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  1. I came across a book that talks about soap fan culture, and they included a letter to the Soap Opera Weekly editor complaining about GL and Ann Hamilton as Mindy. The letter also proves that JFP was rewriting history when she said that she didn't know people thought killing off Maureen was a huge mistake until years later. I was a kid but I remember reading furious letters in the soap magazines about Parker's firing.
  2. That's funny because I recognised Simms right away, but it took me a bit to figure out who Englund and Seagrove were. I thought Seagrove was Carolyn Hennessy at first glance which confused me. I've stopped listening to and watching these reunions because I can't take the horrible interviewers (not just Locher). It's not that difficult to allow actors to talk and ask relevant questions. I'm not even that versed on some of the soaps, and I could do a quick internet search to come up with relevant questions.
  3. Erika's comments about Denise's children were disgusting. She is such a nasty hypocrite. This is a woman (who along with Eileen and Rinna) who attacked LVP for asking about Eileen's affair with her husband (because of her kids). She had a meltdown about her son when Eileen made an innocent remark. Rinna went after Sutton for just the idea of Sutton causing a scene at her daughters' event. Yet Erika and Rinna think it's okay to bring up CS and hookers on camera? These women are awful human beings. Just horrendous.
  4. She talked repeatedly about how GL was good at integrating Gilly and her family into the show, but they never followed up with why she left. There were so many times a follow-up question would have elicited some good info but they NEVER did that. It was so infuriating because I've always felt that Amelia Marshall was highly underrated and this chat could have really given her the chance to shine.
  5. They were the worst. They make the Locher guy look like a masterclass in hosting. They were so stuck to their questions that they never really listened to her, or allowed the convo to flow. She did all the work. A simple question: Why did you leave GL?. That q. was never asked.
  6. That's exactly what Kenya said in the speak on it with Kandi (which was more entertaining than the entire three part reunion). It's interesting to me that Kandi's Youtube channel is much more interesting than the show most of the time.
  7. Nene attacked a cameraman and was asked back. She even tried to sue Bravo and the production company by hiring Weinstein's apologist attorney. The woman is awful but I bet she'll be asked back. I have no idea why Bravo allows Nene to get away with this when the Nene-less seasons were really good.
  8. Kandi and Kenya's talk on it was everything the show should have been. I also wonder what Tanya did that Kandi bleeped out since Kandi muted Kenya's comments since Tanya's actions were not shown on the show. They also briefly touch on Porsha and imply that Bravo protects her with the edit. A better question: Why do the editors take out the best stuff and leave us with the dull stories? As for Dorinda, she should be fired, but Andy Cohen is out doing damage control so it won't happen. I think Tinsley and her trainer are more entertaining than anything else on the show.
  9. I agree. Conboy had his problems (Julia's rape was a major misstep) but I think some of the problems could have been ironed it. The Dobsons and Rauch just made so many irreparable mistakes that nothing Long did would have saved the show. She certainly didn't help, but the show was too far gone. D & R really killed audience loyalty and interest.
  10. Pamela Long was just the wrong writer for the show. SB needed a hw who could play up the show's wit and Long is too earnest for that. I felt that the SB characters lost their individuality and became flattened during her tenure (Mason and Julia were neutered beyond belief for ex.). SB's demise was certainly not Long's fault as it has been on life support for a while. I know people talk about losing Marcy Walker as the death knell, but I think it was firing Carrington Garland. You also had Justin Gocke, Roberta Bizeau, Frank Runyeon, Louise Sorel, John Callahan and Roscoe Born leaving or fired. In my mind, The Dobsons and Rauch are the ones really responsible.
  11. I thought the second reunion episode was boring. Kenya bringing the marching band to Marlo's event was hilarious and all the women thought so too at the time. The cookie lady thing would have been funny if Kenya had not called Tanya a C*nt. The women choosing their cookies in front of Tanya was too funny. Kenya has been attacked left and right by these women and she has never once gotten up and stormed off like a petulant child. Nene always wants to do her purchased reads, but she does not want to answer for anything. It's also telling to me that after Eva's comments about how she was beaten up, it was Kenya who immediately went to help her. Porsha and Nene just sat there stone faced. That tells me everything I need to know about them. It reminded of when Tamra had to be forced to show compassion for Gina, but she couldn't even do it. It was so fake. I don't care how the women felt about Eva. That was the time to show compassion. I get it though. It's hard to show compassion when you're drunk and a narcissist.
  12. She doesn't really take responsibility for Maureen's death based on the interview. She makes a lot of excuses (some she has to know make no sense), and she still doesn't understand why people were angry. JFP is either deluded or so self-satisfied that she doesn't get it. I found her OLTL painful to watch because the women suddenly become oversexed idiots (Nora) and she fired Laura Bonarrigo in the most brutal of ways. OLTL became so dark and angry under JFP.
  13. That's very true as the Dobsons were often accused of dropping stories and characters out of the blue. Did SB ever have a long-term storyline? I'm more familiar with JFP's work on SB than the Dobsons so I noticed this pattern on all of the soaps she dismantled. It's amusing to me that no one will take responsibility for Frankie's death even 24 years later. It's always someone else who made the decision. I remember Michael Logan writing a a column at the time where everyone passed the buck. I tried to listen to the interview, but the interviewer spent so much time telling JFP how brave and exciting she was that it was sick making. I would really like an honest JFP interview, but I don't know if we'll ever get it.
  14. I would also say this was her big mistake as she didn't focus on long-term storylines. SB told stories the way PC would years later--in 13 week cycles. When you were between cycles, the show could be dull. If JFP had been able to bring long-term storytelling and non-Capwell stories into the show, I think SB would have lasted longer since Walker's departure was really the death knell. Instead, you'd always have a new bunch of characters you knew would probably not last more than a year. I think that 3/4 of Eden/Cruz/Robert storyline was one of the best stories they told, but it was forced on her and she and the writers just let it sputter out. Few of the SB stories told during her tenure actually had a great endings and long-lasting repercussions. Sadly, she took this way of producing a soap to every soap she subsequently worked on.
  15. I thought she has some good months at GL, but then the wheels came off as they always do with JFP. Maureen's death really didn't create much story after that (much the same way Cass was M.I.A shortly after Frankie's death). I always felt JFP dumbed down the GL characters (as she did with OLTL) and when I look at the 1991 episodes, it's shocking to me how much more emotionally satisfying they were compared to a lot of her work.
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