remember the writer dude in S3 who tried to maul her face in public? And ofc NEVER FORGET le grand mistake de St Barths!     I love that you love Ramona so much. Because I do, too. IMO she is a staple of NY. A true character. This is not put-on for the cameras -- Ramona really IS this way! S9 is her rock bottom, but I think she can rebound from here. I hope Dayyyyle can come back to NY (minus Tins) and befriend/counsel Ramona.   "Kelly, I love you, but sometimes I think you are the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz." 
    • If only today's Y&R writers could figure out that you need other compelling stories going on so you don't have to keep hammering the same old ones five days a week.     The only thing I'm interested in tuning in for is "The Black Kiss" so that I can drop by all the message boards and watch the Lane heads that will explode.
    • The actor will do what most soap actors do after they leave. They'll actually have time to improve their skills, become better actors within a year and then book more work and glo-up even more.
    •   +1 on everything you said   Bringing Marla Adams and Dina back has been the best thing. I hope Mal keeps her
    • Random HW thoughts:   - It was so funny watching Dallas Leeanne act like Brandi was her best friend, what a psycho. The praying, the way she talked to Stephanie, returning to the event in order to fight with the hostess, pretending to be normal during therapy.   - Bethenny is ruining NY for me. And so is Carole. They are mean, jealous, do everything they accuse the others of doing and they are trying so hard to act like the coolest girls in school. Ramona is Ramona, she is gorgeous, but she is so sad after her divorce. I don't believe that she is dating. She is a real-life ATWT Lisa in my eyes for some reason and I believe that she is still a broken little girl inside. I love her. And team Countess Luann all the way, while the others where yelling to her she was living her life. Let's not pretend that her marriage to Tom was a worse idea than the Jason Hoppy mess.   - I think that BH would be a mess without LVP and Kyle. The Erika persona is a sad joke she takes way too seriously and Lisa Rinna is a toxic version of Brandi. Dorit is ok, but it is the other two who need to be replaced.    
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