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I despise the TVMSMnow.have for years. it's like TMZ.

I remember just like the week when Brian Williams started in on the "both sides" [!@#$%^&*] when it came to the shutdown. the 3 networks have whored themselves to the RP and other entities for access. they have turned themselves into celebrities. I don't give a damn Joe and Mika got married......they both are now doing the same thing with Schultz they did for Trump.

thank you for starting this thread.

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33 minutes ago, te. said:

Honestly, it sounds like Buzzfeed expanded ridiculously and now have to scale back - I mean, does anyone need a full time "director of quizzes"?

Clearly it was short-sighted and even then people saw it as a ridiculous fad, but in that massive media Gold Rush at the time, so many people saw it as a stroke of genius. At my old company, our execs brought in the leaders of BuzzFeed for a town hall to teach us everything they knew, as they appeared to have social media and digital all figured out. They were launching Tasty, their YouTube channels were firing on all cylinders. They were launching original series, products. They had perfected what Upworthy, Vice, Mashable, et al had reached for and couldn’t quite achieve. They were gods. Until, of course, they weren’t. 


Of course, many folks have the ability to take a bird’s eye, long view, but when you’re in it and your bosses are smitten with every shiny object, your hand is forced. It takes a strong and very rare leader (or an established, well-funded brand) to resist temptation to dart off on every trend. And even then you have to make little adjustments to the new reality while keeping your eye on the prize.

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    • I've only seen Monday's episode. After hearing about the devil mess returning.  I haven't bothered watching the rest of the week.
    • Anybody else notice that the Friday episodes are usually ad-free? I did like the witty banter between Eric and Sloan over clam chowder vs. chicken noodle soup. They were almost like a real couple. Idk about Roman shaming Sloan though. I get, defending your close friends and family but Sloan does have a pretty good grievance too. Btw, clam chowder is disgusting  Please register in order to view this content The best scenes were Tripp/Wendy/Johnny/Chanel/Allie. Allie is a horrible person and I hope Chanel dumps her ass (I can't believe we had to deal with her in every episode this week) Maybe if she came off as more hurt and sad rather than mean and nasty, she would be more likable. But I am really liking the storyline. Chanel throwing Allie's cheating in her face was amazing. That was the best moment! And I still am loving the chemistry that Wendy has with Tripp and with Johnny. This is a great group and great storyline. It can go in so many different directions and weave in so many characters and I hope they play it for as long as they can.  Except for the devil crap, I really have been enjoying the show lately.
    • @Chris B Please register in order to view this content  
    • I agree. Re: Bill and Sheila. It has been so jarring hearing from him and her about how they met up at Il Gradino one night and walked the beach and got to know each other. Aka TELL, NOT SHOW. It would have been so much better if while Sheila was at Deacon, they had an episode where she was in disguise at the bar, oblivious, and she hears that regular bartender saying 'you here again. the usual? what's new?' All the audience see is a set of hands...at first. Sheila's head turns to the hands and then the camera pans up to reveal...DOLLAR BILL...sad. Sheila's wheels turning are shown on her face. Fade out.   And then...don't play it for months or give them one more scene in the months leading up to Sheila's car chase. So that when she confronts Finn and Steffy. THEN...the Dollar Bill reveal. Aka SHOW, DON'T TELL. 
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