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    • So who does everyone think that they should get to takeover?    It'd be stupid to bring back anyone who has been a producer on this show the last ten years, as none of them have been stellar EPs. All of them have been dreadful if you ask me. The last time the show was truly perfection was about '06.    I'm hoping they take a risk and hire some new blood. Sucks they can't woo Mal Young back to the UK as he's over here on Y&R. 
    • What is bizarre is that out of the three newbie women that Carole emerged as the mainstay out of them. Never would've saw it. I always felt that after her second season she was gonna leave. Especially, after the incident with Aviva questioning her credibility as a writer.    Heather and Aviva always added more than Carole did. Carole didn't truly show up to the party till s7 with her feud with Luann.
    •   It would've made sense seeing how popular Nina Arvesen allegedly was with Y&R audiences as Cassandra. Why didn't the show do a better job at using her to draw in more viewers and force Pam Long's hand when it came to her?    She was that cliche gorgeous woman with blond heroine that the show was known for having. 
    •   I don't think that Jensen's Vicky truly became a Mary Sue type character till about '97 when Bobby Reno popped up on the canvas, and they further made Grant unhinged and slapstick. I do believe that JB's Vicky had the same spunk and independence early on until she married Grant and the hardness Vicky once possessed started to chip away.    And Ryan returned to Vicky because he loved her! Y'all are gonna leave Ryan and Vicky's love alone!      At that point of the show, I truly wish they would've left Marley off the show if they were gonna bring her back unhinged. I hated that story because it had Donna, Vicky, and Marley doing stupid mess.   Donna would not have ran down Vicky b/c she believed she had a part in Michael's accident/death. Knocked her block off? Hell yes. Trying mowing her down with a car? No.    Marley now wanting Jake after all those years was disgusting, and regressive for the character. Marley wanted nothing to do with Jake after he raped her, and her locking Vicky in a cage b/c she wanted him was absurd. It also allowed the writers to somewhat make it seem like Jake's sins were erased by Marley's actions b/c she went crazy. I hated that.    That story should've went to either Lila or Cindy. Preferably Cindy as she was always nutty. But not Marley.      My God! Buddy, just leave Jensen alone! 
    • Wow, Pilar's got jokes: "An operation on your head, Theresa, that's what you need!"   Ivy is delicious.
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    • AllMyDaysatGH

      She's disgusting & the worst. Hag.
      · 1 reply
    • ChitHappens

      Has anyone watched the BBC series Young Dracula, 2006 - 2014?  One of the funniest shows I've ever seen.  Found this gem on Amazon and I absolutely love it!
      · 0 replies
    • Khan

      Junking the AHCA would be, like, the best birthday present ever.  But if I can't get that, then I'll settle for a gift card from a bookstore.
      · 2 replies
    • soapfan770

      Alright it is official in my thirty years of soap watching, whatever flew as the Avant family drama story this past week on B&B is the DUMBEST, MOST ASININE and IMPLAUSIBLE story I have ever seen on a soap. So dumb and nonsensical I can't even describe it words...
      · 0 replies
    • Soapsuds

      The New Gong Show is horrible!  I can't believe the couple with the banana act got a perfect score....ridiculous!
      · 0 replies
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