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    • From Spain 🇪🇸       
    • SLC   That was pretty good. And oh, look. Another event with a cliffhanger.   I think someone else said it online best. I mentioned that Jen had been promoting since long before the season started. And others said she tweeted a lot the first 3 episodes. However, tonight? She has been mostly silent. Translation: she knows she messed up.    A lot of us here have said that she was doing too much. That she was playing a character. That she was coming in hot. Too hot. And I feel she's about to turn a corner since I believe 'Don't Get Ghetto.' is next week.   More in a minute...   HEATHER. So my favorite now. The 'I've frakked a grandpa, too. And?' TH. She is so ride-or-die for Jen. She was there as Jen got too drunk and made a scene at Whitney's party. She let Jen vent. She was there for her and still relatable (cuz you better not clear her chicken or her lollipops no no...lol).   JEN. And then we have Jen. Jen, Jen, Jen. Oops. One more letter and she would be Jan over Marcia. And not a good friend. Or maybe I should say a messy friend. She at least apologized for causing a scene with Meredith. But of course Meredith does not know that Jen was so upset she was spilling tea on her. So...I don't see that ending well. Jen is that friend who HAS to have all the attention. And if it is not on her, she has to cause drama so it's all about her. That is good for a tv show, NOT for people who call her friend. How Lisa Rinna of her. And that makes her toxic. More proof? She is STILL starting stuff with Mary, but her angry outburst at Whitney's party at the start of the episode and not apologizing for it at the end of the episode but having no problem apologizing to Meredith. Did she apologize because she cared or because she wanted someone on her side? And why does it feel like the latter? I will give her this much...she gave a reason for why she acts that way at Mary's Met Ball lunch. And THAT...was probably the first time she's been relatable since this started. I've been the ethnic in a small town...and how they treat you because of it. So yes, you have to work harder, be better, wow I'm sounding like Papa Pope lol but I get it...gotta work twice as hard to get to where everyone else is to be accepted. As a result...and I own this myself...you love different when it comes to friends. To a fault too. But she has to learn to pick her battles on that. Right now, she's her own worst enemy.   MEREDITH. Now she showed how much of a friend she is...but it has been established that she and Lisa were separated at birth. Okay, just kidding. But she confined in her and Jen. And so far only one is showing herself to be a good friend, by not repeating the husband secret. Ice over fire? Who knew? And I liked that rather than get in the middle of the Jen/Mary feud...she wisely disengaged cuz she was not there for kid mess.   LISA. Wow. Fabulous ice has a heart in there. Who knew? Loved her and Meredith's outfits for the Met Ball lunch.   WHITNEY. Not much this time around from her.   MARY. #unbothered But looking at the end of this episode it looked like that was about to change. She seriously looked slighted by Jen apologizing to Meredith. Before that she was off in her own little ShebySheree world with her fashion and kookiness and her shade at her son's gf. lol. I hollered at the fact that she would not say f&*(. It was a running joke all through the episode and it was hilarious at how much she does not take herself seriously when she is taking herself seriously. And a better friend than Jen since she invited Jen to her Met Ball lunch even though they were having drama. And was civil to her. And was straightforward, but nice to Jen in her words. Shame Jen could not be the same.    Again...good cliffhanger.    
    • That it is. And LA just apparently gave stay at home orders to everyone. SD (where I'm at) is probably next.   Probably because at the time they did not take it at all seriously. After all the OC has been called the 'Florida' of California. For that reason...the fact that Shannon shows the good, the bad, and the ugly with herself...I been saying that unlike the other HW shows that filmed post-co-vid...OC would be interesting because it really was there...filmed before/during/AND after Co-Vid hit. The other shows have filmed after or had pick up scenes or have some scenes of it, but OC WAS THERE. It is lightning in the bottle. A time capsule for sure of sorts. That's...and being here in Cali...is part of the reason I'm actually watching this season. To see how it goes. If Shannon would use her platform responsibly. And as we see, Shannon did put it out there. My only regret is that they did not have a more dynamic cast. But...it is what it is.    And some of the shows have already started doing that. There has...and will continue to be...a lot more family/individual scenes. So the good HWs will rise or fall on those scenes I going forward. POTOMAC (and SLC) have enough individual personas to show that when it's time for them to film they will be fine. Same with ATL, NY, and even NJ I suspect. But the others...? Well...*shrugs*      
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