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  1. Has Lu's friend this season been upgraded. Wouldn't that be a kick in the teeth if she was given a Housewife slot. Wouldn't mind seeing JZ back in the fold
  2. He appears to be under the influence of something... I hope Sony and Y&R pass him up. How embarrassing
  3. Yes I agree with this I also feel that Nancy McKeon or Kristy McNichol would have been perfect members of the Cooper family on GL. Perhaps cousins, or even one of them being a Harley recast.
  4. She was actually married if I recall correctly and had a child when she got invovled with Robert Bogue Also, IIRC didn't the actors who played Trucker and Dinah Lee on Loving marry in real life, but later divorced???
  5. She was actually married if I recall correctly and had a child when she got invovled with Robert Bogue
  6. Id love to see a ghost Dru, greet Neil at the pearly gates with "Welcome my love, I've been waiting for you.." and then grab his hand and walk through the pearly gates together.
  7. Mick Cain and Schae Harrison- Former CJ Spectra and Darla B&B- They have a child together. Not sure if they're still together or not. Chad Duell (GH) and Courtney Hope (B&B) dating Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller- Not sure if this one is accurate. Eileen Davidson and Jon Lindstrom- Married and divorced Mary Ellen Stewart (Frannie, ATWT) and Mark Lewis ( Kurt Corday, GL)- Married since 1987 and have a child together
  8. Not sure if this has been mentioned but Mary Beth Evans has been on all 3 networks. NBC/Days as Kayla, ABC/GH as Katherine and CBS/ATWT as Lucinda's daughter Sierra Esteban Montgomery #2
  9. Loving these old clips...Thank you all for posting them. I miss the golden day of soaps and do wish OLTL, AMC and in fact others were still on or could be brought back.
  10. I say let Days hire him for the role of Philip Kirikias
  11. If Robin Strasser is coming to Days, then I hope it is not a new character but a legacy character. Perhaps it is another Horton, Eve's mom
  12. I would rather they not recast the role of Neil and instead address his passing on screen and pay tribute to Neil, bring back Shemar Moore for a few episodes as Malcolm to mourn his brother and try and rebuild the Winters family. Has Neil and Malcolms father ever been discussed??? If it has not then maybe bringing him on to the show to try and take over Neil's place in business might bring for some interesting storyline and allow Malcolm, Lily and Devon to question why NOW does Neil and Malcolm's father comes to Genoa City. It would also be a nice nod to Dru and Neil fans if they brought in VR to usher Neil into heaven
  13. My heart just breaks for his family. I hope he is finally at peace
  14. Hoping they have a gala sendoff for her and Caroline on Days. Bring back many former characters (Kim and Shane, especially)
  15. I was halfway through season 6 . I need these back so I can finish
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