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  1. Steve and Karen have a real sadomasochistic relationship- all that's missing is the leather! Kinda like Blanche and Stanley in "A Streetcar Named Desire". How on earth did today's scenes get past the censor?
  2. Has anyone noticed that both Nick and Carolee are lefties? It's rare to see more than one southpaw on a soap. The only other case is "General Hospital" with Leslie Charleson and Jaclyn Zeman
  3. Not only is it Liz Hubbard's birthday, it's also the birthday of Hector Elizondo, husband of Carolee Campbell!
  4. No one will ever forget seeing him walking through that vacant set at the end of the last episode. By the way, does ANYONE know the status of the amount of extant LOL episodes? How many are in the CBS vaults, and from what years?
  5. Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Hubbard!
  6. Slickjones, didn't you see my previous post on Carolee's date Dr. Prentiss? I think that's Burt Brinkerhoff. On the elevator thing- well, considering the limited budget, it makes sense. All the stage crew had to do was change signs and a couple of other things in the background to differentiate the floors. BTW, it's still being done today! Every time you see characters on The Big Bang Theory go up and down that staircase between floors, the set is only slightly changed for each passing floor. http://bigbangtheory.wikia.com/wiki/The_Stairs
  7. That's accurate for late '68- early '69. So you see, there will be a lot of newcomers (and plot lines) to look forward to!
  8. A MAJOR change happened today- without warning. We all knew it was coming, but WOW! By the way, I think that's Burt Brinkerhoff as the intern who asks a certain Hope Memorial lady out!
  9. Re Matt reading Mike's letter:- this is a classic case of a pot calling a kettle black: a doctor ctiticizing his son's penmanship? Ever read a typical written prescription?
  10. I do remember reading somewhere that Steve and Nancy are divorced.
  11. Today we saw the appearance of a character who will grow in importance in the future- already her presence is affecting a certain couple. On the other hand- I actually feel for The Kooky Kraut despite her lingering affection for Matt. I mean- after what happened with Steve..... Also, were there really psychedelic swimwear on the market in 1968?
  12. It was a "Dark Shadows" event- she had a role on the 1991 primetime version. She did talk about how soaps were done back in the day, with breakneck production schedules, etc.
  13. Apparently Joanne was fired rather abruptly, and when Erika Slezak was hired in March 1971, it was a great shock to the other actors. I met Joanne a year ago, she is still quite lovely. I can never forgive JFP for destroying whatever hope I had left of a possible Clint/Viki reunion- she forced not only Clint Ritchie off, but Robin Strasser too! Of course, Robin came back after Jill left. Clint & Viki was my favorite OLTL couple, and I quit watching when the idiot writers had Viki turn down Clint's proposal and he married Lindsay (yecch!) on the rebound! That was in 1997. I could never accept the idea of another actor (even a good actor like Jerry verDorn, who I liked on GL) as Clint, and was dismayed that they had his Clint inexplicably become an Asa clone- that completely flew against the entire history of the character! The Clint I remember was a strong yet sensitive man- he actually ran away fro home as a teenager because he didn't want to be like his father! Clint Ritchie let it be known he did not like playing the 'bad guy' in the Billy Douglas/Sloan Carpenter story. Yes, he could be difficult on the set, but he had a deep respect for Erika Slezak, and it showed in their scenes.
  14. Ralph Anderson made an old Mae West joke come true- and not in a good way! I just loved it when Althea told Nick how much she appreciated his being there for her- I went "Awwwww". The whole Karen/Steve bit reminds me of GWTW, when Rhett decided to literally screw Ashley out of Scarlett's mind after the birthday party! Could Ed have a love interest in the making? His running into that nurse friend of his was nice. About Nick's past tragedy: Nick and his older brother grew up in the streets of Chicago to immigrant parents, and his brother was in the mob. However, he put Nick thru medical school, and one of classmates was young Maggie Hansen, now Powers. A few years later, Nick was doing ER duty when a gunshot victim was brought in- his brother, victim of a mob hit. He was unable to save him, and that's when Nick moved into research. It was Maggie who brought Nick to Hope Memorial to help him recover from his heartache, but he lost his heart to a certain lady doctor....
  15. Today's shows proves why Daytime Emmys had to be created- and guess which soap was the first to win Best Daytime Drama in 1972?
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