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  • Posts

    • The NYC reboot didn't work because it was poorly executed. They should've never fired Alex for one and their idea was to act like the new wives were always there so they didn't introduce them. It was very jarring to watch. That will forever be a bizarre choice. 
    • Wait, so John Yorke is back on a temporary basis? As much as I love the early 00's, the show has tried and has never been able to recreate it. Yorke keeps coming back in some capacity...
    • It was Kirkwood who introduced the 'David Essex-branch' of the Moon family and the Gold family. As well as the killing of Pat which people may never forgive him for (even if he did manage to get Nick Berry out of retirement for 30 seconds and Michael French to return).   The good he did do, such as the year-long terror Dr Yusuf Khan (the brilliant Ace Bugatti) brought upon the Masood family will never be remembered to the above.   Moving the E20 cast to the main show yielded mixed results.   To be honest, I'm not sure how much he would want to return, given that fact he gets to call the shots at Hollyoaks and as I pointed out when he joined the first time, the BBC is a heck of a machine he has to work within, with more people to answer to, including Piers Wenger (formerly of Doctor Who) and Oliver Kent.   The 4 people I would advocate (Myar-Craig Brown, Kathleen Beedles, Johnathan Young and Tim Key) sadly no longer work in soap/drama and the only other I would say is good at giving shows a shot in the arm (initially) is heading up Coronation Street.   Paul Marquess? I'd say no. His last chance has probably come and gone with the chaos he wreaked on Hollyoaks (even if he created the Brendan Brady character that so many loved). After the damage he inflicted on both Brookside and The Bill.   For some reason Alison Davis is always gone as soon as she arrives at Eastenders, even though she has shown over the years to be a good hand.   Liza Mellody (who I didn't even know was back at the show) is a no-chance, no-brainer. She's too closely associated with Sean O'Connor, and as a tandem, they were canned from Hollyoaks about 13 (?) years ago. Even though I didn't mind the changes they brought to the show, I think something didn't click and they didn't last too long. Even if she was the perfect candidate, she is one of O'Connor's people and I don't see her staying.   Simon Harper, current Executive Producer of Holby City, and soon Casualty. He's just got those gigs and it's his first executive job so it may be soon? Plus, he's seemingly in the mould of Oliver Kent, who I can't stress enough, I can't trust with a show like Eastenders after the mediocrity he inflicted on Casualty, both as Series Producer and latter as EP. Kent is still pretty young and obviously a schmoozer, hence his promotion within the BBC.   I'm not saying they would or should, but apart from promoting from within the show (and I know how 'popular' Alexander Lamb is) there is the option of 'left of field/statement' appointments such as current writer/storyliner/editor(?) Jerome Buchan-Nelson (young, black, and yes that would be a 'thing') Or Vikki Tennant, who in about 10 years went from River City in Scotland to Hollyoaks as a writer, to Emmerdale as a storyliner/editor. I believe she is back at Hollyoaks as one of the Series Producers. Or maybe even former writer and consultant, Simon Ashdown?    Dare I suggest that former acclaimed writers Tony Jordan and Sarah Phelps have outgrown the show?   Whoever it ends up being, great care is to be taken. 
    • Was it a bad idea for Chris Goutman to bring on AW characters like Jake and Vicky to ATWT only to kill them off?
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    • AllMyDaysatGH

      She's disgusting & the worst. Hag.
      · 1 reply
    • ChitHappens

      Has anyone watched the BBC series Young Dracula, 2006 - 2014?  One of the funniest shows I've ever seen.  Found this gem on Amazon and I absolutely love it!
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    • Khan

      Junking the AHCA would be, like, the best birthday present ever.  But if I can't get that, then I'll settle for a gift card from a bookstore.
      · 2 replies
    • soapfan770

      Alright it is official in my thirty years of soap watching, whatever flew as the Avant family drama story this past week on B&B is the DUMBEST, MOST ASININE and IMPLAUSIBLE story I have ever seen on a soap. So dumb and nonsensical I can't even describe it words...
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    • Soapsuds

      The New Gong Show is horrible!  I can't believe the couple with the banana act got a perfect score....ridiculous!
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