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  1. My point was: All housewives are hypocrites. All housewives are inconsistent. All housewives pick and choose when they are offended/hurt/traumatized. 2020 has been an awful year, but I hope you have a good holiday week.
  2. I was making a joke considering that every housewife interrupts, changes the subject, or cries. Rinse and repeat. I have not posted since early November because my take on RHOP is vastly different from everyone else (my first point in six weeks was a couple days ago). I'm not a fan of Karen and I don't think Monique is a saint, so I know my posts won't be popular around here. Some people don't take kindly to a difference of opinion or they are not kind when someone disagrees about a housewife they like. If I have repeated my KAren complaints, it's because I find it offensive to ignore the sub
  3. To be fair, she probably learned that from Karen who changes any subject to make it about Gizelle.
  4. RHOP: Let's be real. Monique and her team watched that video, and they catered her version to the video. Monique did not remember any of that--no one that out of control is going to remember every single detail. She has every right to study it, but don't lie and say it's your memory. I know people like Monique now, and don't like Candaice, but come on. Let's call everyone out for their b.s. Let's also remember that Monique destroyed the video with Michael assaulting the cameraman and that Karen excused Michael's behavior so she could take another swipe at Gizelle. RHOA: With Porsh
  5. Andy continued to question Monique's version of events on WWHL. MY sense is that Monique watched the video and she tailored her story to the video. No way someone that out of control remembered every single detail. It bothered me that Karen took Michael's assaulting men as a chance to go back at Gizelle. It was really icky. I know she has nothing else to do but go after Gizelle, but I expected KAren to take the allegations seriously, and not ignore them to take another swipe at Gizelle. Speaking of Michael, am I the only one who thinks Monique destroyed the evidence?
  6. I know I'm in a losing battle with this subject, but I think it's possible to think Gizelle is lying while thinking KAren has no story without Gizelle. Karen knows that. That's why she's keeping the pressure on Gizelle. That's why she always go after Gizelle at the reunions because she knows she has to keep it up. Karen (at least the last two seasons) has depended on other people for her story. Do people care about the alleged problems in her marriage? Comes across as so fake. KAren has always gone after Gizelle, and while she might have good reason, I just find it tedious. Gizelle will revea
  7. I get that, but it becomes annoying after a while. If you take Gizelle out of KAren's mouth, she barely has anything to do. She's like the Potomac version of Rinna going after Denise. I get that Gizelle is hiding stuff and there's some serious stuff there, but I just grow tired of KAren always going after Gizelle. I guess I don't respond to self-appointed hall monitors. I know the board thinks she's saint Karen, but I just wish she would focus on her own life. People like Gizelle always bring down themselves.
  8. RHOA: Where did the Carlos King rumor start? Was it Phaedra or her blog friends who put that rumor forward? It seems that came up as a way to save Phaedra's job. Frankly, it makes her look worse, and it doesn't jive with everything else she did that season. She wanted to take Kandi down, and she didn't need King to do anything. Phaedra was a liar from her first episode, and she was a liar on her last. The only thing I miss about her is her fine ass ex-husband. I think her ex-con ex-husband had more integrity than she did. RHOP: Karen on WWHL illustrated why I don't like her. She wa
  9. RHOP: Is it me, or is Wendy the way Karen was in her first season? It feels like Karen is really reacting to her season one personality. Karen was a know-it-all scold in her first season. I don't know if educated women do well on housewives shows because there is always resentment from the other housewives and a lot of the fans resent it. I'm not saying that's the case about Wendy, but if I had four degrees, I'd be bringing it up every chance I got. That's a major accomplishment. I can see why someone like Karen wouldn't appreciate that.
  10. Tanya was aware of the cookie lady months before the lunchtime confrontation. Cynthia actually confronted Kenya at the lunch about bringing the cookie lady, and Tanya was aware of this. Tanya pretended none of this happened because the producers had not put these scenes in the show. In her speak on it, Cynthia tells of how the producers kept wanting Kenya and Cynthia to film at the cookie lady's store (at the beginning of the season) even though Cynthia barely knew her. She made it seem that the producers were behind the whole cookie lady stuff.
  11. For me, I think Tanya lost a lot of appeal when she was suddenly friends with Nene again after Nene said those disgusting things to her at the reunion. I knew then she was desperate to be on the show. I also think Cynthia's speak on it with Kandi spoke to how duplicitous Tanya is (. I remember thinking Kenya was fantastic on the reunion, and Nene was a disaster with her rehearsed reads and her weak comebacks to anything Kenya said. Porsha had the social distancing read, but for the most part, she was annoying too. I think it was probably the worst RHOA reunion as the first part was great, but
  12. I know Patrick Mulcahey was not a fan of Conboy. He called him an idiot or something in an interview about Mulcahey's time on Santa Barbara.
  13. Potomac has definitely surpassed RHOA, but I'm willing to give it a try. I think the non-Nene season was one of the best, so fingers crossed this is going to be a good season. As for Kandi, I sort of see your point, but just because Kandi is wealthy that doesn't mean Riley's father should not have any responsibilities.
  14. I don't buy Karen's marriage storyline for one second. It all reeks of a storyline cooked up for the show since she didn't do much last year. I know most people think she walks on water, but I find her "grande dame" act to be just that. IT may also be that I revisited the first season where she was awful so I don't buy this Lady Bountiful routine. I do think there are moments when she is wonderful (telling the women they needed to be more compassionate to wig-impaired Katie is a highlight; bringing up last year with C and A) but like Gizelle's current relationship, I'm skeptical and not accept
  15. On a reality show, you're expected to forgive and move on when another housewife does something to you. I find that so bizarre as that's not the way life works. I'm all for Candaice not getting over it because that's real. However, I don't like milking it and seeing it as an opportunity and I'm someone who clearly thought Monique was in the wrong. I think the other women are being disingenuous, but Candaice is not making herself look good. She reminds me of Kim Richards when Rinna attacked. KR could have had the moral high ground but she was such a ghastly liar that she allowed a crying Rinna
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