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  1. Since she has recently spoken out on her Mental Health Issues, I wonder if her exit is to give her time to get the therapy and treatment she needs. I do wish her well. I hate that we are losing another Horton though. The Horton's and the Brady's this generation should be the core families of the show.
  2. I could never get into Passions or Sunset Beach. Passions was just too off the wall for my taste.
  3. I hate they killed off Laura. Having Laura around and her involvement in keeping Gwen a secret could add so much to the show. Imagine how her relationship would end up rocky with Jennifer and Abigail?? Would they revisit her past with Jack?? So much wasted potential here killing off the character of Laura Horton.
  4. Love Cady and have watched her on all her soap roles and really enjoyed her as Jennifer. I agree with so many others that said Jennifer is really needed right now. I like Missy Reeves too, but if she is not willing to come back to the show full time then I say the put Cady on contract and let her carry on in the role of Jennifer.
  5. @Skin I agree with you. I think they wanted to gut a historic family for shock and awe maybe?? Or maybe it was to boost ratings?? I think what these shows realized was that killing these characters ended up causing viewers to tune out.
  6. Does anyone know if Kristi Ferrell who played Roxie attended any of these reunions?? I would love to know what she is up to now. I do think the show missed the boat in bringing the character back and introducing Cassie or they could've brought her back in addition to Cassie.
  7. If the Pine Valley series comes to fruition, I do hope that they will reach out to any of the old cast members and see if they would like to reprise their roles. I would love to see La Lucci, Eden Riegel, Alicia Minshew back as the Kane clan and their kids. They could bring back the Santos clan, Maria, Hayley and Mateo and their children. Slowly bring in the Chandlers and the Martins.
  8. One of the triangles I disliked was the Kim/Shane/Kayla triangle on Days after Steve died. It was so out of character and in my opinion ruined the characters of Shane and Kayla somewhat.
  9. Definitely Maureen Bauer on Guiding Light. Maureen and Ed should have been the matriarch and patriarch to end the show. On, GH I definitely think killing off Alan, Emily and AJ Quartermaine was wrong, as well as Georgie and Rick Webber's death. Rick would be an integral part of Laura's current storyline today.
  10. Has Lu's friend this season been upgraded. Wouldn't that be a kick in the teeth if she was given a Housewife slot. Wouldn't mind seeing JZ back in the fold
  11. He appears to be under the influence of something... I hope Sony and Y&R pass him up. How embarrassing
  12. Yes I agree with this I also feel that Nancy McKeon or Kristy McNichol would have been perfect members of the Cooper family on GL. Perhaps cousins, or even one of them being a Harley recast.
  13. She was actually married if I recall correctly and had a child when she got invovled with Robert Bogue Also, IIRC didn't the actors who played Trucker and Dinah Lee on Loving marry in real life, but later divorced???
  14. She was actually married if I recall correctly and had a child when she got invovled with Robert Bogue
  15. Id love to see a ghost Dru, greet Neil at the pearly gates with "Welcome my love, I've been waiting for you.." and then grab his hand and walk through the pearly gates together.
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