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  • Posts

    • WOW.   You all said Mariah went in on Heavenly. But watching the second part of the Reunion...and DAMMMMMMNNNN!!!!   That was a read.
    • LOL at Erika rolling her eyes when Yandy was tearing up.

      The segment with the brothers was beautiful. Its a damn shame it didnt move these women as I doubt this will change anything. Samantha looked stupid saying Yandy tries to act like mother and father and thats her problem. Well MNDC is in jail. The only way his kids are going to get together is through Yandy. he cant pick them up and bring them together from where he's at.

      LMAO at VH1 pulling the reciepts on LYING ass Yandy. Mona set her ass up

      Bianca looked so stupid on that stage with that bad awful wig.

      Major Galore looked beautiful on that stage. Where the heck this beef with Cardi come from? The show didnt even feature any of that so this fighting came out of nowhere

      This reunion was such an ugly look for Cardi. She is ruining her image

      Why are 80% of the women on all the LAHH franchises bi and/or lesbians? Its like a trend bc everytime you look some chick is admitting to messing with other girls

      Amina is still f--king Peter even though he asked her for a divorce on tv. What a dumb bitch
    • Still trying to wear my head around it (given the Nicole/Chloe history to date), but I am intrigued.   And given what's on screen right now with would it work? re: Jen.
    • Since I mentioned I saw it and would read it...I figured I would do a post with the highlights...   WHY ANOTHER WRITER CHANGE?   Pretty much, the same thing Corday said in his other interviews...gut feeling, steering the ship, not feeling the stories, etc.   RON'S WRITING   Corday says he will bring the laughs, tears, and rootable couples.   Couples mention: John/Marlena, Patch/Kayla, Hope/Rafe, Chabby. Also noted--Nicole/Brady/Eric/Chloe not sure if it meant together, but more will get done with them.   As mentioned elsewhere, there is a murder mystery coming. It starts in June and ends in September. RC has restructured how it will go however.   Corday wants to get away from the darkness of the writing.     Expect  Ron's vision to be clear two months into his run.   ABOUT SHERI ANDERSON   Corday thinks she has a strong female point of view and should be able to ground RC as well as all of her history with the show.   TWEAKS   There were some to a point.   Then Corday goes into why they shoot the way they have been doing it which a good overview of can be found here: I liked it since a lot of us here have discussed this all the time. I do believe this is the first interview where SOD directly asked him this. And I was surprised he answered. Definitely want to hear everyone's thought now that it's out in the open re:at this point, it's the only way DAYS stays on the air thus production model.   OTHERS   This interview was done pre-renewal so he talks about how he feels about the Megyn Kelly news.   Corday feels the show in in good hands for the fall with RC. And hopes he now has a long term writer for the future like the soap opera writers of old who stayed on their shows for a long time.   So...beginning of July to mid-Aug/Sept is Corday's estimate on feeling RC's writing kick in.
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