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  1. That's interesting to read because I've read and heard so many complaints about this season. I can see where people were annoyed with the show because it started off strong, but I'm up to episode eight, and it's been pretty dull after the great Kelly/Shannon restaurant confrontation. It's the same discussions repeatedly (Vicky is evil; Tamra and Shannon are horrible friends). I find Peggy hilarious but you can tell she is in a lot of pain.These women are so narcissistic that they never ask her how she is. I haven't seen much of the Lydia/Shannon stuff so I hope it gets there soon. At this point, I don't know why Peggy was not asked back. Was it about the homophobic allegations or was her fate already sealed? I remember so much on twitter about her being a horrible housewife, but I'm enjoying her. Shannon is just too much for me. The woman is so self involved. I would not want to diagnose someone but there's something wrong there, and I know she was much worse during last season's trip where she had her meltdown. Why does no one call her on it? Eight or nine blackouts???? Egads.
  2. The Edmonds stuff is just insane and rather disappointing considering how much I enjoyed Meghan when she was on. Andy always says he's going to change up RHOC, but Bravo rarely does. I enjoy Emily and Kelly. I've never enjoyed Vicki, and while I feel for Gina, I can do without her. I watched a few episodes of Peggy 2's season. It started off so well (the Shannon/Kelly confrontation at the dinner table was hilarious) so I'm surprised that it's viewed as one of the worst seasons. Was Peggy really that bad?
  3. I actually preferred Paulina with Joe as I was done with Jake. I would have been more than happy to see Jake killed off. Of course, I'm also the viewer who still missed Cali Timmins so take what I say with a grain of salt.
  4. Brandi was always desperate to stay on the show. I miss second and third season Brandi. This is a woman who allowed her father to accuse her of being an escort during the Family Boot Camp show. Just ugh. What does it say about you that your father thinks you worked as a hooker? I try to like Porsha but it doesn't help that Dennis is such a scuzzbucket and it seems she's only with him for the money. RHONJ: I fell asleep while watching Hulu and they decided to autplay the RHONJ reunion where Margaret and Siggy were fighting. Has there been a more bitter and mentally unbalanced woman like Siggy? I couldn't get over how delusional and hateful she was. Was it just the reunion or was she a nutjob the entire season?
  5. I'm so confused by recent activity in this thread (a bit like Glenn Close rising from the bathtub), but I was prompted to look up the Hitopah storyline so I guess I should be grateful.
  6. Hit the nail on the head. Buchanan was not the right fit for Vicky. She also was a terrible Marley and her Vicky lacked any of the qualities that Wheeler and Heche brought to Vicky. She turned her into a typical soap heroine. I would have preferred (at the time) that they killed off Vicky and saved Frankie who had so much more potential. With Buchanan playing her, Vicky was a bore.
  7. I feel like I'm always on Kelly's side with this board, but it was Tamra who kept going after Kelly. It was Tamra who called her a "dumb bit*h" under her breath. It was Tamra and Shannon who kept going after Kelly often when the discussion wasn't even about Kelly. It was so ridiculous and you could tell they were unhappy when Vicki and Kelly called a truce. It's no wonder Shannon was so unhappy at Bravocon--they all thought they were going to get Kelly over that lawsuit nonsense. Gina was the only one who talked sense (which is odd considering how dumb she was for most of the season) about Kelly and Vicki's feud. Frankly, anything Kelly did was nothing compared to the homophobic bigot Vicki. I also thought Braunwyn handled herself wonderfully. She didn't yell or hurl insults like Tamra, Shannon, Vicki, and Kelly. She let Vicki hang herself and she responded in an eloquent way. She earned major points in my books.
  8. OC: I don't think Andy will ever let Tamra go. Andy looked to Tamra to discuss the whole Vicki thing although it was telling he was less offended by Vicki's "dyke" comment and homophobia than he was about her criticising the show. It was so aggravating to see the tres amoebas baiting Kelly and then telling her to "Calm down" or "Take a Breath." They don't seem to understand that it doesn't look bad on Kelly if they're doing what they can to get her to react. It was exasperating because there'd be an interesting conversation going and then Tamra or Shannon would have to make some anti-Kelly remark and them it would get derailed into name calling and shouting. Shannon needs to lay off the fillers and stop with the spray tanning. I find Shannon more annoying because Tamra is at least doing it as part of her job although her lack of empathy for Gina was shocking. ATL:Nene was horrible last season, but I don't think she's as far gone as Vicki. She's getting there because her off camera antics are annoying and Vickiesque ("This is My Show" type stuff). I would prefer the show without her but I think she can redeem herself if she just stops with the holier than thou stuff. It would also help if she took responsibility for attacking the crew member which we all know she will never do. That alone should have had her fired. I'm not feeling Tanya this season. She's so happy to see Nene after Nene's disgusting remarks to her at the reunion? Cynthia reminds me of some of my family members--so afraid of conflict that they will just go with the person they are with at the time because they don't want to make waves. Dallas: Don't watch but not surprised to see other cast members' racist behaviour. I'm sure that a lot of these women don't equate racism with Asians. I've encountered that attitude quite often. Speaking of which, why are there no Asian housewives in any cities especially OC--which has a large Asian population.
  9. I miss Sunset Beach. I just wish it had been allowed another year or so as I think it would have really hit its stride. I'm still annoyed they got rid of Francesca who was such a good character.
  10. Have there been further details of the streaming service that will be showing The Doctors?
  11. I've been thinking of Nancy Frangione and why her last stint didn't work. I don't remember much of it. Why didn't it work out? Was this another JFP thing?
  12. Wow. Bravo really is sticking it to Nene this year. I can't say I blame them but still. If they were going to do this, why not just cut her? Seems so odd to keep her dangling in front of the audience. I ordered Positive Beverage and it's actually quite good.
  13. Why do people like Vicki? I really don't get it. She has said and done similar things on a smaller scale. I'm not shocked by what happened but the way it happened. I always thought she'd get caught on video saying something. I never thought something like this. I didn't catch it, but apparently Vicki called Braunwyn a d*ke. I will never understand how people like(d) Vicki. I know she made good t.v. moments, but there are less bigoted/hateful people who make good t.v. I will say a positive is that all of them (regardless of their politics) called out Vicki. Shane was definitely doing damage control as he was a complete dick to Emily in the BTS video during the reunion. Tamra, Gina, and Shannon think Emily plays victim when Gina and Shannon whined about their divorces all season (leaving aside Gina becoming an assault victim). Tamra still allows Ryan to blame Simon for Ryan's problems. Emily admitted on camera she has anger problems so where is the discrepancy? Also telling Kelly had to prompt Tamra to comfort/hug Gina and then Tamra tried to get out of it.
  14. Her mother's death was heartbreaking and I wish that Vicki was the Vicki we got on the show (not to go through something like that, but to see authentic emotion of any kind). I think Vicki jumped the shark with the cancer storyline. I don't think she was ever able to come back from that. Her desperation this season still stems from not wanting to be seen as a con woman when she was clearly lying and conning everyone about Brooks' cancer. I know that Vicki saw Braunwyn as the reason for her demotion, but if Bravo really wanted her, they could have kept her on full time. Vicki was homophobic and a complete nightmare to Braunwyn who handled herself remarkably well which also made Vicki so much worse. I have never seen someone implode in this specific way. Vicki showed her true self at the reunion and it was frightening. If they invite her back, I'm done with RHOC. I can't watch this woman any longer.
  15. I hope that is true. I've always disliked her, but that was just horrific. That was worse than I thought it was going to be.
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