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The Taylor Swift Thread


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I can't believe she sang All Too Well!! It's such a Taylor thing to do this for her fans because I think this song is universally loved by us, Swifties. The song wasn't released as a single, or nominated for any kind of award, and it isn't well known to people who haven't listened to the album. I think it was a great way for Taylor to end the "Red" era by singing one of, if not, the best song she's ever written. I think for her next album (which I can't wait for!), she should release her best songs, even if they won't get that much radio play. I understand from a business standpoint you want a lot of radio play but I don't think Taylor *needs* it to sell albums. I had hoped All Too Well would be released as a single when the album came out but unfortunately that didn't happen. At least I got live performance of it. I'll take that.

I'm a little bit sad she didn't win anything but I'm sure she'll get more chances.


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New single. New video. New sound. New direction. New album is going to be called "1989" (her birth year) and I think the album will have an 80's sound to it hence the title. Love the new song. smile.png

Taylor, Max Martin and Shellback wrote the song with Martin/Shellback producing. Mark Romanek directed the video.

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I Knew You Were Trouble is a HUGE guilty pleasure of mine, I'll admit right now.

I'll be honest, I haven't listened to anywhere near all of her discography, but from what I have heard, I mostly like her album tracks better than her singles, especially "All Too Well" and "The Lucky One" (which is supposed to be about Joni Mitchell). I wish those songs were a little better known.

I will say, as someone who was also born in 1989, it is pretty cool to see that her new album has my birth year as the title. :)

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It's her first "official" pop album and I'm glad.

They annoy me. LOL

"All Too Well" is one of my top 4 songs of hers. I'm so glad she sang it at Grammys because she did it for her fans. You should try listening to all her albums. There's a ton of great non-singles - that's a reason why her all albums sell really well. Her fans really love her non-singles. Your fans will be loyal to you if you make the entire album great and not just have a couple of good songs because that's when your fans will start to abandon you.
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I'm glad someone does.

I can't stand TS, and here's why....

Five years ago, I developed a mad crush on someone who was too young for me (I was 30 at the time; he was 18) and who rejected (smartly, I would say) my affections. Yet, for quite awhile afterward, whenever my thoughts would drift toward him, in the next second, the same, damn TS song would play on the radio. I'm not exaggerating either. I mean, seconds -- literally seconds -- after his name or his face would appear to me, there'd she be on the little clock radio inside my bedroom, singing her little pseudo-country heart out.

Once, I happened to be on a subway -- which is underground, mind you, and traveling, so forget about radio reception -- when this phenom occurred. He flashed across my mind and then.... Of course, in this instance, the music was from an iPod some girl was playing VERY loudly at the other end of the car. Nevertheless, it annoyed the [!@#$%^&*] out of me.

Yes, I know it's irrational to dislike someone and/or her entire catalog of songs for so silly and personal a reason. But I can't help it. Whenever I think about or see TS or hear ANY of her stuff, I return to that very torturous period of my life when I suffered my first, actual heartbreak.

Oh, and by the way? Here is the song in question:


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