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  1. I think a lot of performers and writers don't have the same reaction to JFP that most viewers do. I'm reminded of Erika Slezak raving about JFP's tenure on OLTL which surprised me since the women characters became so dumb and desperate under JFP. These actors and writers don't get (or choose not to get) how much JFP ruined so many soaps for viewers. As a viewer, she ruined AW, GL and OLTL for me.
  2. Robyn has every right to respond to Katie and I think her post was tame in comparison to Katie's comments. I'm a new viewer to Potomac, but as far as I've been watching, Robyn has always talked about her finances and trying to get them in order. She's not Dorit-ing or Jayne-ing her way through the show. Plus, doesn't production pay for all of this? Katie comes across as a nut job. Would Katie be saying any of this if she had been invited to the reunion? I highly doubt it.
  3. What have Erika's contributions to the show actually been? Pantygate? Sniper from the snide? I don't care about glam squads and autotuning so I never liked her. It was perfectly obvious she came on to do Yolanda's dirty work, and their "friendship" was manufactured. Yolanda knew nothing about Erika and vice versa. Erika always has such a nasty attitude. There's no point to her being there. I remember her first season the tides turned and viewers wanted Kathryn and were less interested in Erika, but Andy was so far up Erika's ass that he kept her. She should have been a one season HW because she has done nothing. Teddi was universally slammed. The viewers loathed her so why is she still on the show? I really think it's time for Bravo to fire Andy Cohen. He's a terrible interviewer (The Southern Charm reunion was an absolute mess) and he makes mistake after mistake. RHOP: Gizelle just amuses me. I enjoy her. I'm not bothered by her. Ashley I find "toxic" (the buzzword) because she's fake and manufactured. She did that whole father thing for sympathy. The man blocked her on facebook, and she thinks going down with cameras is going to make him open up? Please. She did to shift focus. We all know that. It makes her all the more disgusting when she's going after someone who has been raped. Ick.
  4. I understand what Carlton is saying. Kyle came across as fake and guarded. She has that plastic way of greeting and responding to people. I loved Carlton's dislike of Kyle; it made me like her even more. I think Carlton's real problem was that she was aligned too much with Brandi and too much of the edit was about sex which turned viewers off. This also goes to show what a hypocrite Kyle is. She blasted LVP for not wanting to film with everyone, but she refused to film with Carlton. LVP v. Brandi: Brandi's sit down with Schaena made Brandi. I think that's what Brandi could never get over. She would have to be grateful to LVP. I never got why Brandi was upset with Schaena. Schaena didn't marry you and promise to be faithful to you. Your husband did. Yolanda had one good season and then her true colours came out.
  5. I can't stand Bethenny 2.0 but I can see why Jill's scenes would be cut to please her. Jill was an absolute nightmare in season three, and she did her best to try to sabotage Bethenny and her spinoff. I wouldn't want her on the show either. However, it does show what a stranglehold Bethenny had on the show and like you, I'm glad she's gone. I don't want to see Jill return though.
  6. The judge in the case said they are still married: https://pagesix.com/2019/08/23/bethenny-frankel-and-jason-hoppy-are-still-legally-married/
  7. I'm confused. How can Bethenny get married if she's still married to Jason?
  8. Most people seem to think Bethenny leaving is bad for RHONY, but weren't the ratings low? I remember someone posted them here and RHOBH was much higher. If I recall, Southern Charm was even beating RHONY. Am I wrong about that?
  9. RHONY:I'm glad Bethenny is leaving. I may watch full time now. I couldn't stomach Bethenny 2.0 and it'll be nice to see the show without Andy Cohen feeling the need to prop up Bethenny at every opportunity. BTW, I thought seasons five and six were wonderful (although five took a few episodes). I'm glad I saw season three recently because now I understand why people like Bethenny. I like that version but not the Bethenny we have now. I watched OC last night and I don't know why as I don't care about any of these women. I know I should feel something for Gina, but Gina's revelations means she's another OC hypocrite since she went after Shannon at the reunion for holding stuff back and not being honest. IT also felt like a power move in her custody hearing to bring this out now. She was mean to Emily about her problems when she said something like "Your problems are going to sound so stupid." Who does that? Bronwyn is talking about her daughter, and it's something incredibly sad so of course victim Shannon has to make it all about her. I know people like Shannon but I can't get behind her. On an off topic note, Shannon and Vicki need to take a grammar class. It drives me nuts when they say things like "I seen." The whole "train" discussion was so contrived and ridiculous. It felt like Vicki conspired with Shannon and Tamra to get back at Kelly. At this point, it's just vicious since they know it will harm Kelly's daughter. Perhaps, that's why I can't get behind the show. Vicki has done truly horrific things and the show wants us to just forget this. I think because she never got her comeuppance (although I suppose the demotion could be seen that way) there is always this elephant or pig in the scene.
  10. RHOP: As a new viewer, I find Gizelle hilarious. I find the other women difficult to get into especially Ashley who just comes across as so fake--the father visit made no sense. I also don't know what to make of Karen, but that's also because she's been an afterthought in this season's episodes I've seen. RHOC: Vicki should have been fired during the cancer fraud. I don't miss her when she's not there. I think the problem is less about Vicki and more about boring housewives who are still on the show. Gina adds nothing. Emily and Shannon's instagram thing was amusing, but I don't want to see another a-hole husband and a long-suffering wife. I like Tamra especially when she's worried about Eddie, but I don't want to see her racist son. Kelly I'm not sure what to make of. She reminds me of Brandi, but she doesn't exhaust me the way Brandi did. Why didn't they try to get Lynne back since her family is going through so much? Why are there only white housewives? Where are the OC Asian women? Are they just going to write off anyone non-white because of the Peggy disaster? RHOM: I miss Miami. Season two was so good and season three was fine. Better than most of the other shows. RHONY: I've been watching season three of the show. I like this Bethenny. What happened to her? I can't stand the Bethenny on the current season. I also liked Alex since she was so real (hives, nervousness, anxiety, etc.). Season three Jill shows what happens when you buy into the press and think you're the star. Hope Jill's downfall happens to Kyle. How was Kelly invited back? She was mentally ill and it was unsettling watching her on the show. I'll probably skip season four since I've been told it gets vicious and the new housewife Cindy is a disaster.
  11. Exactly. The whole anti-Heather thing was so bizarre to me. My guess is there was a take down Bethenny pact, but when they realized it was not going to work, they went after heather.
  12. This is one reason I can't get into RHONY. Dorinda is so damn cruel. There was no reason for that turnip comment, but she loves to twist the knife. Her line of thinking is "Barbara doesn't fit in so it was perfectly right for us to treat her abominably." I wonder if she would tell that to teenagers. Why does she care about Tinsley's money? I think we all know why. They thought Tinsley would be a flash in the pan, but she hasn't been and that irks them. They constantly complain that she's not open, but Bethenny hides a LOT. What do we really know about Dorinda except for Richard and Dorinda? And then Dorinda goes after Luann who can be insufferable, but Dorinda is worse. If you know your friend is going through something (alcohol or manic depression), why are you constantly hounding her? It feels as if she does it for the camera which makes it all the more scummy.
  13. THE OC: I think OC has the same problem as rhobh. I don't buy these women like each other. It feels as if Tamra and Shannon only forgave Vicki because they thought their jobs were dependent on it. I might like Kelly if she didn't come across as such a psycho and her scenes with her daughter seem scripted as well. Maybe they're not, but I don't buy them. At last season's reunion, I remember thinking Gina was somewhat interesting for calling perpetual victim Shannon out on her stuff, but I completely forgot about Emily. I can't remember one thing she said or did. I think the cancer scam harmed the show because that's a horrible thing to come back from and how could you trust anything that comes out of Vicki's mouth? The people who seem to support Vicki are the ones that want Phaedra back on RHOA, but that woman should have beeb disbarred and jailed. The only reason to have Phaedra back is to have shirtless Apollo scenes. On a side note, what happened to Terry Dubrow's face?
  14. If i were not laid up because of a knee problem I would not have watched RHOC, but I watched, and I was bored out of my mind. I skipped the Ryan stuff (after reading about it here) because I'm just not listening to that garbage. Who is there to root for on this show? Gina is a drunk and could have killed someone. I'm supposed to feel for her? Emily has yet another emotionally abusive spouse. How is that entertaining? Everything felt flat and produced/scripted. Kelly's trip to the cat village had me eye rolling. I don't care about the new girl. Bronwyn I think. I don't want to see a woman who has seven kids. I loathe kids, and I will never understand why Bravo thinks viewers want to see brats running around their screen. I didn't miss Vicki because I find her to be a sociopath. I have never really liked RHOC because it's too much religion and republicanism for me, but with this cast, I just don't care about any of them.
  15. Why does everyone want Vicki? She was an absolute nightmare. I never liked her and the whole Brooks thing should have had her sued and fired. I didn't watch last season (except for reunion) so I don't know how the season went, but I was not crazy about the new women.
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