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  1. Have any of the horrible women offered condolences to LVP or are they still in attack mode?
  2. SB always had so many loose ends and they never cared to address them. As fantastic as the show could be, it's maddening how they will drop secondary characters or even contract players. In a way, they would do the telenovela format where a storyline would run for 12 weeks and then it'd just fizzle out (The Laura/Michael/Leo Mitchell stuff some immediately to mind) or they'd get rid of the character (Sandra the psychic). Did they ever tell a long-term storyline that lasted about six month and that didn't fizzle out or become confusing (Channing's murder for ex.)?
  3. I don't see anything wrong with it, but wasn't Rinna criticised for the "my gays" stuff? Ugh. I'm so over RHOBH. I can't even bother to watch it.
  4. He would cry into a scarf???? Oh, this I wish I could see. On another note, I feel like I was a fan of the AW stories that no one else liked. I enjoyed the Cass/Rex (was it Rex? I can't remember the twin's name) and Nicole storyline. I still remember the twin's accomplice being thrown over the balcony and being upset because I liked her. I enjoyed the MAry/Reginald stuff, but I have no recollection of where the storyline went. For some reason, I'm missing Carmen Duncan a lot. She was always Iris to me, and I'm still outraged she didn't win an Emmy for the chief storyline.
  5. Tomlin's OLTL tenure had its problems, but it was still watchable on the whole. He fostered characters I cared about, and while I never cared for Todd, there were other storylines I could watch. I don't know how he was on other shows, but I think Tomlin could have been excellent if he'd been paired with stronger headwriters. I adored Barbara Garrick as Allison so I would have put up with a lot just to see her, but it goes to show how selective the memory is. I had forgotten about Mitch and Jessica because Allison was my sole focus. I get the beach stuff with Todd was inane (and I always FFed most of Todd's stuff so it didn't matter to me) but what came after was an absolute mess for the most part.
  6. It's depressing but not surprising that the remaining soaps do not have decent gay storylines. I bet if most execs had their way, they wouldn't have to include black or hispanic characters either because so many of these writers and execs are stuck in a fifties' mindset. Are there any Asian characters who have a major role in any of the soaps? I haven't watch a soap in years. When a gay storyline doesn't work, they always blame it on the "gay" aspect rather than the idiotic writing or timid storytelling. The soaps are so busy catering to the pearl clutchers and the bible belt that they lose everyone else. The Noah/Luke storyline started off fine, but it got so ridiculous and boring that I didn't care by the end. On soaps, gay men always have to turn to women during an emotional crisis and these gay men always have magical sperm since a baby is always conceived.
  7. I had no idea about this Laura Malone controversy. I wonder what really went on. I see JFP was not the only EP who liked to fire pregnant/new mothers.
  8. Mauceri just goes to show that you can't equate starring in a gay themed film as confirmation that the person will be supportive of the gay audience/gay rights. When these actors find religion, gays and lesbians are always the first group they throw under the bus. They could have made their money from working with gay actors/directors, but they don't care. There was a lot wrong with the gay storyline on OLTL (including the tired and offensive "gay man gets emotional so sleeps with woman" trope) but there were a lot of problems with other storylines. I don't recall Mauceri getting offended by Todd punching Tea for ex.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. I remember reading that Born had done a video complaining about the EP (who I thought was Rauch). Does anyone remember this? If I recall, this led to Bizeau's firing because of her involvement with him. Does this ring a bell for anyone?
  10. I think it was a combination of things including the Dash storyline. Sorel has a really good interview at welovesoaps that goes into this. Interestingly, she never mentions Rauch by name when talking about the producer who produced the show when she left.
  11. The internet search says he left in summer 1991 and Rauch replaced him. Don't know how accurate that is. I just remember reading that Born and Rauch had feuded and Sorel was fired because of Rauch. It wouldn't surprise me knowing what I've read about him, but my memory could be faulty. I didn't always care for Conboy's SB, but Rauch ruined SB for me. Pamela Long helped kill it. She definitely had it, and I wish that behind the scenes turmoil hadn't caused her departure. The Michael/Flame (which used to be on youtube) was so good and the character could have done so much more.
  12. Judi Evans as Nancy would have been an excellent choice. I suppose the show didn't want to pay for two actresses so just shoehorned Evans into the role of Paulina, but her Paulina just never made sense. I always felt that way about Buchanan's Vicky and her disastrous Marley. Vicky lost so much of her spunk and energy and Wheeler wiped Buchanan off the screen when she returned to the show. I'm missing AW a lot today, but I'm not sure why because the show was never stable or consistent starting in 1991. It seemed as if the show was a new one every year. I'd get invested in characters, and a new producer would fire them. I stopped watching consistently when Frankie was killed off. I could put up with the Justine mess, but not killing off Frankie just for effect.
  13. I wonder if Paul Rauch as producer of SB also caused a lot of the problems during the Dobsons' return. He made a point to destroy Augusta's character and fire Louise Sorel (wasn't it because they had had an affair at some point?) and Augusta kept having those flirtations/dream sequences with her sister's rapist. Rauch and Roscoe Born butted heads so Born was gone, and Bizeau soon followed. A real shame as I thought the Flame/Michael pairing was great. Runyeon also disappeared soon after.
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