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  • Posts

    • I tend to agree about Neil. Sadly. Everything he does causes me to roll my eyes, much like Victor. It's not a good sign.    I guess they could relegate him to taking care if grandkids like they've done Victor. But I think KSJ would pitch a fit. So I'm at a loss.    But one thing he can't do is continue to be in Hilary's orbit or even discussing her in any negative way. It's counterproductive.    On a different note: Guesses on how many episodes pass before Hilary passes out only to have a pregnancy confirmed by Stitch? I'm going with 8. 
    • I think the problem is Sussman isn't ignoring it as much as we would like, in an ideal world. Several story repercussions and character issues were in mid-stream. But it's a hard balance to find. She still provided a strong and sudden reset for me on several character and family throughlines.   I like Robert Adamson but I'd be fine with a Noah recast, provided there is a purpose for the character. I think he's perfectly serviceable but it's a shame they lost Kevin Schmidt.
    • I think Hillary hate comes down to sexism as a lot of the hatred of Obama came down to racism. I mean, for all of the good Hillary did as SoS and First Lady, I think the "Old Guard" was appalled that Hillary Clinton dared to upset the apple cart vision of the quiet little wifey who wears pearls and smiles like a Stepford Robot next to hubby. And, for whatever reason, her mistakes as SoS gave these folks the excuse of "evil" Hillary. Then, naturally, comes the "why didn't she leave Bill?!" schtick.   The only thing is, and this is not meant as a defense of Bill Clinton, but...this couple was not the first to go through the infidelity follies found in the White House. JFK and Jackie's "Camelot" image was obviously a sham. JFK was a hound. (I do think those two - in a warped maybe unhealthy way, did have a sort of love/respect for each other, though.) Even freaking FDR was rumored to have stepped out on Eleanor. Yet these two couples are still, by and large, revered, even knowing the truth now. Bill and Hillary? Not so much.   So I think that part of the anti-Hillary bias was just an excuse. And Hillary was hated because she is a strong woman. And many can talk the talk of wanting that. But put words into action, and it's a different story. The saying goes, "Haters gonna hate!" But it does become problematic when that hate blinds people to the other monster in the room. But that one spouted all sorts of xenophobic jabs and made empty promises. And now...he's being sworn in on Friday, much to my eternal embarrassment. And so it goes.
    • Ain't that what she's been doing all year? No? 
    • Hillary has had to spend the better part of her marriage cleaning up Bill's messes.  That alone should win her the Nobel Peace Prize, the Medal of Freedom and the Profiles in Courage award.
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