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  • Posts

    • Scott was born in late 80's or early 90's. I don't remember which. Lauren sent him away as a hide him from Sheila Carter.  But he's never been a fully realized adult character...ever. He came back for a brief stint about 13 years ago think. 
    • Well and here - I don't even know the character of Scott.  I didn't watch for around 8 to 10 years, but started again 3 years ago.  But if he's been a character on the show, I've not seen him.  And I don't think he's been on recently so that all adds up to - I don't really care if he's alive or dead....there's no emotional investment because I've not seen him.  It would be another thing if it was a character we know that went on vacation to Mexico and were taken hostage or disappeared because then I'd care.  But this....drama happening over some phone calls just falls flat.
    • It's not the pedophilia because the guy who invited him (Matt Schlap) thought it was perfectly okay to have someone he referred to as "radioactive"  because he was fighting against the liberals and at the end of the day, fighting against the liberals is part of the essence of life to them.  He had what I would categorize as a very mild reaction to the revelation of those videos in his written announcement for rescinding the invitation.  He urged him to "immediately further address these disturbing comments" which implies that there must be some acceptable explanation for "cracking a joke about his own sexual encounter with a Catholic priest as a child."   If they want to make a statement they will cut him from Breitbart.    Somebody probably insisted that it wouldn't look good for him to be a speaker at an event with Donald Trump and this must be their way of taking away some potential controversy.
    • They are relying on long term fans love for these characters to sell stories.    I don't think expecting the show to provide writing that could make drama more impactfully prior to drama occurring is being coddled. I call it writing a complete story myself. Jill's heart disease story was a similar example. It'd been more impactful if she'd been on with  the symptoms prior to her crisis   
    • First, there kinda was build up.  They were mentioning him within the last 2 weeks or so.  Lauren couldn't get a hold of him. Secondly, incidents like this do happen out of nowhere in the real world so don't act like this is phony.  Its not.  If there were 'build up' to Scott's perdiciment the impact, which there is, wouldn't be as great.    I'm finally understanding what most of you posters here mean by 'build up'.  'Build up' to you guys really 'Being coddled.'   On a side note I finding that many of you guys aren't even watching the show regularly or you guys are fast-forwarding.  Does it ever occur to you guys that you gotta actually watch all it?  The scenes you guys call 'boring' are the ones that tend to be the most important because they offer support for the framework of the story.   Too clarify, when I talk about build-up  I'm talking about the supporting scenes before the action starts.  Not, however, the situation specifically affecting the character Scott.  So, yes, there needs to be build up in the sense that the audience needs to be reminded of what he is doing, which did happen.
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