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So I decided to finally create this thread after attending her concert this past weekend. smile.png I had such a great time and Taylor was fantastic. She puts so much thought and effort to her shows. I've been waiting since 2010 to see her again - I saw her during the Fearless Tour but missed her Speak Now Tour (something I really regret). I was sitting at the back so it was hard to see her for most of the concert but in every tour she also performs at the back and that's where I got very lucky. The stage was directly right in front of me. I could actually see her face without looking at the screens. It was the closest I've been to Taylor. LOL

I got to see 2/3 of my favorite songs from the album up close - she perform the 2nd half of "22" there (she started the song at the front stage, then makes her way to the back, on the shoulders of 4 of her men, going through the crowd high-fiving them while still singing) and "Begin Again" (it was just her with playing the guitar which I loved). The stage at the back also spins around and goes up which I thought was pretty cool and it was definitely for the people in the higher levels. She also perform "Everything Has Changed" with Ed Sheeran which is another song I love, so I appreciated seeing that song up close. Unfortunately, the "surprise song" for the evening was "Highway Don't Care," which is a song I don't know too well (I've only listened to it a few times) so I couldn't really sing along.

My other favorite song from the album is "All Too Well" which I think is her best song she's ever written. It's so vivid and personal and tells a story from beginning to end. She sang this while playing the piano. So after she sings the line, "Now you mail back my things and I walk home alone," she does this dramatic/sad pause as she stops singing......and while people are cheering/screaming, I yell out, "Jake Gyllenhaal sucks!!" which got a few laughs. smile.png I actually don't mind Jake, I just yelled that as a joke because the song is about him.

Another cool aspect was during the long song, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." She goes on this crane that lifts her up and goes from left to right and goes out to the middle of the stadium, and as the song ends there's fireworks and confetti. The loudest thing I've ever heard was 45,000 people singing the chorus because EVERYONE knows the chorus to this song. LOL Also her other two big hits, "Love Story" and "You Belong With Me" was pretty loud too.

I also really liked the "I Knew You Were Trouble" was performance - it's what she did at the AMA's and Brit Awards.

I just thought Taylor looked so great in every costume/outfit and I just love her with bangs - it's my favorite hairstyle of hers because I think it makes her look incredibly hot and sexy and beautiful. A few of outfits showcased her fantastic long and toned legs - whether it be those black tight shorts, or the red gown or knee high boots. The red pants and striped sweater that was simple and cute. She also wore nice long skirt that was girly and cute. The wedding dress coming off to reveal her in black and leather was hot. Her beauty was just flawless throughout the entire night.

Taylor has these meet-and-greets at the end of her concert. She has people going around looking for fans who just show mad enthusiasm, who are dancing and singing to her songs....people who are huge fans who are having a lot of fun......anyway......I didn't get chosen. sad.png Some people sit down during her non-single-songs but not me. I was standing from the very first song to the very last - I didn't sit down once! I knew all the lyrics to her songs (except for Highway Don't Care, which she is only featured in) so I was singing/shouting; I was dancing, and jumping up-and-down, and I had two glow sticks which I waved around and banged together. And from what I can see in front me, I was most hardcore person in my section. I even out-did some teenage girls! LMAO! I tried my best but no luck at all. It looks like I will have to do more, more hardcore, at her next tour in a couple of years. I really want to meet Taylor - I've been dreaming about that for a long time. laugh.png

So anyway, yeah, it was best concert I've been to and had such a blast. My love for her is now at an all time high. Yes, I am proud to be a "Swiftie" and I just absolutely adore her. wub.pngsmile.png

I believe JP is a fan and I hope there's a few more - 1 or two would be fine. LOL I would love to about her with your guys. smile.png

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OK, I see no one else has admitted it yet, but I too am a Taylor Swift fan!

I've never seen her in concert, though, and while I admired her for writing her own material and not falling prey to the messed up partying of Britney, Miley, etc., I wasn't really paying too much attention to her songs until "Back to December" was released off Speak Now. When Red was released, I decided to buy it for myself as a Christmas present and I ended up later buying Speak Now, as well. I really think her songwriting has matured as she's gotten older and my favorite songs by her are "Red", "Everything Has Changed" and "Begin Again".

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Yay! Another fan. LOL And you're a newer fan too so that's cool. Have you checked out her first and second albums yet? I just recently (around March) started to really listen to her first album, and since I now love it, I have no idea why I didn't listen to it way earlier when I started listening to her Fearless album.

I would be heart-broken if she ended up like that. But I don't think she will. I don't even think she likes to go out much. I know she loves to stay inside and watch crime shows on TV. She also has a really great work ethic and has good support group in her family and close friends.

"Back To December" is one of my favorites off Speak Now too.

I really like the entire album except for two songs: "Dear John" and "Innocence". I just can't get into them. They're the only two songs off any of her 4 albums that I don't listen too.

I think her writing is only going to get better too as she learns more. I don't think she's even in her prime yet either. I've only started to love "Everything Has Changed" since May. I guess it just took me a longer time to appreciate the song - the more I listened to it, the more I started to like it. The video for it is very cute with the mini-Ed and mini-Taylor. "Begin Again" is so good and I just love the video for it. Taylor looks so pretty in the video and the Paris location shoot was beautiful. "Red" is great too. I really love the beginning with that electric guitar intro.

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I am a fan as well. I like her single releases from her 4 albums. I didn't think I was going to like her song 22 but I now do like it...only one I don't care for Will never get back together..I just cant like that song...lol. My cousin went to see her in concert just recently and she was over the moon about it.

I think a lot of people hate her or don't like her because she is real and not into anything but her music.....It nice to see an artist only interested in her music and not anything else like drugs..etc...etc...

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You are?! Nice! smile.png So do you listen to her singles or do listen to other songs on her album too?

22 is my summer jam. LOL Her performance at the Billboards is my all time favorite of hers.

I love it. Max Martin is genius with pop songs and as a fan of his, I was really happy to hear Taylor was working with him (and Shellback). I hope Taylor will continue to collaborate with Max for her next album.

Taylor puts on a great show. smile.png

Her dedication to her music and to her fans is another reason why I love her. She's been writing since she was around 9, writing songs since she was around 12 and creating music is all she ever wanted since a young age. She's living her dream and working very hard to make it successful. I think it also helps that she has good people surrounding her. She doesn't have an entourage or carry-ons that badly influence her.

Thanks, man.
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Nice tip, Taylor! Even though that $500 tip is very generous, I liked that she gave tickets to the chef's autistic son even more.




This is another sweet story. I love that she often does this with sick children who are fans of hers.

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ALBUM OF THE YEAR NOMINATION!!!!!!! :) So proud of my girl. wub.png

Also nominations for

- Best Country/Duo/Group Performance: Highway Don't Care (Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift & Keith Urban)

- Best Country Song: Begin Again [Taylor Swift, songwriter] (This is one of my favorite songs so I'm really happy about this nomination too)

- Best Country Album: Red

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