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  1. I watched it, twice, And loved it. The baseball episode was the best.
  2. Well, hello old friends!

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    2. Cat


      JackPeyton hey! It's been so long.


      So pleased you are happy in NOLA and prospering! B)


      I too have not really been keeping up with soaps. Still watch RH lol as Cheap said the LVP love should be dying down now that BH is over.

    3. dragonflies
    4. Mr. Vixen

      Mr. Vixen

      Hey bitch!

  3. Trying to decide where in the Caribbean to go on vacation. Any tips?

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    2. JackPeyton


      I want to lay on a beach and drink then go dance all night.

    3. Khan


      Here's one tip: take me with you. I need a vacation in the worst possible way.

    4. SFK


      JP, you need to go on a cruise, perfect description!

  4. The temptation to call in sick and fly home to see Sweeney win her first emmy is real.

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    2. ReddFoxx


      no, no, naughty, naughty.

    3. Cheap21


      lol...how disappointing would it be if you did all that and she lost

    4. detroitpiston


      I'm pulling for Gina but she deserves it too

  5. I never thought that Kim Richards would be the best cast member on RHOBH. She owned this season and called all those others out on all their bullshit.

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    2. Chris B

      Chris B

      Kim is always a joy to me. She is mean and a nut, but like Nene I enjoy watching her.

    3. Soaplovers


      I wouldn't say Kim is a joy to watch... but she's certainly fascinating

    4. Chris B

      Chris B

      I fell in love with Kim in season two. She is one of a kind. Her talking heads that season are the best in this entire franchise. That outfit and those drugs. She was unforgettable. Plus I love how everyone always played dumb like she was sober. That is another reason it's so hilarious watching Lisa R and Eileen look around like they're crazy bc nobody is acknowledging what everyone sees.

  6. After only a few months in my current position I got a promotion! A good one at that!!

  7. Got a new job. More money, better hours, at a well ran place. Only downside is it's not in the city, oddly.

    1. Khan


      Congrats on the new job!!!

    2. Soapsuds


      Congrats!! Is it still in the same field as your previous job?

    3. ChitHappens
  8. Mardi Gras was absolutely exhausting. But so very worth it.

    1. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      It's the most wonderful time of the year.

  9. ThaT video is wonderful. Nothing at all what I thought but I love it. It's a different play on style. It's done in a magazine video shoot/advertisement for high end products kind of way. I also love the products they are selling and want the shirt with the image of the ocean inside of her head off her site.
  10. There is no driving a wedge between two when there is already so many miles of resentment, hatred, jealousy and honestly general dislike between them. Kyle used her sister. She publicly exposed her battles. She has used her relationship with her to generate story and made her look absolutely pathetic. This isnt a loving, kind caring sister who wants the best out of life for her sister, We have seen that she likes her weak and isolated and alone so she can take care of her and make herself feel above her, Their childhood was tragic from what we do know and i cant even imagine what we dont. But lets not make Kyle out to be anything more then the selfish bitch she is. Brandi is no saint, and most of what is said abou her is true but I do think she actually cares more about the well being of Kim than Kyle does. Kyles desperate reach to make Brandi out to be a liar after Brabndi said she had reached out to Kyle about Kim but that Kyle didnt care was interesting because of the examples all being basically true. XO! Working an actual job is a bitch. Oh how she wishes this were true. Brandi is obsessed with her. She is obsessed with Brandi. They need eachother, they play off eachother, and i am pretty sure they crafted this all. Her own life isnt interesting enough for her own show, otherwise she would have one. Her staff puts on a good show though.
  11. ALL HAIL QUEEN BRANDI! This bad ass bitch just handed Vile her ass over and over again. She said what we have been saying since season one and Vile's head was about to explode. I absolutely loved Kim and Brandi's takedown of her ass. "I apoloigized!" Vile kept spewing, but Brandi was so right whenevber an apology is follow by a butt, its bullshit. I dont think Brandi is a good influnce on kim, but I do think she care more about her than Kyle does. And as messy as Kim is, thank god she finally stood up for herself and told Kyle some truth. As for the clips they playd for Brandi turning on people was hilarious because both examples she was absolutely true (The surrogacy, Vanderpump using her to gain ratings/play up an issue with her husbands mistress). Lisa's desperation to bond with anyone who dislikes Brandi is hilarious and sad. I love Eileen and Rinna just sitting back watching this [[email protected]#$%^&*] show. They are us. We are them. Yolanda is the only one with an actual life. This show is like a fun little side thing for her when shes not off traveling the world being actually glamours and flawless as opposed to acting like it for some cash to support her faux lifestyle and I love her for it. next episode looks AMAZING! Rinna and Brandi! Vile vs Kim with Eileen! Yolanda and Brandi! YES! I cant wait til next season to see who decides to be friends with whom. This show is beyond manufactured at this point and I aint even mad.
  12. I'm not sure I'm so down to watch another season of tamra honestly. I feel like she should have been cut two years ago but got bringing her back last season. This season tho? Just no. Her and vicki and Shannon is just too much crazy. That said, the new wives seem good on paper. Meghan edmunds joining is of no surprise to me.
  13. that was an apology? OK lol in what world? "i did?" there was no ownership over what she said, and if you cant own it you cant apologize for it. Yet Kenya has interacted with everyone this season... and her friend of was so damn good they promoted her to a regular and demoted nenes lap dog. Cute try tho, stan on.
  14. They are models, with rich and famous parents. They have been taken care of and pamper their lives and likely still will be throughout college and well into adulthood. So cutting them off and giving them a sudden lifestyle change their first time in their own would be stupid. This is not really much different than a typical family footing the bill for college and a meal plan and throwing in some money here or there either. This is just on their level for their lives.
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