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  1. Since Sheila was brought up...have there been any updates on Kimberlin Brown’s visit to the studio? Supposedly it was for some sort of special, but I haven’t heard anything about it since.
  2. I had wondered what the “special“ would be about. I haven’t yet heard anything about John McCook retiring. I don’t think there are any major character anniversaries this year either.
  3. The requester on Kimberlin’s pass is apparently the casting director for Bold, for what its worth.
  4. Y&R: Cricket and Nina, Sharon and Dru B&B: Stephanie and Sally (also an iconic rivalry), Brooke and Sheila (which obviously didn’t last)
  5. My mind immediately went to her. Losing Adrienne Leon for Sursok was a raw deal. I generally find Australian actors unconvincing as Americans. Ingo Rademacher didn’t fare much better as B&B’s Thorne.
  6. I’ve never been able to figure out what she actually says either, but I always thought it was “You lie and cheat and treat me like an animal.” Thanks for re-posting this clip; I can’t think of a more thrilling period of the show. All beats played to perfection, a Shakespearean play compared to today.
  7. That is fair. And certainly TPTB wouldn’t have dared to recast. Still, with KSJ having passed and Olivia nowhere in sight there is a large hole in the Winters family I wish Dru were there to fill.
  8. Y&R: Brad, Colleen, Diane, Dru, Ricky B&B: Macy, Darla, Aly, Caroline II
  9. Sheila’s 2017 return started off pretty well but it became clear after a few months Bell didn’t really know what to do with her. By the time she became a busybody waitress it was clear there wasn’t much foresight or direction (unlike her previous returns, which varied in quality but all had a full narrative arc). The worst was when they had Sheila blab to Eric about seeing Katie with Wyatt—like, what? Then she just kind of disappeared. If Bell knew Kimberlin Brown was running for office he should have sent her out with a bang (literally).
  10. I don’t recall Sheila and Massimo having a past...apart from a fling in 2002. I think the show has gradually deteriorated from its golden era in the early-mid 90s, but it remained mostly good up until 2003/2004, by which point Nick and Jackie ate up a lot of the show for years. Darlene Conley’s passing, the introduction of the horrible triangle, and Susan Flannery’s departure were just nail after nail in the coffin. The show has a decent cast but they are not used properly.
  11. Sheila attempted to off herself twice on B&B, both by drinking poison and jumping off a roof.
  12. Ivy Forrester replaced Steffy Forrester on B&B for a while. Xander was also a pretty obvious Zende stand-in.
  13. Haha, sadly I am not. I stole my username from a recurring character on Veep.
  14. I do remember that Lauren was headed for a meeting with Victor the day she got taken to the farmhouse!
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