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  • Posts

    • It's a shame David Boren retired when he did (not that I blame him for wanting to), because you guys lost a truly great public servant when that happened.    And for years, despite Republican dominance in OK since at least the Great Depression, there was until about 5-10 years ago an advantage for the Democrats in terms of voter registration--I guess because of older voters who were too lazy to go to the DMV and change it to Republican?    There's a famous country/bluegrass music show called Mountain Stage--produced by West Virginia Public Broadcasting--that's in danger of losing funding (I think that might have been the Appalachian program you had mentioned a few days before?), except bizarrely, some of that is actually coming from newly elected WV Governor Jim Justice--a Democrat (but also a billionaire, one of the few in his state).   And WV can use all the positive representation it can get nowadays. 
    • I think it's a mistake to relegate those people to off mainstream media.  One of the most alarming aspects of this election cycle, for me, was that there are enough wicked people in this world to elect that orange smear in America's underpants. This killed the part of my soul that once believed fundamentally decent people could just disagree on policy.  I was naive. Embarrassingly so. I guess it was easy to ignore that the majority of people in my home state and my adopted state held such reprehensible ideas because their spokespeople have been positioned as "fringe" by mainstream news sources. They are not fringe. They form the core of the GOP now. They need to be revealed. Exposed at every opportunity.     Pat Robertson claiming that opposition to Trump is the same as opposition to God needs to be heard by everyone. Not just the people who agree. I never want to make the mistake of underestimating them again. Keep them where I can see them. 
    • Don't lose hope. The chances that she'll be employed by B&B a year from now are slim.
    • Thank you. but, apparently it's fine for the sitting orange moron to delegitimize the former POTUS, saying he wasn't an american citizen. and JW? let's see, the last good project he was in was.......
      aint that a real bitch? these people tell Hollywood actors to shut up or get out....unless they agree with said hack actor (who wouldn't be able to star in an Ed Wood film). But then I remember....'Don't feed the trolls'. 
    • LOL at Fox finding some "ex-CIA Democrat" to claim spies are plotting and breaking the laws.  Did they report that they were under investigation for potentially breaking the law with their sexual harassment settlements?    I guess it's only okay to acknowledge the political views of Hollywood actors when they're conservative.
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