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  • Posts

    • Unfortunately Alex Donnelly wasn't allowed to age and play Diane at the same time. It's little wonder that botox and filler treatments abound these days on Y&R/B&B.
    •   I LOVED the Travis character and wish they'd bring him back.  He came the closest to filling the "Brad Carlton" void of any character introduced since.
    •   Knowing how P&G and PGP ran their TV production company, I cannot say that it surprises me.  They began to disregard their TV properties in the 90s and beyond.  Instead of seeing their soaps as assets, they regarded them as former "cash cows" that needed to be put out to pasture. Truly disrespectful.   I keep hoping that someone at that company would sprout some vision and find a way to 'make good' on the treasure trove of classic soaps in their library but so far, PGP has shown themselves to be lacking vision.   I know that at one time Roger Newcomb, site owner of the We Love Soaps blog used to post here and he was involved in assisting with the short-lived Soap Classics effort and he mentioned how much of a challenge it was in finding and digitizing the Master reels of episodes of the surviving episodes (1979 and beyond).   This would be labor-intensive, for sure, but considering they've already done some episodes and all episodes beyond 2002 are probably already digital-ready, it's not completely impossible. At the very least, they could stream and/or work with a substation (like Get TV, Decades or RetroTV, even though less people get RetroTV these days) to show some episodes just to test the waters.   Even if PGP made a list of the most requested storylines and considered streaming them, that could be possible.  You Tube, Yahoo Screen!, AOL, all have streaming platforms and they could even run ads but PGP hasn't had that type of dedication for the soaps since the 80s when soaps were bringing in buckets of $$ and PGP has long since stopped caring about respecting the loyalty of soap fans.
    •   Actually, Maura West had potential as Diane- her first week was delicious!  Her encounters with Victor, Nikki, and Ashley- all on point!  Then they did literally NOTHING with her for weeks on end.   When they brought in that creepy kid to play her son- GENIUS!  They could have gotten miles out of that!  Instead they threw her at Nick and kept her in all of the wrong characters' orbits.  By the end, they had gotten so desperate that they threw her in story with Adam.  Adam Newman was beneath the character of Diane Jenkins.   HOWEVER, the best, most complex, interesting version of Diane will always belong to Alex Donnelly.  Talk about an actress that had chemistry with everyone!   She was such a different beast of a Y&R character too- hardened features, husky voice, masculine mannerisms- there was just something about her that drew you in and made you want to watch, even if you hated her character.
    •   Ok, THIS I take issue with.  Y&R was NEVER an umbrella story kind of show.  Never, never, never.   And yes, they DID have stories.  But they moved VERY slowly, which helped them to be able to balance 5 or 6 stories.  There were days where not much happened in a story.  And they certainly were never a show where Monday wrapped up the prior week's story while kicking off that week's story, Tuesday-Thursday build to Friday tag- Y&R NEVER ran that way.   ONE story would climax, while story B was building, story C was in the middle, story D hadn't hit its first arch, story E was starting, and seeds were being planted for story F.  That was the classic Y&R structure.   BUT rarely was there an umbrella story, in the truest sense of the word.  The one that I would say came closest was Victor's "Death" in 1993, only because his return impacted so many characters and stories (the climax in the Collonade Room is one of my fave sequences EVER on a soap).  Even that wasn't a true umbrella story- those were always more of an ABC and P&G style, never the Bell soaps or even Corday.
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