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    • When you don't have any real arguments, use the "nazi" or "russian agent" cards. Everyone has the right to their opinion. You don't have the right to punch someone, vandalise stores or burn cars.   Btw, weren't you the one who said that Trump wouldn't be the republican nominee, that he wouldn't debate Hillary, and that he wouldn't win the election? You were wrong every single time. You have no credibility no matter how much you try to bully others who post in this thread.
    • This may have been posted already, but David Brock is now funding the start of a Breitbart for the left. I'm no fan of Brock's by any means, but David Sirosta I hope can be a controlling force. I know Sirosta was scathing on Hillary but it might be good having someone at the help with an opposing view. We'll see. Obviously I am skeptical but it's sadly something needed. The left also needs more media outlets so the message can get out to the non urban areas.  
    • There's a difference between letting him dictate the coverage and countering it.   Ignoring his first press secretary's briefing opening with this would be normalizing his behavior and letting it become a matter of day-to-day course. That cannot be allowed to happen. And no, not all the media wants to feel cool - some are genuinely shocked and appalled by this behavior, as we are, and want to shine a light on it. If we don't call it what it was, we don't combat it.   In Russia, Putin and his people's boldfaced lies are now just a daily occurrence. We can't let that happen. We don't have to follow the tail that wags the dog on his other stunts, but this is not an engineered cover, this is Trump being Trump and him and his people not knowing when to stop.
    • Heavenly didnt annoy me for once. She was on her best behavior and I liked she and Lisa making peace

      Mariah is tired of apologizing to Quad and I am tired of it as well

      Quad lying yet again to Greg about giving him a baby

      I thought it was wrong of Simone to just spring a surprise vow renewal on all the couples. Lisa and Darren for example had no business being put in that position

      Curtis is pissing me the hell off. He's acting like a baby. Jackie works alot but she's had to sacrifice alot for him. She wanted a baby but had to give up that dream bc he said no. She wanted to live in a high rise apartment but she had to give that up bc he said no. She keeps giving but it doesnt look like its reciprocated

      Lucy is back next week!
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