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The Taylor Swift Thread


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She loves being a star in the way one should. She's always wanted it, worked for it, and got it. But she's working on keeping it. She has fun being famous and that's rare. The dancing at award shows, the glee of meeting idols. I love it.

A lot of country stations are playing her new song despite it being country and if not they are still talking about her in a positive light. She never said for country to go eff itself - at all.

It's not tho. The song is literally about how everyone has something to say about you and not caring. Just be you and do your thing. Literally, shake it off. It's not all that deep or complex and isn't presented as such.

Those songs won't sell. They won't chart.

All to well, the lucky one, and Ronan are her best songs. All to well got known cuz fans pushed it but it was never a single despite getting radio play she bring performed at the Grammys.

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Toups get your butt in here! I am steadily becoming a Taylor stan. The hype has been out of control this week. I succumbed to it and bought her album. I love it! Out of the Woods, Style, and Blank Space are my faves.

She's also in striking distance of breaking Britney spears record for highest debut week for a female! The record is 1.319 million. Taylor sold 600k the first DAY.


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Out of the Woods is AWESOME, and I'm interested in listening to Welcome to New York, too. I'm poor as hell, though, so if I want to hear the whole album I have to wait until it's finally on Spotify. laugh.png

I'll be honest, though, Shake It Off does not work for me at ALL (and that's probably the main reason I can't see myself buying the album). The instrumental is pretty good--I love the trumpets, and I'll admit that I may have been too harsh in calling the music too similar to mid 2000's Disney Channel music (although it still doesn't sound very 80's to me), but the lyrics just rub me the wrong way. It just sounds like she's being catty for no reason. That, and I can't deal with the rap at the end. JMO, of course.

I'm kind of surprised no one's mentioned the song "Bad Blood", and that it might be about Katy Perry.

Her Rolling Stone article from last month was very interesting to me, in part because it sometimes seems like she's much lonelier than she lets on. Not because she's single--absolutely not--maybe the stuff about the way press follows her, and not wanting to give them anything to talk about. I don't know; I just sort of got that impression.


I'm interested in listening to the bonus song, that, I think, is supposed to be for her friend Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff (from the band fun.) if they ever get married.

Yeah what happened to him, anyway? laugh.png

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I'm here!! smile.png I'm so glad to hear that! laugh.png Where are you as a fan? Are you following her on social media? Do you know about the 1989SecretSessions that she did, or what #Taylurking is? Or are you not as this degree yet? LOL

She's been all over TV and radio, it's kind of hard for me too keep up since I collect her videos/interview/performances. But I love it. She makes an album release an event. She's such a master marketer.

I love those three too. Blank Space is going to be her next single which is what I hoped for.

That 600K is so awesome! It's going to hard to beat Britney's record though. The latest projection is 1.2 million which is what "Red" got. I love how Billboard keeps upping their projection: 2 weeks ago they had it at 750K, then before the release they had it 800K-900K, then a day after the release they projected above 1 million, and now today projection is 1.1-1.2 million. I will freak out if she beats Britney's record. LOL

That's the best guess right now. It had to do with some dancers leaving Taylor's tour to rejoin Katy. Whatever the case it, it's a good song.

She's a great psychological study, that's for sure. She's spent the last two years just learning more about herself and started to make new friends. She's talked about surrounding herself with people who will make her better, who will challenge her: http://youtu.be/AM9sq93pXVg?t=2m53s

Yeah, "You Are In Love" is about Jack and Lena's relationship. She talks about it here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/news/1094479/taylor-swift-admits-you-are-in-love-is-about-jack-antonoff-and-lena-dunham.jhtml

I like "This Love" too. And Wildest Dreams too. Wildest Dreams sounds like a Lana Del Ray song but better. LOL

Well, as you can see I like every song, sure some more than others, but I still love the entire album smile.png

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This is a random question, but the first line of "Shake It Off" is "I stay out too late." Taylor Swift is about the LAST person on Earth I would ever think of being accused of staying out too late. Someone like Lindsay Lohan or Tara Reid about a decade ago? Yes. But hearing Taylor sing that just strikes me as very random.

I know it's kind of a strange question to ask, but for some reason it just sort of bugs me and seems weird coming from her :lol: .

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I don't think you asked a question. LOL About that lyric, I think it's funny because like you said, nobody thinks that about Taylor. You know what she usually does at night now and has been for the last 6 months or so? She's been stalking/interacting with her fans on tumblr/twitter/instagram.
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The staying out too late could also be a nod to her sneaking into and out of harry styles hotels rooms between midnight and 4am lol.

Style and All you had to do was stay are my jams. I like the album. It's very different and a bit jarring at first but it works. There's only one song I don't like.

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Her appearence on that show was so funny! It's one my favourites!


The "1989SecretSessions" is one of the most amazing thing a celebrity has done for their fans. Like who seriously invites 89 fans, each time (she did 5 of them), to their homes and then bakes for them, dances with them, meets with every single person, and plays their new album a month before it's released? Who does that?? She cares for us and we care for her back. I'm proud to be part of the best celebrity-to-fanbase-relationship. I don't believe there's any other fanbase who has it better, I really don't.

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