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    •   Which is a huge miss on the show. Lauren is the perfect Y&R character - legacy from the Jabot-intro era, relevant ties to everyone in town, grown-up bad girl, who is warm/loving/rarely weak, intelligent, solid career, etc. And Tracey has always had that 'it' thing - she just connects and I've never seen her phone it in.  Lauren can be dropped into almost any storyline. In fact, Lauren and Jack should Hilary's mentors and friends. 
    •   Oh hell yes Snark Queen Cary better return for a third season! This nanny revelation is soaptastic fodder. It is a big and embarrassing revelation but speaking for myself, I felt sorry for her at the way Brandi, Stephanie and LeeAnne planned the attack and rounded on her. I wish LeeAnne could see how Brandi uses her to do her dirtiest dirty work and then trashes her behind her back.   Is Cary a homewrecking hussy? Probably. But whether she was a nanny or a nurse, does it matter? Now she's married to that mean little man who demands to be serviced daily and treats her like garbage and openly resents his toddler daughter. So in a way she got karmic revenge thrown back at her.    Brandi, sigh. I really dislike her. I can't deny that she is great for this show, stirring up all the drama, but she's so jealous of Stephanie confiding in Cary more than her that she threw somebody who was a friend to her under the bus. Twice. Also, I blame her for fobbing that picture of her semi-naked hubby at a Christmas party on us. My eyes!   LeeAnne's glass throw was so LeeAnne that if you watch cat-faced Tiffany, she is literally peeing in her pants with delight.   This was a thrilling episode full of soapy goodness. I must say I loved D'Andra having the wherewithal to apologise to her stepson -- and when she 'showed up' robot-styles at Brandi's White Gala (she better hope Kyle Richards and The Agency doesn't sue her ass).   OC   I just watched the confrontation at the table posted on Bravo's YouTube channel. Shannon is honking bully and has literally emotionally-vampired this show. She has sucked every ounce of blood from it and from the audience. She is still holding onto [!@#$%^&*] that happened 3 years ago. If she can't let it go, she needs to end it: both her marriage and her participation on the show.
    • Didn't Sharon say Alice was fine the other day when talking Tessa and Mariah? 
    • Today's ep is great. I'm enjoying everything about it, even Eric/Nicole which is surprising me. Sami/Lucas, Paul/Sonni, and Judi Evans is slaying it for me as Bonnie. This has all been well written today. Kodus to whomever did the scripts.    Damn it! Of course, now that I write how much I'm enjoying it, NBC preempts it for more Trump B.S.  UGH!
    •   This is a major problem with the show, and the other soaps, the pacing is off.  Has there been any follow up since the accident at all?  It seems like the show will focus on one plot for two weeks or so.. then it gets to a certain place in story and it falls to the background while another plot takes over... and this happens doing important moments that require follow up
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