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  1. I love this promo! Thanks for sharing it.
  2. I occasionally still have dreams that AMC is back. Mine revolve more around Brooke versus Erica over Dimitri. But I mainly drink wine before bed, specifically Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon. Happy 48th Anniversary to my fave soap!
  3. Any list that doesn't include AMC's Greg and Jenny is meaningless.
  4. Please tell me the episode with this interview is coming up next!
  5. I'm still watching and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. I wish we had seen the funeral, but I liked how they showed the impact of Derek's death on the hospital staff throughout the year. Also, even though it was easy to predict Meredith would have another baby, I loved how they contrasted her running off with Ellis's when she was pregnant with Maggie and showed that Meredith not only isn't her mother but makes better decisions than her. When Meredith named the new child Ellis, it made sense to me because she finally understood everything her mother went through when they were living in Boston. This last episode was excellent. I loved when Amelia confronted Mer about not letting Derek's family know he was dying and April showing up at the hospital with the tow truck to save the guy's life was epic!
  6. Up until this episode, I've really been enjoying this season. It seemed like the writers had hit their groove with Callie & Arizona's breakup and the death of Jackson & April's baby, but I'm really disappointed they felt the need to kill Derek off! I know Patrick Dempsey wanted to work less, but they could've done what ER did when George Clooney left and kept Derek alive working in Washington. It felt like an insult to us long-time viewers to watch Derek narrate what his doctors were doing wrong and knowing he wasn't going to survive the surgery. I will tune in for the funeral, which better include Christina, Addison and Derek's mother and sisters, but I'm not sure if I'll keep watching after and I never imagined I'd quit this show.
  7. I also thought they were going with Tad & Barbara until he got involved with Dixie. It could've been interesting if Barbara had been involved with both men during the Tad/Dixie/Brooke/Adam storyline. Yes, that was Christian Slater. IIRC, Cliff eventually saved his life. ITA that Natalie was too quick to believe the job offer over the phone and drink the champagne, but I also can see why she'd want to think there was some way out of the Adam/Palmer situation. Donna's dress was the fashion once upon a time. I've never been a fashionista so I can't explain what women or men thought was attractive about a fully covered chest and hole in the back. As much as I grew to like Robin Christopher, I really liked the original Skye and I never knew why they recast the part. It truly was a shame that Hillary never came back! Thanks for posting this and the other articles!
  8. Thank you so much for posting these!!!! I have Erica's failed jailbreak as part of the "I Love Lucci" marathon and I was hoping to see the aftermath again.
  9. He's either in denial about what he said or trying to appease the Sony executives who hired him that he won't destroy Y&R. I didn't think I could dislike Pratt any more than I already did, but his ego is so tremendous he doesn't regret any of his stories, including Adam killing Stuart, Bianca's one-day farce of a marriage and Erica bedding Ryan?!?!
  10. I really wish someone would post more episodes from this era. I loved how naive Erica was about her affair with Brandon; it was obvious to everyone around her that he wasn't leaving Sarah but Erica just didn't believe it. Palmer was such a control freak to everybody but Daisy who didn't let him manipulate her. This was before Donna slept with Chuck in Switzerland. Nina's fantasy was a great way to show why she agreed to go along with Sybil's scheme. As a youngster, I was riveted by Betsy and Wally fighting their feelings for the sake of Devon's mental health, but seeing the scenes here as an adult this story just seems so lame.
  11. I'd agree that it's here. We had a separate discussion thread for each episode back when they were first airing. I'd love to read your opinion of them!
  12. Today would've been the 45th anniversary!
  13. I finally managed to watch the interview with Agnes. It's sad to see her struggling to get her words out and she didn't seem to understand when the interviewer was asking about people who became famous after being on her shows instead of celebrities who wanted to be on them. I am glad she mentioned writing her memoirs and I can't wait to read them!
  14. Merry Christmas, fellow AMC fans! http://youtu.be/-dtGwh55L0A?list=PL2624ABC7ED984DB0 http://youtu.be/YGNYU2rLRiI?list=PL2624ABC7ED984DB0 I tried to find Christmas episodes from the early 1980s but wasn't successful. I've been feeling nostalgic for my soap the past few weeks and these were my favorite Christmas episodes I was able to find.
  15. I'm not 100% sure, but I think her name was Astrid.
  16. I really wish D&D had respected AMC's history and brought back Ross instead of creating Caleb and made Erica's lookalike Jane either Connie, Julie or Silver's unknown daughter instead of some random woman who idolized Erica.
  17. I actually started watching OLTL again after a break for a few years due to the Clint/Lindsay relationship and Viki's reaction to it. I'm smiling just thinking about it! ITA about Jerry VerDorn. As great as he was on GL as Ross Marler, he just never embodied any aspect of Clint at all. They should've brought him on as a new character who could've gotten involved with both Viki & Dorian. I think it was Phil Carey, but don't quote me on that.
  18. Nope. Cliff did have sex with Sybil and there was never any doubt about him siring Bobby.
  19. I have to wonder if they would've paired her with Palmer; I just can't picture them together.
  20. October 6, 1990, my 23rd birthday
  21. Thanks, ghfan89! I watched the 1989 Thanksgiving last night and I'll be watching these other two later today.
  22. For Agnes' book, I'd most like to know what stories she wanted to tell that were rejected by the network, how she felt about focus groups, her honest opinion of McTavish & Pratt (I know she's probably too much of a lady to say anything as negative as I'd like) and if she thinks it would be feasible for AMC to return in some form after the PP/ABC lawsuit ends. For the tell-all, I'd like to read more about what it was like backstage especially in the drug-fueled 1980s and during Pratt's run.
  23. I'm looking forward to reading Agnes' memoir, but I'd also love a tell-all about AMC!
  24. Sandy Gabriel played Dottie's mother, Edna Thornton.
  25. I never liked Travis at all, but I loved the chemistry between Jack & Erica; however, I have to agree that in the end Jack was too self-righteous for their relationship to work long-term. I just wish the writers had explored more of their differences instead of throwing other people between them like when both Jeff & Barbara showed up. ITA! Brooke was married to Tom when I started watching so they'll always have a special place in my heart, but I did love the drama Adam brought to her life.
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